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Found 1 result

  1. Twitch djgandalf_

    Suggestion for regaining players

    During the last week I was often asked, why appearantly so many people would be quitting NewZ. In this regard and because of the fact, that I also have such a feeling, I started to make a suggestion and give a clearer feedback concerning the issue of quitting players from my point of view. Personally, I also find it extremely difficult to win back people. One would first have to be clear that it has so many causes when people quit or rather do not even start or play only 2-3 days. 1. The game is anything but beginner friendly Once a player wants to enter NewZ, he must firstly recognize the purpose of the game, that is, looting, building up a GI, and possibly trading. In my opinion, this is still relatively easy, but some fail already here. After that, players have to find their way around a complicated server system; so what is happening then? They often end up on a server that does not meet their expectations and they mostly get fucked up (Rocky PvP). For many it is already over here. Now the new complex PvP System comes to the new players, who have to get along in PvP. Here you have the General Peaking (left and right), the Shield Peaking, Sniper Shooting with paying attention to the Milldots, for the players extremely complex macro system with Fast Heal and Fast Shield Place and AR Shooting (the latter no problem). If the new player passed this hurdle as well, he will probably stay in NewZ. 2. One gets disappointed by "false or rather false promises" Players want to see a game evolving constantly. NewZ also does that in my opinion; just in the wrong areas. You put a lot of work into wrong things that do not give the game a push in general. Examples of this would be the release of the Oregon Map (not well received, simply too big), the release of skins (nice thing and it certainly pushes, but again absolutely unnecessary for the beginner branch, as they can not afford it anyway ), the remnant of popular PvP maps (Smallville and Spring Valley V2), the wiping of massive gear (Sniper Wipe 2016, so many players were taken away the pleasure for playing) and last but not least the competitive mode, which has been promised for over a year but never came in. 3. Players can only measure each other to a limited extent Cue here was the competitive mode. I think I do not have to explain that more precisely. However, one can observe that many established players compete in cups and tournaments. I am currently in the process of making a cup myself and have enlisted as many as 15 teams. This is not only well-received regionally, but also internationally. Until a fixed CM has not been released, Cups are a great way to keep up the motivation for Newz gaming with established players. 4. The game is maybe too dominated by clans (also nothing for the beginner branch and budding solo players) Hereby I suggest the following things, in order to make the game possibly more beginner friendly and more attractive: - Beginning to strike the sense behind the game by giving ingame hints and tutorials (probably that should be done by YT partners as well) - Explaining the PvP system as well (see above) - To simplify the PvP system a bit (prohibit macros again) - Innovating patches meaningful and maybe releasing a new big bang (Oregon was anything but that) - Finally bringing out the competitive mode - Significantly simplifying trading (keyword auction house on the Tradelounge, saves a lot of effort and time) - Stay tuned to the skin stuff -Support Cups and Tournaments more and possibly from official side so that there is maybe one official one in cooperation with partners every single month Thank you guys for reading. I also want to add that I personally like to play NewZ at all. It is a Game that definetely has a lot of potencial but sometimes I also have to give a negative feedback because everything cant be perfect but maybe we can improve some things together. Thank you guys!