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Found 7 results

  1. При запуске столкнулся с такой ошибкой, кто может помочь ?
  2. ikar1


    constant error, the moment when you say you kill from a zombie you want to find a convenient place and flies. very often it does when there is still a person nearby. I do not understand what that means? coincidence, or intentionally knock me out so that when the zombie smacks me the weight of loot is chosen. I already have a stock of things lost that I already think to remove this game! I'm trying to assemble a naughty, and I lose everything for stupid mistakes. I have 15 games running on my computer. and nowhere shit is not going on
  3. So I have an insanely fast connection, been playing all my other games with no issues or errors all day long. Now I try playing this one, usually my fave. But for the past 3 freaking hours I keep gettign timed out and no I don't have any other stuff running in the background that could slow my connection. Is there a server issue currently?
  4. Hello firstly, I have a problem that whenever i try to join the new game mod "survival" game crashes instantly and gives this very crash report in the screenshot below. I dont know what causes this and couldn't find the solution yet. I also have the same problem when i try to join the BR map "Tropico" and "Colorado v1". So basically i can only play v2 colorado maps and pvp maps. Please help me to figure this out and solve it. Thanks.
  5. it says "failed to get gear with id xxxxx" pls help me
  6. Quando eu clico pra entrar em algum servidor, carrega a barra toda e no final aparece a seguinte mensagem "Could not connect to server. Please try again in few minuts" Como eu corrigo isso ? Por favor preciso muito da sua ajuda, um grande abraço! Alguém me ajuda por favor, n sei mais oque fazer, já reiniciei internet, já desinstalei/instalei o game.... e nada até agr..
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