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Found 32 results

  1. Stinemenites, The time has started stream time! Let's get our AR's warmed up as we hit the PVP road, and then do some farming as we want to make sure we keep the status going on our PVP agenda. Jump in the stream if you are new or have questions. Everyone is welcome to have a good time to kick back enjoy some tunes, sing along, and collect some community boxes. Cheers~ Thanks, Stinefelt
  2. rhzfps

    Rhzera Cup 5vs5

    hello everybody I'll be doing a tournament on 7/21 The Event will be done in Event Map 5vs5 in matches MD3 E The final will be md5 Registration: 5m per team Supercopa Rules To register your team, just comment here or call me at PM Remembering that I will not be gaining anything with this event all the gd arrecada will be for the winning teams Traduçao PTBR : olá pessoal eu vou estar fazendo um torneio em 21/07 O Evento será feito no Mapa de Eventos 5vs5 nas partidas MD3 E A final será md5 Inscrição: 5m por time Regras da Supercop Para cadastrar sua equipe, basta comentar aqui ou falar no PM Lembrando que eu não vou estar ganhando nada com esse evento todo o gd arrecado será para as equipes vencedoras. Equipment Stanags 30 ONLY. Custom Guerilla + Kstyle ONLY. Bandages DX ONLY. Limited to ONE sniper per team (Mauser/Blaser/SVD) 4 AR players (Sig Sauer 556/Imi-Tar-21/Steyr Aug) Teams may choose NOT to use a sniper 5x Riot Shield per player Attachments allowed. (Except Rifle Flashlight and Pistol Flashlight) 2x Grenades per player (it can be any combination, limited to two TOTAL) Secondary weapon ONLY for Snipers. (B93R)Stanags 30 ONLY. Custom Guerilla + Kstyle ONLY. Bandages DX ONLY. Limited to ONE sniper per team (Mauser/Blaser/SVD) 4 AR players (Sig Sauer 556/Imi-Tar-21/Steyr Aug) Teams may choose NOT to use a sniper 5x Riot Shield per player Attachments allowed. (Except Rifle Flashlight and Pistol Flashlight) 2x Grenades per player (it can be any combination, limited to two TOTAL) Secondary weapon ONLY for Snipers. (B93R)
  3. Hey, ich suche noch eine gruppe zum Ab- und An spielen. Der Kontakt zu meiner alten Gruppe hat aufgrund Inaktivität im Spiel aufgehört. Ich suche nicht direkt nach einem Clan/Community, da ich meine eigene Community leite und mich nirgens, außer dort fest binden werde. Ich habe einen TS3 Server, einen Privatserver ingame und Lifetime Premium. Desweiteren teile ich gern mein GI:) steam: lg
  4. Zecrasta

    NewZ 34

  5. Zecrasta

    NewZ 33

  6. Zecrasta

    NewZ 31

  7. Zecrasta

    NewZ Montage

    Check out the new vid!
  8. Zecrasta

    NewZ Montage 28

  9. Zecrasta

    NewZ 27- I Love This Clan

  10. Zecrasta

    NewZ 27

    New Vid lmk what you guys think
  11. Zecrasta

    NewZ 26- I hate Copyright

    After my first one was copyrighted here is the new version

  13. I recommend hop servers ( 1 min 30 sec needs to kill one SZ)
  14. krystic2

    I can't play in NewZ

    Hi, i have one problem. When i tried join to the game shows me a game loading, but the loading takes a very long time and game doesn't run... What Can i do? I tried change my DNS servers on DNS google, etc.. Please help, I played normally some time ago
  15. darlan1


    I know. Many believe that video editing is something that only professionals, care. Others believe that it will take many years to learn how to edit (example: survival mode / open world) and then remain with poorly finished videos until they give up the project. And often the guilt of the few views is in the sense of your audience to be before someone amateur, who barely knows how to record a video. And this is very cruel because in the end, you can have wonderful ideas that can help a lot of people but since your videos are uninteresting, you can not do the main thing: win the audience and get your message across. For those who are starting to edit videos right now (Infestation: The Newz), it may seem like a very difficult thing, but you can be sure that with time and lots of practice, you'll be able to produce your videos in the best possible way.
  16. darlan1

