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Found 1 result

  1. iKaraman

    Caliwood Alive

    Hello survival community I want to suggest adding 1 SERVER CALIWOOD ( MAYBE without San Pavel and West Oaks). FIrstly Caliwood its good and interesting palace with GOOD FPS, for looting and pvp, and normal gamma colors (how in colorado v2), for example i know players (from open world) with low fps who pvp near beach palace where is minimal textures and good fps. Initially Oregon be good map, but after any path and update ppl leave oregon of cause lower FPS and strong colors (my opinion) Please make 1 server Caliwood for test opinion of survival players. Instatn after addyng we ( players with active participation in suggestion in the development of survival mode) can help with testing loot balance and other suggest. I hope so much players agree with me , have nice day and good game. ???