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Found 3 results

  1. Hello guys I come here today to discuss a subject (Account subscriptions). Extreme account vs Legendary account. For the price we paid to buy the legendary account, we should get some more advantages. The image above shows the advantage that has the extreme account, but where are the advantages of the legendary account? Few players have a legendary account, and it is very expensive. The extreme account, you do not need to pay shipping (buss), but the legendary account which is much more expensive, you are required to pay. I believe this is totally wrong. Also without counting on the other advantages that the extreme account has on top of the Legendary. I even have a friend who thinks the same as me, but unfortunately it's not for me to decide what to do to improve the legendary account. Dear NewZ administrators, I ask you to verify this, and if possible leave at least Free shipping for legendary accounts, and improvement of subscriptions.
  2. Hi there, What excatly is /does a legend account? Just lifetime premium and a star in the game, or is there more? Is there a way to upgrade from lifetime premium to legendary but not have to buy the legendary at the full price? What happens to this? The same question: if someone have a lifetime premium-account, can he update this acc to a monthly deluxe-acc without paying the full price (only the difference)? @ Staff, dev, mods and all poi: please, please, PLEASE with chocolate ontop ... seriously ... post more information. Its kinda annoying to ask everytime for everything and open a thread because there is no information about the game (not even in the wiki or faq). If the info are all in the old forum it would be nice to have an only-read-access for that. THANK YOU ! Have a nice day Eckbert
  3. Dilbobagins56

    Gold coated bullet

    Hey guys so love the work on the game so far, the golden bullet perk which I'm working my way to now with a character I've seen the stats of the AWP which is 160 damage so with some basic maths 160 x 0.75 (heavy armor) is a total damage of 120 now I'm assuming the health perks give you some extra Health let's say 10 and 20 (if the devs could actually point out how much the Heath perks gives both 1 and 2 would be nice) that's 130 Health. Which dosent make the AWP a 1 shot kill but with the golden bullet perk which would the 120 x 1.05 to give 126 which if your using my stats for a body shot is still not a 1 shot body shot. So there is no gun that is a 1 shot body kill I'm assuming if you've got the perks ? So the actual questions to the devs is in game could we have some more stats on the perks, like for example all perks give a description but actual no stats example: field medic 3 increased effectiveness of healing items, that's great but by how much is the increase ? It goes for all the perks it would just be nice to actually see what buffs your getting for your character which would be especially helpful with new players which assuming the game is getting a few now. Cheers lads happy hunting