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Found 3 results

  1. SlaveJim

    Game Won’t Start

    Getting multiple issues while trying to log in on both mine and my girlfriend’s account. While loading the game, We keep getting the message, “Wrong login answer, please contact support” Now on the game updater login screen, also getting the message, “An error occurred while logging in, please contact the staff team” I submitted a ticket about 40 minutes ago, and am trying to get a response out of someone to figure out what’s going on with our games. Thanks in advance for help.
  2. 420nickwc

    loggin ip change

    Hi i have problem whit my login the error is (our systems have detected ip change ) i dont have receive the mail Please help me !!!
  3. dusk


    My problem is the same as gizmoo , i cant log in support to send ticket because i have new phone so icant msg anyone . Hey Guys, i got a little problem. i enabled google authentificator and i buy a new phone. so i cant login on the website now. I would do a support ticket but i have to login on the website to create one. So maybe if its possible to remove the google authentificator from my acc so i can log in again. Would be nice to get an answer :-) already sent an email but the response was an automatic message.