    Mode: SURVIVOR

  17. Hello guys, My Clan with now 30 Members in game and active playing pvp and farming, are now searching members. We make live streams on twitch and videos on youtube, we are not big because we just get started. We have enough slots for everyone who want to join. You have to be good at PvP, but there is no rule that says you must have any special reputation rank. You have to be an ACTIVE player when you want to join the clan and you must speak german or english. When you are in the clan you can win better skins in our giveaways then normal random players. AND we make every month a giveaway for every member that is in our clan My twitch account so dont miss a giveaway. If you want to join our clan please let me know and make a comment on this topic.
  18. Hey Survivor, today i will bring back my old auction house and i hope, you guys will like it. I mainly do this kind of stuff, for player which don't have that many GD to survive on the trade server. You can also sponser this auction while giving me skins/skinsets and i will post them (10% of the GD goes to me then). The auction house has nothing to do with the staff of the Infestation: The New Z game, it's made from player for player. Rules: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name: Start price: 200
  19. kazmightONFIRE

    Kamil NBA - Halloween Events !

    Hey guys ! Our official partner and ingame Moderator Kamil NBA organizes 2 Special Events for Halloween. Besides the Official Halloween week, our official streamers and partners are also working hard behind the scene to bring you guys more funny events ! Basically, everyone is free to join those events, bring your friends and come with us to get fun ! If you want any information regarding the Official Halloween Event week, here's the link ! Those 2 events will be the following: - Event #1: Halloween Stronghold ! 🕑 DATE: 31.10 at 4PM (UTC +2) 🕑 This Event will take place on the Official Event Server EU #11 . Kamil, kazmightONFIRE and their team will build a stronghold inside the market. In the back side of the market, there will be 2 personal lockers with a lot of surprises in ! If you kill Kamil's team then you will be able to run in the back side and grab those specials items ! Everyone will be able to join this event and it will live streamed on Kamil's Stream: RULES: - If you die you are not allowed to join back. - No grenades, No Snipers. Only AR's ! - If the team dies, the 2 first players which will access to the 2 lockers will win the prizes. PRIZES: Snipers, Halloween Skinboxes, Halloween items and Skins ! - Event #2: Hide & Seek ! 🕑 DATE: 01.11 at 4PM (UTC+2) 🕑 This second Event will happen on an PVE Colorado V2 Event Server. Kamil's NBA and I will be hidden somewhere inside Boulder City with a bunch of items. We will let players join this server and try to find us. If someone find us he will win every items ! We will not hide on top of any building but only in a reachable place ! If everything goes fine we might organize a second round ! RULES: - You are not allowed to bring any kind of car. - You are not allowed to throw grenades. - You are not allowed to send us a group invite. - You are not allowed to bring any Air Horn. PRIZES: Snipers, Halloween Skinboxes, Halloween items and Skins ! Keep in mind that every single Event will be live streamed on Kamil's stream. Here's the link: Please follow the rules or you will be kicked out of the event. Are you guys ready?!
  20. Witam. Razem z kolegą postanowiliśmy poszukać teamu bądź grupy do wspólnej gry PVP. W newz gramy od niedawna, lecz posiadamy już doświadczenie z iss, ale największe doświadczenie posiadamy z infectz, bo tam graliśmy najwięcej czasu. Aktualnie gramy już troche czasu w newz, więc gramy też troche PVP. Jeśli chodzi o sprzęt (inventory) to nie ma co się martwić - posiadamy go dość żeby grać. Wymagań dla klanów/grup nie posiadamy konkrentych. Myślę, że najważniejsze to jakaś tam znajomość gry i dobra atmosfera podczas gry jak i po za grą. Jesteśmy również w stanie udostępnić nasz team speak, jeśli ktoś zdecyduję się do nas zglosić. Jeśli jest ktoś zainteresowany lub chce dowiedzieć się więcej to proszę o dodanie mnie na steam lub napisanie pod tym postem. Link do profilu steam:
  21. The League Of Shadows Recruitment xLoS Teamspeak: xLoS Discord: xLoS FaceBook: xLoS Twitter: xLoS Steam Group: xLoS Website: The men who have sworn allegiance to the League of Shadows come from many different backgrounds; former soldiers, mercenaries, assassins, petty criminals, and ordinary men. Every member of the League of Shadows is fanatically loyal to the League's cause. It is this fanaticism in which every warrior knows that he is expendable, his life forfeit, if it means fulfillment of the League's plans. To join just list your char names to be added or on discord #xlos-clan-invites Contact: [LoS] [email protected] *If you are a SA Player, join teamspeak: look for tedderatv