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Found 61 results

  1. Why did you add even more loot?Well, I understand the variety, etc.But why even more weapons?Now the guns lies literally on every corner. Sometimes even in one place lie three. Problems with some loot points. -This survival in which it is impossible to die from hunger and thirst ... -It's survival in which it is impossible to die from bleeding, because bandages and painkillers ones drop from almost every zombie. -WHY DID YOU ADD THE MOVEMENT ON MAP?????This is just a very unnecessary and terrible thing,because anyone can immediately move to the safe zone or to another city.Remove this PLEASE!!! -I repeat that there are a lot of weapons and food and medicines. -NOW I ALREADY REALLY DO NOT SEE THE DIFFERENCE FROM THE OPEN WORLD.Now even rare weapons will spawn everywhere !! Yesterday, I even found FN M249, FAMAS, Night stalker, Masada, guirella, K style NVG, a lot of Evo-3, Fn P90S and regular p90's at once in one place...I'm terribly disappointed.. I'm very happy to see the new map and I admire it, but what happens to the loot and the rest makes me sad(( Thank you for attention)
  2. CLAN EN SURVIVAL - EN ESPAÑOL ¿Necesitas ayuda y hablas español? Guardianes del Bosque reclutando sobrevivientes para exterminar invasores y ladrones. Únete a los Guardianes del Bosque y trabaja para la reina y su sueño de construir un gran reino libre de oscuridad. Somos el mejor clan del universo en español lleno de latinos sexies y poderosos. Tenemos entrenamientos, nuestro propio sistema económico y mucha sabiduría. Servimos fervorosamente a la Reina del Bosque, la única diosa que lucha en contra de las fuerzas del mal y que nos protege de los más feroces y malvados enemigos. Para unirte a los Guardianes del Bosque, el mejor clan de survival en español, necesitas tener Discord para comunicarte. Búscanos en Facebook como Guardianes del Bosque - Infestation Survival y envíanos un mensaje para recibir el link de invitación al Discord oficial!
  3. Fun Time Survival Idea

    EAG wanted to bring some insight on how players can bring their own ideas and creativity to the survival aspect of Infestation. We are hosting a survival event on our server [US] EAG GAMING COMMUNITY, on Friday and again on Saturday, June 15th and 16th , 11:00 pm eastern standard time. 29 people can join in to transport “Uncle Stine” from the Ridgefield Airport to the NATO compound, along a specific, challenging route. Easy you say? Well there is a catch…no guns, the only weapon allowed will be a pitchfork. It will take some creative interception and some self - sacrifice to see him safely to his destination. Come join us and find out how fun survival can be. For more details join us on our Twitch Channel, Thanks and hope to see you there.
  4. Unnecessary Tabs In Crafting

    So there are a few tabs that have nothing in them at all in the crafting window. Is this because more craftable items are to be added later? Or is this a leftover bit of coding from the previous incarnation of the game when the harvester tool was important?
  5. Introduction: The only survival price check thread in this forum might look outdated, and the game itself has some changes and updates. This is the start of my idea to post this so people can check ,and look for the item value. Me myself has a lot of experience in survival trade. So many people I have sold and traded item with. I'm quite good at farming and I farm a lot in game. I know where to find specific items, I have traveled and checked towns and cities all over the map. I understand the game mechanics in both open world and survival. I know how difficult to earn GD from Open world , also know how difficult to farm in survival mode. The price is only from my feeling by comparing to all those things that I have mentioned. My goal is to everyone to know the standard price, the price which is fair and happy for both buyers and sellers. I know many of us as buyers think that Survival mode trade looks overprice, and as a former seller, I also want to maximize the profit as well. I understand both feeling. and I'm think about many aspects of the loot. Is it fair to sell stanag 30 for 15k- 20k , compare to killing few zombies and get 2 painkillers which as a price of now is about 10k-15k each ? Is it fair to sell L85 gun for 100k, compare to 2-3 antibiotics as of now which costs like 30k-35k each. What would choose to do ? Switching server in military area and hope for L85 to spawn in rare spawn point , rather than Switching server looting in medic center where 1-2 or 3 antibiotics will often spawn ? Is it ok to sell silencer for 15k each, compare to how difficult to get it in survival map. If you got premium , how fast you can earn GD in openworld in few hours and you could spent it to buy survival stuff which people spent more hours to farm and go back to safezone? All of these questions are in my head and I believer other players do so. In Openworld , how difficult to farm a sniper and the their price in trading. You can't deny that a sniper in openworld worth like a few antibiotics in survival. Some people good at pvp They don't have to farm loot, they can farm dead bodies, or some people work as a team and helping together, they got their own looting way. Some some people , they play alone , or not good at pvp. they prefer farming which look safer but slower. I didn't list all of the items in survival only the common ones , the ones that people usually want and use. If the Feedback is good. I might list all of the items in future. Welcome to hear feedback from this. please reply or comment for some improvement and changes. It doesn't mean that everyone has to follow the price list. Trading survival stuff with GD is at your own risk. Some trusted trader might raise their price a bit because they are honest. But all that , what really matter is the price you, as a buyer and seller, are happy with.
  6. For developers!!!!

