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Found 1 result

  1. iKaraman

    Reduce metal gear drop

    metal gear for locker is not rare, almost through every dead super zombie has drope, yesterday i loot 3 item metal gear for locker in 4 housr of join. i suggest to reduce the probability of loot because, if ppl craft so much lockers, everywhere be so much lockers. i am agree with who tell Ice 9 here "" no offense but adding lockers to survival would be the worst move for the following reasons: 1. imagine a guy placing a locker on a roof and sniping you down...then if you get close he stashes it? 2. your going to have lockers littering the entire map, which may affect loading time not to mention just doesnt look good for game movement and flow. 3. and for me the worst one......people using lockers as a shield that wont break!!!! the most OP item in game. adding lockers to survival would be a really bad move in my eyes. "" I think it is even more important to reduce the probability of a drop of "metal gear" and those who want more lockers do not forget about the fact, so much lockers . how this affects the FPS (maybe)