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Found 9 results

  1. Bonjour, Je recherche des joueurs français pour jouer à Infestation. J'ai 2 jours de jeu mais je n'aime pas jouer seul. Si vous êtes intéressé, mon discord est: Xalex#9950
  2. Evening guys, I have dabbled with the idea of trying to get some people to play the game with for a while. Because I dont know anyone, i play the game very little, although my hours are very bad (not sure if steam hours is correct tbh) I am quite knowledgeable about some things. I want to progress, have fun, not play every day just whenever we feel like it. Please if you are going to play, have a good microphone and discord and also please have good english as you will not understand me otherwise as my accent is quite broad. Most importantly, I want to PvP and have a laugh! Im Ben from the UK, 20, at university. -Cheers
  3. looking for a group of people who are from the USA . Looking for active members and just fun and friendly people to be around, i have discord. hope to hear soon!! happy hunting
  4. NewZ Halloween Discord Paint Contest! Get those paint brushes out! Sharpen those picture tubes and dust off your filters because it's PAINTING TIME! All you have to do is create an image with two key elements. 1. It must be about NewZ 2.It must have a Halloween theme. How hard is that? Yep. That's it. Now the details and requirements. ⦁ You must be a NewZ player. At Least 50 hours playing. ⦁ You must be a member of the official Infestation NewZ Discord. ⦁ The image can be no larger than 1920x1080 ⦁ The image must be in .png format. ⦁ The image can be no larger than 5 Megs. ⦁ You will submit your image to the channel #media_clips and message it to me as well. https://discord.gg/TCGtze . ⦁ Contest Starts at 12:00pm -5 utc October 2nd. ⦁ Contest Ends at 12:00pm -5 utc October 3rd. No Nudity, racist, or political elements please . Prizes: 1st place: 2000gc + 5 million gd 2nd Place: 600gc + 5 Million gd 3rd Place : K. style abstract skin & a can of tuna <Open world. Not Survival>
  5. Hello ladies and gentlemen it has been a while! So since we were inactive and doing our own projects away from NewZ we decided it was time to come back to the game we have loved from the beginning. We are looking for chilled players who are willing to help out and reestablish the old clan but in a better image. *NEW* Clan Server Requirements Ages 13+ Must have a mic Must speak English Able to communicate in game. Decent knowledge about your surroundings. If you are a trader/ Farmer then you are welcome but you must help others and interact instead of being a loner. You may keep to your little group of friends but to not exclude yourself from the rest of the clan. Must have discord. Rules 1. Do no spam of any kind... Even for the memes. This will result in a warning then a ban if continued. 2. No causing trouble in the community, if there is an issue you can always report it to a staff member or just get over the issue. 3. You can play with other communities but you cannot actively join ours to befriend us for loot or information. Keep it sportsmanlike if you see us on the battlegrounds. 4. If you are new there will be a trial period so be patient and wait to be trusted. otherwise you will be removed if you continue to complain about ranking/ being a member. 5. Everyone is welcome to the discord. Members, or not. 6. Do not donate GC to the clan because you feel like you have to, only do so if you wish to help us grow. (This list may expand over time) If you are wanting to join or get in touch with me (The Owner of the clan) be sure to message me on one of the platforms provided. Steam - http://steamcommunity.com/id/Insultasaurus/ Discord - https://discord.gg/9dPtkcg (Please wait in the waiting channel if you wish to join before messaging me) Finally you can private message me of course. Thank you for taking your time to read this, we hope to see you either on our side or on the battleground
  6. i dont know if someone else have the same problem, but when i talk in discord my ping goes to 999 and that just happen when i got open new z
  7. Hi there, was just reading a post about an game auction. It is of course a good idea but i want something NOW! lol. My thought is to have an auction channel on the discord or the forum. Every 2 days at Certain times The auction opens and people can post their stuff for people to bid on. for. lets call it 2 hours. During that 2 Hours you can post items or bid on items. Once the time is up the channel/thread is locked and no more till next time. There are things that need to be figured out. We would need a template for how to post and item and how to bid on an item. Like. FOR BID: QUANTITY: 2.5K ITEM: G36 ASSAULT RIFFLES BID TYPE: ENTIRE QUANTITY OR PER ITEM BID MINIMUM BID: 1.5MIL OR 1.5K EACH DEPENDING ON THE BID TYPE. QUICK BUYOUT:4MIL OR 4K EACH Something like that. still things to figure out but i am sure it's doable. Ideas? Thoughts? Comment? /cat ZOMBEH CATS!!!!!
  8. Well I am glad you asked. First lets give you the link to download the discord program and the link to the Official Discord Server. Discord Program that wolf told me to download. I lubs wolf. If I click here i will get an invite to join the Infestation NewZ Official Discord!! That wolf! He is soooo cool!! Why thank you. You're cool too!! Once you're on discord, if you didn't already have it, Do the following: Done. Don't forget to tip your Discord Moderator on your way out! -Wolf Digital -Egoist -Shortguy ZOMBIE CATS!!!!!
  9. Jake

    Missing Logo?

    I noticed that the discord logo is missing everywhere it is or should be. I was wondering if there was a reason for this or if it is on my end or just the forums.
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