    Hello again, dear developers!I want to talk again about the game,because it's terrible.Terrible is not a game, but the situation. Do you even understand that the game hasn't changed in 6 years?Even you could not add almost anything new.Of course, there were new modes, a new interface, different little things.The old gaming interface was certainly better, because it was more awesome, but still... You are working on a map and I'm interested, besides you add something?Players leave the game because it bothers them.Nothing interesting is added,only the most unnecessary things.The game became very boring and terribly monotonous.I'll write the same ideas from the last topic and add something new! Why in the open world did I shoot with a silencer and zombies waking up from 20-30 meters?But on survival I shot without a silencer and zombies did not hear me from 20 meters or even 30!!!Are you seriously?In my opinion, survival should be much better.On survival, these zombies do not give anything at all. You want to be afraid of them! -You can add more zombies. You have optimized them. -Make a zombie stronger. -Add zombies to the forest and they will stay,sleep or walk in small groups. -At the military bases add a lot of runners and screamers.To a good loot was not so easily available. -Reduce the chance of falling medications from zombies. IT'S SURVIVAL, CARL!Why is everything so easy to get! ??? -Fix this crap with a silencer in different modes.In general, it should be done so that the zombies are very well heard and run into the shots and not walked alone from 15 meters. -Make rarer food and medicine.Or armor and ammunition otherwise they are everywhere!You promised survival but there was a solid pvp both in the open world... -You can make a zombie smarter!They are stupid for 6 years.They can't get the player on a small box or on the hood of a car. -Hardcore is needed in this mode. -You promised to try new lighting.Will you do it?for example as in Colorado V1. -Add body temperature and more frequent infection from zombies,otherwise it is too rare. Probably need to pray to God that you at least something added from this...I think all of this would be interesting.I respect your work and I want you to listen. Thank you for attention!
  7. Mickey's Playhouse Server-Open

    Everyone! I have now opened my server Mickey's Playhouse for everyone. This is a PVE server unless announced to be changed here. Rules are as follows: 1. No cheating obviously. If you are obviously cheating, you will be recorded, kicked, and reported with video and screenshots 2. Do not steal super kills, you will be kicked 3. Do not steal super loot, you will be kicked 4. Do not "Attack Troll" This involves attacking someone even though you cannot hurt them or the vehicle the are in, you will be kicked 5. Do not be rude or racist. You will be warned, then you will be kicked and/or warned again for next time. 6. DO NOT ever ever EVER use noise and repellents to purposely kill another player with zombie trains. This is really f***ing annoying and will get you permanently blacklisted from my server, and if any GC was donated to it, it will NOT be refunded. 7. Do not take someone else's gear if they die unless you know they aren't coming back. You will be kicked and blacklisted 8. The server will be emptied and pass-worded from 20:00 to 23:00 to allow the Alien Super to spawn in for anyone nearby. If you log in to the server during this time, you will be kicked as this messes up the spawn. Repeat offenses will get you blacklisted (Yes, I keep an actual list) and you will not get back any GC donated to the server. I am on alot every day so I will find out. If you observe anyone breaking these rules get screenshot or video proof, same as with making a cheat report to the Mods and I will deal with the offenders as listed above. For all intent and purpose, think of me as a MOD but only for this server. If you enjoy the server, please consider donating, I can't always afford to keep it going alone. if enough people donate to the server, I will increase the amount of slots so more can enjoy it. If you want to use it privately, message me and we can discuss a GC donation to the server in exchange for exclusive use for a period of time. Note: If you are randomly kicked without reason, I apologize but it is still my server, and if it is full, I will kick someone if I want to use it.
  8. Survival crafting Review

