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Found 12 results

  1. What can I do with this ??

    Today there was a problem when entering the game!!Loading and the game crashes! ERROR!FAILED TO PARSE SERVER XML,START-END TAGS MISMATCH!!!
  2. Support Tickets and You

    Here is a tutorial on using the Game Launcher window to a support ticket and more
  3. Im doesnt get gc

    I doesnt recive gc. Game login S A S H A. I pay for 50e and didnt get gc.
  4. Após a nova atualização, o jogo só aparece no momento da conexão com a hora mestre do servidor já tem dois dias, e estou perdendo os dias dos prêmios que comprei, aguardo uma resposta
  5. I can't play in NewZ

    Hi, i have one problem. When i tried join to the game shows me a game loading, but the loading takes a very long time and game doesn't run... What Can i do? I tried change my DNS servers on DNS google, etc.. Please help, I played normally some time ago
  6. hi

    i dont recive the activation link on email ?
  7. Hello guys, how can I report that I died twice by going down the map and I lost all my stuff. The first time I get off the car and get stucked in the floor and when I was next to my stuff trying to rescue items with another character I died again by getting stucked. I died and then my game just kick me out @Silenterror @kazmightONFIRE This is not the first time that this happen to me, but TWICE in a rox in the same spot¡? Route 70, south of Survivalist outpost Is there any way to get my stuff back? I was farming for 3 hours

    Just wondering if any one had a private server i can loot on for a little bit. I lost my main account a while back and Im getting back into so i have to start a new account. i would really appreciate it if someone coiuld let me play on their server to get harden and get my GI looking good so i can get into PVP. Thank you!
  9. Hey, have been inactive for a minute. Was known as Dorkyguy the leader of CPUD. Information of the accounts and forum posts?
  10. [Solved] How to create Ticket?

    How to create Ticket in
  11. Help Buck's Zone Lost

    Help Buck's Zone Lost ID: nikhuahin34 Time +07 ฺฺBangkok 16.40 sovezone HK 1 Death of all.