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Found 36 results

  1. TheLokii

    Flex Gang Recruitment

    Flex Gang Community has recently decided to begin growing the community. We are opening up to a wider verity of players including, PvPers, Looters, Streamers, and more. We do currently have a team getting ready to compete in the up and coming cups who as well stream if you are interested in talking to one of them about the team. You can find their channels below. ----- -------- ----------- Flex Gang Requirements : • Must have experience in game. • Age : Doesn't Matter. Have to be mature. • Able to communicate and Working Mic. • Language : English • Must have a GI • Follow Rules • Be Active and Help with events • Premium is not required • No multi clanning We can offer : • Event Server and Private Server • Discord and active members • Graphics for streams and Promotion Application : First name: Age: Location: In-game name(s): 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. What we should call you in-game and on Discord: How many guns do you have? How many hours a day do you play NewZ? How many hours have you played on NewZ? Across all of your characters, how many kills do you have? Do you know anyone in FlexGang? Do you record and edit videos of your gameplay? Do you stream if so what is your twitch/youtube?
  2. Zomb


    Can you add more zombies on the different locations like it used to be, I feel like the amount of zombies aare so low...
  3. Hello Survivors! SLEC is Recruiting. Shadow lurkers is an Anti-Bandit clan that specialize in Stealth movement and the protection of civilians with good intentions. Requirements: Players must be: Timezone GMT+0 - GMT+4 Ready to use suppressed weapons Stealth at all times fluent or at least moderate in English Willing to obey orders A Team Player Friendly and polite At least 18+ Willing to learn and adapt Must Have: Discord/Teamspeak Working microphone RESPECT! Rules: Do not break any New Z Rules: Treat all members with Respect Respect Higher Ranks No Hackers/Cheaters/Tweakers Always wear SLEC Gear Don't Shoot Unless player is a Confirmed Threat Must always Move with the Clan MUST NOT BE A BANDIT! Member will have unit numbers assigned to them ( .eg Tony Unit 798A/B (A-Alpha, B-Bravo)) Servers: Open World: NewZ 004 Colorado Apply here: Thank you for taking your time to read, Good luck and Watch your back out there!
  4. Zomb

    Zombies and loot

    Like i just looted Norad and death valley and I didnt even fill a hunter backpack w decent weapons and earned maybe 10-40k GD, whats going on ? If your not adding more zombies and better loot its gonna drive allot of players off this game.
  5. Zomb

    Loot is shit

    Why is the loot still shit and 0 zombies ? From 2 super zombies and other places from Norad and Death valley


  7. linvus

    Montage #3 - RIP OldZ

    Probably last montage because there are no players left to fight with in Boulder (except 50 men hello thais). Hope you enjoy!! Oh and yeah, Pauloh is trashcan
  8. linvus