    PART 1: General ideas: -Crafting as a levelable skill may be interesting, and there could be a leaderboard. people like leveling skills. Current recipes: Bandages - good Poultice - uses duct tape which is too valuable considering the other items it is needed for Pain killers - 3 pills + pill case isn't worth it considering how easy these are to get as drops Antibiotics - 5 pills + pill case - this is decent and is the best way to use pills medkit - 20 cloth 3 pain killers, 2 anti's, 2 leather, syringe - this would be great if it took more pain killers and no anti's. Currently not worth it as I'd rather have 2 anti's most of the time. Leather - OK Co1 vaccine - OK empty bottle - GREAT Cleaner - GREAT Shank - Weapon isn't good enough to give up rags and duct tape that can be used for silencer or brotherhood Bada Boom - empty can, 5 gunpowder, 6 metal - meh... OK but I'm not likely to make this Brotherhood - GREAT Excessive force - gets rid of some otherwise not useful items to make a 50dmg melle - not likely to make it as it uses valuable duct tape clean sweep - 1 broom, 1 m9 bayonet, 10 metal, - Not going to waste my m9's on an item i can find easily anyways improvised gas mask - this item has no function in the game yet, why does it exist? Wood - 5 sticks - What, am i going to pick up 5000 sticks to make a wood shield?? metal - 2 metal scrap - OK Cano paddle / cricket bat - 75 wood (or 375 sticks) - NTY Stone - 5 rocks - meh, thats a lot of rocks to make not a lot of arrows Pickaxe - nty fire axe - nty police baton - i can pick up a better weapon any time of the day bat - nty metal bat - also a waste of time, damage is still aweful spiked bat - this one isn;t terrible, but id make it from looted bats items, i wouldn't craft this pre-requisites hatchet - OK m9 bayonet - OK, i seem to loot a decent number of these anyways tho machete - OK, and it's a decent melle barbed wire barricade - April fools??? Wood shield barricle - April fools??? *svena's voice is heard maniacally laughing in the distance* sandbag barricade - April fools????? again??? cusom vest - OK, but i can just go pick up a bunch of these anywhere anytime Custom guerilla - OK, id make a couple at this cost m9 helmet &M9 NVG - cost seems right, but then again I loot tons of these so why craft them? Only if i have unused resources. Masks - these aren't actually useful, they are just for lolz light & medium gear, fireman helmet, construction hat - this stuff is everywhere so why craft it.... (maybe to level up your crafting skill?) IBA - the item is too common to bother crafting binoculars - waste of resources, maybe if it at least made tactical binoculars, which is what the recipe seems to have the materials for anyways Code locker - GREAT Arrow - OK Explosive Arrow - GREAT Missing recipes (suggested materials): Rag - 20 cloth 1 thread Bandages DX - 25 cloth - 1 antibiotic - 2 painkillers - 3 bandages - 1 ointment OR 12 cloth - 1 poultice - 1 antibiotic - 2 painkillers - 3 bandages ...Etc Duct tape - 1 glue - 25 cloth Repair kit - 3 Wrenches, 8 metal Gasoline - 20 plastic - 2 oil _______________________________________________________________________ PART 2: OK so here's where we'll get a little crazy. Lets make crafting a levelable skill. 