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Found 4 results

  1. isnt

    Skin suggestion.

    Recently i got bored again and tried my best on creating a new skin for the game that some people could really like. I did this voluntary and the shown pictures are NO GAME FOOTAGE, these were created with photo editing programms. This has no competitve or pirating background. Its about the Heavy Armor which got a lil Elit'ish touch from myself, i tried to recreate the Elite as best as possible. What do you guys think about it, please let me know and leave a feedback. If you have any suggestions for changes, feel free to leave 'em here. Greetz, isnt.
  2. UniiQuee


    Selling the **Rare** Imitar Elite skin
  3. Vintorez

    IMI TAR-21 Elite Giveaway!

    Hello everyone! To celebrate the weekend I decided i'm going to do a giveaway! This will be exactly the same as my GC Airdrop giveaway since you must enter through Gleam. Everyone gets 1 entry but you have the option for more entries if you complete actions! The giveaway will end in 24 hours, best of luck to everyone! Link:
  4. ItzM3

    Selling a lot of Skins

    All other prices only for offer :=)