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Found 2 results

  1. Keymbo

    Special Event

    What is up everyone? People who are playing the NewZ loves Events even more if they can get an reward for it, What if we would do an live Event whit 1000 People who are fighting against everybody 10x a 100 Slot sever. It's like an Battle Royal but we are all spawning in a Safezone and got 30 Minutes PVE time before the Event starts. People could loot all together until the timer is up and they can finaly fight than. Ofc there will be one fightzone where the last People Need to come across each other and fight till the bitter end. Teaming is not allowed! If every Sever (From all 10) just got 1 survivor left they will be in the final the offical best of the best. They are fighting againgst each other on a Normal Battle Royal Map and the Winner of them is getting an Free Item (Like a weapon Skin whit his Face on it or anything). We can create a yearly Event whit that or even monthly where the Winner of the Event can get there own Special Item (LifeTime Premium could be an Reward aswell)! Or we can do it like 4 times a year so it is not that often. Just an Idea I know it would take some Time but why should I not try it out? Best Wish Keymbo!
  2. YoshiMinburi

    Last season Reward

    my character is YoshiMinburi TH I didn't repboosted. u can check it i play 10+ hr/ day many . i kill many people u can check lastseason I got rank 1st heroes but I didn't get a reward I got a rank 4th bandits killed & i got a reward but reward for rank 1st heroes i didn't get it hope u check this lastseaon reward for me thankyou. this is clip . i play and i record this when i play in last season