1-99 (yes I played runescape once upon a time). You could make it a single skill, and that would be pretty cool and I would be happy. But lets make it into a few different crafting skills. Skill 1: Medicine crafting lvl 1 - bandages lvl 12 - ointment lvl 15 Poultice lvl 26 - Pill case lvl 31 - Pain killers lvl 37 - syringe lvl 48 - Antibiotics lvl 55 - pills lvl 68 - DX's lvl 80 - Medkits lvl 81-99 - bragging rights mostly Skill 2 - Mechanic Crafting lvl 1 - Wrench lvl 28 - gas lvl 45 - repair kit lvl 75 - deploy-able ATV - very expensive so use wisely. Can be picked up or stolen, regular world spawn vehicles would not. 2 week cooldown before you can make another (account bound, not charachter bound) Requires premium to make, although it is trade able. Fill in the blanks with other vehicle stuff... Skill 3 - Armor crafting lvl 1 - light armor lvl 18 - medium armor lvl 20 - medium backpack lvl 49 - large backpack lvl 55 - IBA lvl 70 - Alice pack lvl 82 - milruck lvl 88 - Hunter pack (2-4 more slots than milruck) - very expensive item to craft Skill 4 - Weapons Crafting lvl 1 - Kruger .22 mag lvl 4 - Kruger mini mag lvl 9 - kruger rifle lvl 15 - mp5 mag lvl 25 - metal bat lvl 28 - foregrip - 12 plastic? lvl 35 - m4 (maybe 100 metal 40 plastic, plus some other materials) lvl 55 - stanag 45 mags (gunpowder, metal, few plastic) lvl 72 - AK drums (materials requirement set for game balance) lvl 78 - FAL lvl 85 - SVD (1000 metal - 500 wood - 250 plastic - 250 sand for glass scope, etc) 6 week crafting cooldown, requires premium account to use this recipe lvl 94 - Blaser (1200 metal - 200 wood - 800 plastic - 250 sand ...maybe more it needs to be EXPENSIVE to craft a sniper) 10 week crafting cooldown, requires premium to use this recipe Fill in the blanks with other weapons, ammo, and attachments. Balance cost for gameplay. Yes I am suggesting craftable snipers; please keep in mind I am suggesting it in a way where it does NOT make snipers much easier to get than they presently are. The requirement for premium (money spent), and a long cooldown make this hard to abuse in any way. Combine this with a new currency for survival mode (already in the works?), and i think survival becomes a VERY robust game-mode. PART 3: misc comments on survival 1) Revive timer should be 3 mins premium 5 mins normal. This is such a perfect amount of time that I'm kinda shocked that it isn't already set there. Any additional amount of time just makes people not want to play the game, but it's still enough so a fight can resolve before people start spawning back in. Also, 10 minute normal timer means non-premium people can't get their loot back after they crash and a zombie eats their face, or after a vehicle glitch decides to kill them. 2) Redo the skill tree and make it unique to survival. Break up hardened into hardened 1, 2, and 3. Currently the hardened vs bambi advantage is too much, considering the bambi's are going to suck anyways!

