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Found 3 results

  1. So, i had a few suggestions for the QandA stream and i now wanna share them for the rest of the community who might missed the stream. -Gravestones and Woodshield Barricades should stay longer -Crossbows should get an attachment like different strings which have different decays and different bullet/arrow drops -Explosive arrows should be craftable out of sticks aluminium foil and gun powder -Woodshield barricades should use nails instead of metal (for crafting) -After drinking 1L of Water you should get an empty bottle which can be used for crafting a cleaner -Make the M9 NVG Craftable (M9 Helmet Black + NVG Civilian+ Duct Tape) -All the night vision's (not only the helmets) should be different (there are blurred sections, especially when you start running the blurred area becomes way bigger) My idea was to keep the optics of the Night Vision Civilian and the NVG M9 and just remove the blur from the Night Vision Military and the K-Style NVG (i know the K-NVG hast the same exact Googles like the M9 Helmet but the M9 one looks kinda self crafted) If you might not know what i mean, here's an example for it.
  2. I Z Z Y


    I come on behalf of the community with a new suggestion for the game 1st: New servers with Colorado and Caliwood with a limit of five and ten players per clan or party 2nd: The creation of one new map, with new buildings, new forests. We, the players are sick and tired of colorado, we need something new. We ran a poll to see how many of us would approve these suggestions and more than one hundred voted "yes" Thank You
  3. I think you developers do not know very well how much time we as players lose by sorting our inventory, by aesthetics or that we can search for items faster to go to PVP (Not counting the Presets / loadouts), next to that I made a list of things To add to global inventory / menu: The function of collecting ammunition in the global inventory Loading / unloading weapon Trash / delete function Function of supplying and / or arranging the car Skins removal function of all equipment Improve loading Give gifts to your friends (Skins <3) If you players can give suggestions of what could have in the inventory or menu would be of great help and curiosity mine. Thank you for reading. - L U C K Add me: - STONED LUCK
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