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Found 2 results

  1. krys101


    Hello survivors! I know this has been posted millions of times but I still want to remind everyone of a pretty big issue in this game that is very time consuming... SORTING YOUR GLOBAL INVENTORY! Who hasn't had the moment in his pvping career when he logged out of the server to store his lootscore of his time pvping and just sat there waiting about 30 seconds for a loadout to load?! or to stash your gear? or just take 1 extra medkit into your inventory which just took 20 seconds?! EXACTLY, WE ALL HAD THIS MOMENT AND IT CONTINUES TO GROW WITHOUT US THE PLAYERS TAKING HOURS UPON HOURS ON OUR WEEKENDS TO SORT OUR GI JUST SO IT TAKES A LITTLE LESS TIME TO TAKE THAT EXTRA PAINKILLER INTO YOUR INVENTORY OUT OF YOUR GI FOR YOUR NEXT PVP SESSION! We seriously need a sorting button! These are some ideas I have for remaking the Global Inventory and adding some extra options: 1> Unskinning weapons and gear is already an option in the GI, why is skinning stacks of items not possible? Please make it possible! 2>Moving items inside of your global inventory (in stacks)! Who doesn't want to move and rearrange his global inventory so it looks how YOU want it to be? Have that m4a1(3456x) on the first spot in your Global inventory instead of scrolling down 2 millions of years just to find it Please make moving items in your GI possible! 3> A unload / reload all option/button in the Global Inventory: you have 30 unloaded ARs? and 363 loaded ones? then you have like 80+ with random ammo counts? click on the AR type you want to unload/reload then press "unload all" then wait a couple of seconds> then select the ammo type and stack clips > and again select your AR type and press on the "reload all" button! ALL WHILE INSIDE THE GLOBAL INVENTORY/ MENU SCREEN (not having to move anything in and out of your characters inventory!) HOW CONVENIENT! 4> make unskinned weapons/gear in your GI be stackable if moved ontop of the same gear/item Type! Who hasn't unskinned a few m4a1s just to see that you now have 3 different stacks of the same exact weapon.... (THIS GOES TO POINT 1 AND 2, it could be interpreted inside those 2 options already ) THANK YOU ALL FOR TAKING YOUR TIME TO READ AND POST SOME MORE SUGGESTIONS! We all want a better and more fast paced experience ingame so why not make it possible! -Krys101 from The Saviors P.S. : Thank you for the already GREAT game devs! We all want to make it GREATER