    Hello, yesterday i drive for airdrop, when i get to it i was waiting like 4mins to fall down the airdrop, and when it was 5 meters above ground i got freeze and... Let see video. I SUGGEST to make airdrop fall faster, cuz it takes like 7-10min to fall down... And when i was first, other people could come and steal the airdrop
  10. hey i started playing survival

    Hello, few days ago i started playing Survival with my mate, and i got some kills on Clearview. Now i have KDR 9.0, cuz i didnt die yet I have recorded some funny moments of survival gameplay, and soon i will montage it and upload to my youtube channel MY CHANNEL - MASAKRA Here's proof of my kdr and my character
  11. Hi there, I saw this in another thread ... Are there privat servers on survival or did i missunderstood something ?!? Thanks in advance Ecky
  12. question

    is Desert eagle a rare weapon in survival? because a super zombie dropped me one Ty
  13. Hello Everyone So since we don't have our own facebook group I decided to create one to make trading even easier for those who have no acces to Discord or forums. Im still looking for moderators and i believe that the best ones are already there and by these i mean current discord mods etc.If someone is intrested feel free to pm me.
  14. Problems and questions

    1)Why, after the update, my FPS dropped from 50-55 to 30.I play on high and medium settings, with anti-aliasing turned off and SSAO too. 2)Correct the problem when the sounds of nature are audible not always.I can go and not hear anything and then abruptly begins. 3)And one more question concerns scary sounds.Could dear developers add more sounds from the WarZ?I found one video with a sound that I always liked!Is it possible to add some sounds?))
  15. Hey guys , first of i want to say i love survival mode... BUT i am convinced that lockboxes and private servers will ruin this game mode as it did to the original game when lockboxes were released... IF lockboxes "have" to be ingame... they have to be "nerfed"... Lockboxes shound not be able to be placed within an certain limit of a "town"/ "base" , to avoid "lockbox heroes" (atleast not as close as spawn around an area IMO ) And private servers in survival mode is so "pay2win" ... and will ruin this mode. Thoughts from an survival fan.
  16. Hardcore mode?

    What do you guys think of a hardcore survival mode where you have only 1 character and when you die, you must start over, you can't stash // more geared to older players //
  17. Auction house

    how long do we have to wait for this? use discord, go post forums, spam in servers - why da fuck for? add AI where you can list your items and nobody needs to login 100 player spamserver or post shit in discord for every 3 minutes. would make it so much easier + would add those player back into gameservers who spam their selling offers in trade servers.
  18. Survival Reputation

    Hi everybody ! Today i would to speak about Survival and reputation system. I think would be Nice and very interesting if you develop more the reputation system (Many players play for increase rep / for leaderboard and it’s important part of Survival mode). 1. Why not little rework system. Currently it is the same thing as open world. Why not add new symbols / emblems (after 1000 rep to replace « open world » symbols 2. Why not add awards (rewards idk) when you get a high rank ( special new skin / new and unique weapon / or something else ). 3. Good reputation more hard. Why not got +25 for agony +30 for killer... 4. Add auto defense system for good rep. It s just a few ideas Thanks for reading and have nice day. Kasparov

