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Found 56 results

  1. The Elite CatZ [TEC] Sucht neue Member! Wir wollen wieder ein großen Deutschen Clan aufbauen! Wenn du dazu gehöhren möchtest dann melde dich bei uns Wir spielen gerade viel PVP Server aber wir wollen auch wieder aktiver Colo/Cali Spielen! Was wir von euch erwarten: Ein funktionierendes Headset und Teamspeak 3 Ein alter von 18(mit ausnahmen) Spielerfahrung Teamspeak IP:
  2. NewZ 32

    The Spam for being missing a week of posting
  3. NewZ 31

  4. TLKC Recruiting

    --------------The Lost Kings--------------- Recruiting players that speak PERFECT ENGLISH -We play NA/EU official, PVP servers, Caliwood, Survival, battle royale and many other games. -Looking for devoted/loyal members with great teamwork and a chill/fun attitude. NO MULTICLANNING. -Age requirement is 18+ (or close to it) Do not message us if you're an unreliable child who hops from clan to clan looking for instant gratification. -The only main skill requirement we have is teamwork but -10,000 or +5000 would be good. If we decide that you have good teamwork or potential, we will make you a full member regardless of rep. -Have a decent mic or headset/Play in a quiet environment with NO background noise. -DO NOT SPAM/Respect all members in the game AND on discord/Be chill/don't rage and yell much or talk over people. -NO HACKING/cheating/glitching, or anything that's bannable. -Have a good GI and sustain your own GI. (we require screen shots of it.snipers,sniper ammo, dx, and shields) -Don't make loot your focus, DO NOT beg for free stuff, and don't rage at people over gear. -Be a TEAM PLAYER during pvp/learn callouts/don't touch peoples loot or make it your focus/don't ragequit/don't come in bambi. -We have friendly members from all over the world. *We have clan shields on the marketplace. *Multiple private servers for DEVOTED members. *Many clan events with multiple prizes. Tell me a bit about yourself and follow up with a screenshot your ENTIRE characters page. After a short voice interview to determine if you're a good fit for this clan, we'll add your characters and give you a tour
  5. Server List Issues!

    So right now I can get all server lists EXCEPT my own! It gives me all the servers and I can connect easily to them no problem but it keeps failing to get my server list and I just renewed my server! WTF?!
  6. Infestation NewZ Montage #3

    Enjoy, leave a like and subscribe sirs
  7. NewZ Montage

    Check out the new vid!
  8. DX

    I just want to suggest. the dx should be cheaper in PVP u waste so much dx and it's fast. specially for the revive thing. everybody is spawning so even if u bring 2-3 dx. its wasting so fast. i would like to suggest the dx should be cheaper. put it in the market cheap. and the ar thing nobody sell that much. So the players reading this up my post so there's a high chance admins wouldd see this.
  9. NewZ Montage 28

  10. NewZ 27- I Love This Clan

  11. Looking for Clan

    Had a lot of experience with this game, really wanting to join a clan because i play better as a team Pretty decent GI 300+ hours in these games Steam - Skuxii Discord - Skuxii#6130
  12. Got a decent GI a lot of experience with these games Steam - Skuxii Discord - Skuxii#6130
  13. NewZ 27

    New Vid lmk what you guys think
  14. NewZ 26- I hate Copyright

    After my first one was copyrighted here is the new version
  15. PVP MONTAGE #6 by Masakra

    5months after last montage (too lazy) i hope from montage to montage its better
  16. Pvp warmup

    I see alot of people going for BR warmup pvp server that never start instead of warmup servers so i was wondering if it would be possible to add the same system to the open world warm up servers or a system where you can chose premade loadouts without using your own gear. What do you guys think?
  17. Hi Iam an 24 year old guy from Sweden that played this 1 year ago and wanted to give it a new chance! I have over 1600 hours experience in this game. Iam searching for an adult group to play with that have maners and no screaming kids. I have some things, but alot of the experience is still there, and in a week or 2 i'll be back on destroying everything in my way, and if you are the ones that wanna go on my side whille doing it, send me a message or write below. (Played in big groups before and had higher roles in them)
  18. LFC, English

    I'm a veteran player with a big GI and quite good skills. Me and my friend are returning to the game and are looking for a clan so we can compete against the 5-10 player groups that run many pvp areas in caliwood or campos/boulder city. I'm fine with PVPing anywhere though. Please ask any questions in the replies and I will be happy to answer.
  19. shotgun on pvp maps

    Hello can you remove shotguns from pvp servers? its very annoying when in every buliding there are at least 2 ppl camping and ready to 1 shot you with a shotgun thx
  20. Survival Reputation

    Hi everybody ! Today i would to speak about Survival and reputation system. I think would be Nice and very interesting if you develop more the reputation system (Many players play for increase rep / for leaderboard and it’s important part of Survival mode). 1. Why not little rework system. Currently it is the same thing as open world. Why not add new symbols / emblems (after 1000 rep to replace « open world » symbols 2. Why not add awards (rewards idk) when you get a high rank ( special new skin / new and unique weapon / or something else ). 3. Good reputation more hard. Why not got +25 for agony +30 for killer... 4. Add auto defense system for good rep. It s just a few ideas Thanks for reading and have nice day. Kasparov