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Found 2 results

  1. CampersRUs

    Private Servers

    For most of you, the answer is more than likely quite simple. For me, not so much. How do I go about recovering an older private server? I had one and let the time run out. I would like to get it back. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Have a Very Nice Day!!!
  2. OmegleGuard

    Server and Server Locations

    As a former network security tech, coder, web-developer and white-hat hacker.. I can honestly say that your "anti-cheat" is disconnecting people who lose internet even for 3 seconds - understandably but when it comes down to people who reach ping, like me, of 1,000ms - 2,000ms for 1 second and then goes back to 60-90ms and this pattern repeats for around 5 minutes.. your system disconnects us.. and then when we log back in we find out we not only got disconnected... we died. And not only that but we lost all our items - Good or Bad. I highly understand what your system is doing, keeping connections constant, but in PVE this is not needed to be so strict. I know from testing that in official servers this is very strict and in premium servers it's not "as strict". This seems to fluctuate depending on what type of game and server you are playing on.. I suggest that when we create a private server we have the ability to create one in 3-12 locations, at least. This will give buyers/owners a chance to have the best experience since they paid for it.. I know on my own two servers I can barely play and only log in to farm zombies for around 30 minutes about 4 times a day.. anything other than that and I just get frustrated. So, please allow us to choose server locations when buying servers, please install more servers (not virtual servers) in many more locations around all the areas. Please add in a way to auto-select the best location based on ping, or by entering your zip code. This of course can come much later on but would be neat.