    -MERHABA TÜRK ASKERLERİ! - UPLOADBOOM ALIM SAYFASINA HOŞ GELDİN! OPEN WORLD VE SURVIVAL MOD OYNAMAKTAYIZ ! AÇIK DÜNYA ÜZERİNDE TÜRK OYUNCULARINA İHTİYACIMIZ VAR! AILE YADA TAKIMA MI İHTİYACIN VAR? EVET! BİZ BİR AİLE VE TAKIMIZ! AİLEMİZE KATILMAK İÇİN BİRKAÇ KURALLARIMIZ VAR! GERÇEKTEN ÇOK KOLAY! İLK OLARAK BÜ POSTA SAĞ AŞAĞIDAN KALP ATIP YORUM BIRAKIYORSUNUZ. TAKIMIMIZDA BULUNMAK İÇİN ÖN KURALLAR AŞAĞIDA YAZIYORDUR ONLAR YOKSA HİÇ UĞRAŞMA BİLE DOSTUM HERŞEY MEVCUTMU? AŞAĞIDAKİ SORULARI CEVAPLAYARAK TAKIM ONAYI ALABİLİRSİN! Websitemizdeki INTERNATIONAL Kuralları okumayı unutmayın. ! ! TEŞEKKÜRLER! -KURALLAR- -KONUŞTUĞUMUZ DİLLER TÜRKCE VE İNGİLİZCEDİR! - 100K (-) REP VEYA + 50K REP YANİ NAM OLMASI LAZIM! -DISCORD'A SAHİP OLMAK ZORUNLUDUR! -GÜZEL BİR MİKROFON KULLANMAK HIZLI BİR ŞEKİLDE ÜYE OLMANI SAĞLAR! -İÇİN OLDUĞUN ZAMAN DISCORDU AÇIK TUTMALISIN! -YETKİ LİSTESİNE SAHİBİZ ZAMANLA YETKİLER ALARAK İLERLİYEBİLİRSİN. Yetkiler şu şekildedir. -MEMBER (Artık Resmi LOAD üyelerinin eski yeri demektir keyfini çıkartın) ADVANCED MEMBER (Gelişmiş üye demektir.Belirli bir zamandan sonra kişiler kaptan tarafından belirlenir Discord üzerinde küçük yetkileri mevcuttur.) -R'eal MEMBER (Gelişmiş LOAD üyesi oldunuz demektir artık daha çok klanda söz sahibisinizdir.) -VIPMEMBER (Takımın Gözde Üyesidir Gerek Saygısı Gerek ünlülüğü İLE SAHİP OLUNABİLİR) -CO MOD (MODERATÖR YARDIMCISIDIR VIP Üye Ondan Gelir Birşeyler Yapmak istediğiniza EĞER VERİLİR) -MOD (MODERATÖR OLDUĞUNUZ ZAMAN TAKIMIN BÜYÜK BİR BÜTÜNLÜĞÜNE SAHİP OLURSUNUZ) -CO LİDER (YARDIMCI LİDER! ARTIK SENDE TAKIMIN YÖNETİCİLERİNDENSİN DEMEKTİR SÖZÜN KURALDIR!) -Yöneticisi (YARDIMCI LİDERDEN ÜSTÜN YETKİDİR DAHA ÇOK KLAN BİRLEŞTİRME GİBİ DURUMLARDA SÖZ SAHİBİDİR) CAPTAIN (TAKIMIN RESMİ YÖNETİCİSİDİR HEM KOMUTÇU HEMDE LİDERDİR!) -LEADER (TAKIMIN BABASIDIR BU YETKİYE SAHİP OLMAK UZUN BİR DÖNEM VEYA KAPTANA YAPILAN DONATE İLE ELDE EDİLİR!) --INTERNATIONAL RULES ! ULUSLARARASI KURALLAR -- •Saygısızlık Kesinlikle Afsız BAN sebebidir. •Takımda herhangi bir illegal program kullanmak söz konusu dahi değildir. Bizzat kendim hem DC hemde oyun içerisinde banlamaya hazırım. •LOAD logosunu avatar yapmak zorunludur LOAD MEMBER. •Oyun içerisinde Kesinlikle ve kesinlikle Diğer oyunculara hakaret vb gibi olaylar yapılmayacaktır ! •Takım içerisinde Herkes birbirine alışık şekilde bu alışkanlığı Kötü durumlara çekmeyin ! •Diğer takımlar ile saygı çerçevesi içerisinde durun ! •ESL yolunda ilerlemeyi planlıyoruz bize katılarak güçlen ! •Kesinlikle Yetki konuşmayacak. Biz bir aileyiz gerekmediği sürece yetkiyi sohbete katmayınız. •Büyümek İçin el ele ilerleyeceğiz. •Infestation NewZ,Escape From Tarkov dışında detaylı kural verilmemiştir. •Bütün ESL oyunlarında takımımızı oluşturmak için çıkıyoruz yola. •HK-EU-US-SA-TR Uluslararası ilerlemek için yabancı kardeşlerimizle işbirliği içinde bulunun. •Dilencilik söz konusu dahi olamaz birşey isteyeceksen eğer hak etmen gerekir. •Her ülkeyi temsileten gelen üyelerin Başı için CO-LEADER Rolü verilmelidir. •Yayıncılarımıza,Youtuberlarımıza En büyük destek LOAD ailesinden gelmelidir. •Yetkiye sahipsen ve senden büyük birisi hata yaptıysa herhangi bir hakaret ve söz dalaşına girmeden uzaklaştırılmalıdır. •Her oyunda oyuncu çekmek için el ele vermeliyiz. •Yaptığımız işi en iyisi olarak yapmaya çaba göstermeliyiz •Oyunların içerisinde hiçbir şekilde hakaret edilmemelidir. •Neden