    NewZ in 2018 #2

    AFTER MY LAST THREAD: I've summarized that developers are lacking ideas so i will write some that are currently on my mind and i will write again when i come up with new ones because i HAVE really enjoyed playing this game until the last few months and i would love, more than anyone else to see 10 full newz servers again. Things written in '( )' will be my personal problems with certain thing I WILL START WITH WITH POTENTIAL IDEAS BASED ON MY PREVIOUS THREAD: * People are still right/left peeking Just fix it, do whatever it takes to fix this one, even if it takes you to remodel riot shields or pay a professional that knows to do his job and let him do the job. Even if makes you to patch game every 7 days or so. (When i get killed by a guy who is shooting through riot shield and not giving me an option to counterplay him, my will to play game suddenly fades away and im done with newz for that day because i know that if it has happened 2-3 times it will happen again.) * 3 regions are empty (OPEN WORLD) Original answer from Fredaikis: ''I can see that, only way to fix that is to have people play in them. I can't do anything about that.'' Dont you just hate when you are a creator of the game, and suddenly 2k people comes to check your game and plays it Video called 'Friend system' You've created was uploaded 5 MONTHS ago, and before that theres a video 'Official trailer' uploaded 6 months ago. Svenas on the other hand is uploading videos more often but what kind of videos, live cuts where he is opening mistery boxes? Honestly i think that is not the real way to promote the game. Start making DEDICATED videos where you're are introducing new items and implemented systems and not some video cuts from a live stream. * Players with higher ping having great advance in pvp Look, at current state there is not so many people playing open world and you have to admit that more than 50% of you community is just from Asia and that they are ruining pvp experience for EU/NA players. Now heres the thing, let them play on EU servers, its not a huge deal BUT make just 2 servers that will have a ping limit up to 70-90 ms MAX. I think im speaking for all of the EU players, give us just 2 server with 90 ms ping limit and we will be more than happy. Getting killed 0.5 second after crouching back behind riot or moving behind wall is next worse death scenario after riot shield peaker, also aiming at the guy that is moving in crazy scaled frame rates is also disadvantage when it comes to aiming at that guy. * Fog ruining pvp expirience Original Fredaikis answer: ''I don't understand what you mean, can you post a pic?'' Here is album with examples with poor vision with both NVG on and off: * SKINS? Again, im not a huge fan of skins but you definitely need some new and unique skin that will be: -Affordable! - Not every new skin has to be 6000+ GC -GD Skins -Riot shield skins: Remove all current riot shields from market and make them learnable skin, there is huge amount of riot shields and people are buying those that are on discount anyway making every other 2k GD pointless. If you put country skins back into World skinbox it will be funny looting those boxes again and people will be trading every day searching for their own country or favorite clan. I will focus on writing more skin ides somewhere in near future *Implementing new items Original answer Fredaikis gave us: ''Do people even like this lol? like i mean, in my opinion a new weapon is not worth the effort, maybe im wrong, im not really a player....'' It doesnt have to be a weapon, but YES, people like these, we want more place-able/active items that will make no impact on pvp and ruin its experience (sandbags, wires). Give us fake bombs/fireworks/decoys. New silly melle weapons like easter banana is. Or give us more of those loot-able rabbit heads, tails, cloaks or place-able clan banners and not some Ballistic shield aka overpriced useless riot shield Also adding more type of zombies would be cool or just implementing new skins on the current ones. *Garbage in item boxes Fredaikis: ''Got a example of before / after?'' Ofcourse, back when i was new to this game finding item box with golden frames it was a guarantee AWP/VSS/OTS/GI locker/AWM/CAMO and MODERN BLACK boxes and those with silver frames gave some less GD worthy snipers (Mausers, R93, After some time FN-Fal started appearing along with FN-SCAR-L and now there are Yokoto katanas, green bandages. Like really why would you do that, finding these boxes as a beginner was time-worthy searching for them and it felt rewarding. Today finding these boxes means nothing. *PREMIUM Before text bellow i would like to point out that only 5% or less of people playing is having deluxe/extreme acc Honestly again, why would someone buy premium if he can switch between characters and avoid paying 15k GD for a revive simple as that. THIS is even better for people that have 2 main characters where one is having negative reputation and other is having positive one so you can choose which one you want to play with. Premium rewards are P L A I N T R A S H. Why would someone waste GC for a chance of getting 10 AWP mags or a G11 gun, thompson or QBZ, Karambits???? You can find 10 of these just with 5 minute of looting. There is just no reason for people to waste GC on premium. *MISSIONS I've been recommending this before on Svenas stream but 2 patches after that nobody mentioned a word about it. Implementing mission system that will reward players with skins or items after doing certain few things would be my priority to do if i was developer. Also you can make special set of skins for these types of rewards (Not all) Here is some examples: Killing 15 players with brotherhood gives you permanent brotherhood fun edition skin (Learned on acc so people cant trade it) Killing 50 people that are 500m away gives you permanent Spray that says 'Blackwater' or 'Long-range master' or eye with a scope displayed on it or anything like that. Killing 5 people that are 500m away adds one McMillan TAC-50 (sniper that Rob Furlong used and recorded a kill from 3 540 m away). This would be unique sniper that is obtainable only like this (nothing OP, just unique) Surviving 20 times with less than 2% hp gives you spray that say 'Not today' or 'Unkillable' or something in that theme. Killing 100 people with katana (because people like killing with katana these days) gives you permanent skin K.Style Samurai that is in samurai themes And killing 50 people with katana gives you Custom Guerrilla Samurai Ideas on these missions are infinite and if you guys decide to implement these by im sure community will reach out and give some ideas too. This is just a tiny bit of ideas i have and i'll for sure write another post if things go well with new few patches. AND After all, you better finish this new map ASAP because people are leaving the game and at the end of the day you might not have players left to play that new map.
  9. harryb7455


    can anybody help me with the leaguing system in open world as i have been playing for 8 months now and have not discovered how to get it, it just says "unranked" whereas on battle royale i am placed in a league Thank you ! Harry