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Found 2 results

  1. crimsonleet

    open world reputation issue

    After this update with new ingame spawn system u can boost over 20k rep in one day so theres no point of reputation ranks in this game-mode. I suggest to remove this ingame spawn system, newz has COD gameplay right now. Every player will have a high rank but he wont play well.


    Queria saber se vocês tem ideia de adicionar mais reputações positivas no jogo... meu char é CHAMPION, até pegar KING foi tranquilo pois era de 25k a 25k de reputação pra pegar nova rep, a partir de king fica cansativo de jogar pois tem que fazer 100k de rep pra pegar a proxima reputação e é muito mais fácil fazer rep negativa do que positiva além disso a negativa tem de 50k a 50k enquanto positiva tem de apenas de 100k a 100k o que era pra ser ao contrario. EU sei que é meio complicado achar nome para rep positiva mas vou dar algumas dicas: kind , benevolent, prince, ruler, master, boss, overlord Wanted to know if you have any idea to add more positive reputations in the game ... my char is CHAMPION, until catching KING was quiet because it was 25k to 25k reputation to get new rep, from KING it gets tiring to play because it has to do 100k of rep to get the next reputation and it is much easier to do negative rep than positive plus the negative has 50k to 50k while positive has only from 100k to 100k what was to be the other way around. I know it's kind of complicated to find a positive rep name but I'll give you some tips: kind, benevolent, prince, ruler, master, boss, overlord