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Found 2 results

  1. RIpper1403

    The future of survival

    You will soon add Colorado V1 and it's very cool.I can get to the past))) And this is followed by new questions.It is in general about survival, not about Colorado. Will more zombies be added? Will zombies become more dangerous or faster? Will the number of loot finally decrease? Can more weapons be added?Maybe new or even something from the Open World.For example Helmets (Blue, sand, URBAN helmet, helmets with camouflage etc.I do not understand why it was impossible to make such ar's as a night stalker, sig saer or fn249, pkm...Must be in fact objects that have a very high price, for which traded..But here it is only sniper rifles unfortunately. Earlier even the stanags were very valuable and they were traded. It might be worth changing the interface of the game to a more awesome, dark? I like the new interface, but the white design is too light and poor. Add more screaming and fast zombies to military bases and military points. Can it be necessary to return item boxes as before? They are, but they often contain bandages or some unnecessary thing.And these boxes will spawn at military points. So it will be more interesting. On survival it is necessary to change the lighting. To make the lighting darker and completely change the graphics to a more terrible one. To have a balance at night, you should return the old design of the night vision.That there was this circle in the middle of the screen and a murky green light. Or, then do not add a circle, but make the lighting. Remove the drop of medicines from the zombies or make a smaller chance. Reduce the chance of spawning food. It will be more difficult and there will be some hardcore.It is also worth doing with medicines. On the map you can find sand barricades and barbed wire. Increase the cooldown of these barricades. Otherwise they disappear too quickly. Thank you for understanding!!
  2. OmegleGuard

    Ask us anything

    Feel free to drop us some questions about NewZ Map Locations, Loot-locations (best areas? worst?) or leave us a message about your experiences.