UPLOADBOOM'A katılıyorsun? Çünkü burada sadece iyi bir takım değil, bir aile de var! •Birbirimize göz kulak oluruz! Göz kulak olmak derken karşımızdaki kişiye saygı ile yaklaşmalıyız. •Şu anda klanımızı “uluslararası klan” haline getirmeye çalışıyoruz. •(çoğunlukla Türkiye'den geliyoruz), ama lütfen bu sizi korkutmasın, Klanımızı geliştirmenin önemli bir parçası olacaksınız! •Hayat dolu ve dost canlısı insanlarla tanışmaya hazırlan ! Çünkü Yeni bir takım geliyor ! Saygılarımla UPLOADBOOM Takım Sahibi Bahadır 'TOXIC' Ilhan - UPLOADBOOM INTERNATIONAL RULES- * Disrespect is definitely the reason for me. •Using any illegal program on the team is out of the question. Personally, I'm ready to ban both the DC and the game. Load member. •Definitely not talking about authority. We are a family, do not participate in the conversation authority unless it is necessary. •In order to grow hand in hand we will proceed. •Infestation Newz,escape from Tarkov outside the detailed rule is not given. •We are on our way to form our team in all ESL games. •HK-EU-US-SA-TR cooperate with our foreign brothers to advance international. •Beggars can not be out of the question if you want something you must deserve. •The role of co-leader should be given to the heads of the members representing each country. •Our publishers,Youtuberlarımızı the biggest support should come from the load family. •If you have authority and someone older than you has made a mistake, you should be removed without any insult or verbal abuse. •In each game we have to hand in to draw players. •We must strive to do what we do best •The games should not be insulted in any way. •Why do you join UPLOADBOOM? Because it's not just a good team, it's a family! •We take care of each other! When we say keep an eye on the person we're facing with respect. •We are currently trying to make our clan an “international clan”. •(mostly from Turkey), but please don't scare you, you will be an important part of improving our clan! •Prepare to meet life-filled and friendly people ! Because there's a new team coming ! Sincerely yours UPLOADBOOM team owner Bahadir 'TOXIC' Ilhan -AŞAĞIDAKİ SORULARI CEVAPLAYIP ÖZELDEN MESAJ ATABİLİRSİNİZ FORUMDAN VEYA DISCORD ÜZERİNDEN! DEĞERLENDİRİLİP TAKIMA KABUL EDİLİRSİNİZ. -SORULAR- ENG LINK: -Gerçek isim: -Yaş: -yer: -Oyun adı): 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. -Saldırgan / aptalca isimlerlebir karakteri yeniden adlandırmak için hazır mısınız? -Sana oyunda ve discord'da ne demeliyiz? -1'den 10'a kadar bir ölçekte, newz hayatta kalma veya açık dünyada PVP'DEKİ beceri seviyenizi nasıl gidereceğim? (1 en düşük olmak, 10 en yüksek olmak): -1'den 10'a kadar bir ölçekte ... ... NewZ Survival hakkında bilginizi siz ne kadar değerlendirirsiniz? (1 en düşük olmak, 10 en yüksek olmak): -1 ile 10 arasında bir ölçekte, nasıl yeniz hayatta kalmak için küresel envanter oranı (1 en düşük olmak, 10 en yüksek olmak)): -Newz'de kaç saatin var? -Ana Karakterinizde ne kadar şöhretiniz var? -Ana karakter (hayatta kalma / açık dünya) üzerinde kdr nedir? -Toplamda kaç adet Leşin var? -Günde kaç saat newz oynuyorsun? -Herhangi bir videon görmek istiyorsunuz? -Global envanterinin ve karakteristik ekran görüntüsünü görmek istiyoruz. -Karakterin Kendisi. : -Silah: -Mermi bölümü: -Zırh: -CAN İTEMİ: İYİ BİR OYUN GEÇİRMEK DİLEĞİ İLE! UPLOADBOOM WEB SİTESİ ! : DISCORD IP: