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Found 2 results

  1. Sven

    New Launcher Design

    Dear Community, We are very proud to present you the brand new upcoming launcher design for Infestation: The New Z! After using the same launcher for more than 3 years we felt it was time for some "refreshment" and improvement. This new launcher will work almost exactly the same as the old launcher as just the looks are different. The best thing about this new launcher is that it's made in flash allowing us to edit and add / change stuff in the launcher easier. In the future we plan on improving the launcher even more adding everything we feel like needed. For now we would like to keep it more "simple" to get players used to the new look first. Let us know what you think! Here's a preview. Best Regards, // Infestation: The New Z - Development Team
  2. Dear Players, As we already promised and wrote earlier on forum posts; here's an update regarding the progress on survival (and a little bit on the competitive progress too). We felt like updating you all so that you guys know more about current progress and have an idea of when what is going to be released. We are very excited with the progress we have made in the past weeks regarding both survival and competitive and we are very excited to share this with you guys. We also would like to answer some common questions from players regarding survival so that you guys know what to expect. Now that the old forums are gone most information about how survival is going to be is lost so we are updating you all here again to make everything as clear as possible. Since this developer blog is mainly focused on the progress regarding the survival game mode we still want to let you guys know about some little progress regarding the competitive game mode too. We will do this first since this will be short, after that we will jump into more information about survival. Competitive is currently on a small hold. For the past weeks we have worked a lot on the 'behind the scenes' part for competitive like all the server sided stuff, match-up / queue-up system, UI stuff, ranking system and more. A lot of progress is made here except the actual in-game part has not really been worked on yet. We have most parts of the concept all done but we would like to wait with sharing any of this for now. With that said we will now jump in the main part of this developer blog: survival. We will first list out everything that's done and not done, then we will jump into a small planning explaining what we want to do when and how and then we will answer some questions you guys have been asking about survival. If you have any more questions after reading this developer blog please let us know in the comments on this forum post. We will do our best to answer all questions as best as we can. Before we jump into this we would like to explain to you all that it's very hard to say when exactly survival will be released. We are working on it, and when we are done we will release it. So please don't ask questions related to dates since we are unfortunately at this moment unable to answer those. 1. What is done and what not? Done = green Not done = red Database - enable 5 new characters for the survival game mode. Explanation: Players will have 5 characters to play with. Server - disabled groups and clans. (players will be allowed to group up but can't do that with any tags) Explanation: This is mainly done to prevent huge clans from over ruling servers. We think doing this also adds an extra 'survival' feeling because when playing with a friend you'll always have to confirm that your the guy you see is your friend or not. Server - make skins work universal. (only clan skins will be disabled - normal skins will work universal) Explanation: Skins will be disabled in this game mode meaning you can't find or learn any skins but you will be able to use the skins that are learned on your account through open world. Server - disabled global inventory access everywhere. Explanation: Unlike in open world players will only be able to access their global inventory by going to a safe zone. Server - disable game dollar drops. Explanation: For this game mode game dollars are entirely disabled for now. Our plan is to add later (probably after release) a new survival currency. Then we might add a new survival marketplace that can only be accessed in the survival servers. For now, game dollars / currency disabled. Server - rework xp. Explanation: Players will have their skill tree enabled and will be able to farm up for their skill tree. XP is reworked meaning in this game mode you will get different amounts of XP from killing zombies and super zombies. (The skill tree will be reworked - some skills will be disabled) Server - enable random airdrops. Explanation: Just like as in the open world their will be random airdrops. These airdrops will have updated / changed loot. Server - enable random car spawns. Explanation: Cars will work different in survival than in open world. In survival car spawners are disabled meaning players can not pick up / place cars. Players will however be able to find and use cars in the server. Cars will use fuel and can break. Server - fix up / finish the map. Explanation: In survival we will use the original Infestation Colorado V2 map. This is a different Colorado from the one that we use in the open world game mode. Also loot will be just like original Infestation, snipers will be extremely rare. We will jump into this later. Server - enable object placement. Explanation: Players will be able to find lockers and barricades and place them. (They will also be able to craft these probably later). Server - enable super zombies. Explanation: Super zombies will be spawning in this game mode just like in the old Infestation. Server - enable custom items. Explanation: New custom items that we added to the game will be present in this new game mode but will be balanced out. For example: "Tactical Binoculars" will also be spawning in survival. Server - enable trading. Explanation: Players will be able to trade with other players just like as in open world. Database - create a separate global inventory. (this is quite complicated so takes a little bit more time) Explanation: Players will have a separate global inventory in this game mode. This global inventory will only be accessible in-game by going to a safe zone and accessing the global inventory. (global inventory access everywhere will be disabled) Server - disable early revival. Explanation: Players will always have to wait the entire 2 minutes to revive their character. No one will have more advantages. We might make it so that premium has a 50% revive timer but that's not confirmed. Server - rework skill tree. Explanation: Like mentioned earlier: we will rework the skill tree and remove the "New Z" skills. Server - crafting. Explanation: Even though the UI part of this is done and most of the crafting is already done the entire system is not finished yet. We are not sure if crafting will be enabled / done for release. We will do our best to do so. What still needs to be done regarding this is we still have to make ways how people can farm resources and we still have to finish up a lot of crafting parts / models. Server - re-balance item statistics. Explanation: Item statistics will be the same as the ones from open world however will rework a lot of them. We will try to go back to Infestation standards regarding the statistics of items. Loot & set up test environment. Explanation: As mentioned earlier we will follow the original Infestation loot idea. The test environment will be ready today / tomorrow and from there we will start working with the loot and testing. This is marked in orange since we are literally working on this step and this is almost done. This will be a big step in the progress of the development for survival. Super zombie loot & parameters. 2. Plan of approach and what is next? You can see above what is done and what still need to be done. All the points marked in red should get finished this week. We are planning on to actual start testing - inside a test server from tomorrow. From there we will have a better time estimation when we are able to release. Our plan is to finish all the points marked in red and get everything ready. Test as much as we can ourselves with our team and get everything done. When we have the idea 'everything is ready' we will do a separate announcement and beta release survival. The beta release for survival will be a closed release (premium members only) where players can test the game mode themselves. They will be able to play for around 1 week. We will gather as much feedback here as possible. After the test week we will disable survival and go back to development. Based on the feedback from our community we will do changes and when that's all done we will release survival officially for everyone. So when to expect a new developer blog with some updates? Like we explained earlier: we can hardly do any statements regarding any dates but we will be able to plan based on our progress. As of the planning is right now: when all the points in red are done we will do another developer blog. This developer blog will be containing the final beta version information for survival. This developer blog will also contain all the information for players that will help us beta testing. Stay tuned for this update, we expect this to be earlier than you all expect. 3. FAQ (Frequently asked questions) If you have any questions let us know in reply to this post! Questions that are asked we will paste down here including our answers. Will the buildings have overgrowth? (moss) Answer: No, on first release we will not have overgrowth on buildings. We have removed overgrowth due FPS and performance reasons. Adding overgrowth back is going to decrease player's performance again with a lot. We prefer to avoid this for now. Will we be seeing the new police cars like at the new secret spot? Answer: No, since the map will be the original Colorado V2 map. No additions. Will there be aliens? Answer: If you mean alien super zombies - no. If you mean custom zombies - no. BUT we will most likely introduce these on a later state! Will there be private servers that are attached to survivor mode? Answer: Not in the beginning but we might enable them at some point if survival becomes popular. Will hunger and thirst be the same? Answer: Yes. You will be able to run out of food and water. Will you change up super locations? Answer: If you mean 'change' compared to how they are in open world, then yes they will change. Super zombies will be just like in old Infestation. 4. Latest Updates: June 14 - Today we got a lot more done! Check out the list below what exactly we got done: Database - create a separate global inventory. (this is quite complicated so takes a little bit more time) Explanation: Players will have a separate global inventory in this game mode. This global inventory will only be accessible in-game by going to a safe zone and accessing the global inventory. (global inventory access everywhere will be disabled) Server - rework skill tree. Explanation: Like mentioned earlier: we will rework the skill tree and remove the "New Z" skills. Super zombie loot & parameters. Also cool to mention is that we now have a closed test environment running where we work on. You can imagine us (staff team) playing ourselves on the actual servers and based on that we are doing further development. The map is currently being finished together with the loot. Things that are still left to do is: The map + loot. Server - re-balance item statistics. Server - disable early revival. NOTE: This is going to be a bit harder to do since we are going to make a third in-game currency that can be achieved in survival. This currency can be used to 'early revive'. Premium users will be able to revive instantly. Server - crafting. NOTE: We are most likely skipping the crafting system for beta release. We hope to have it ready for the public release. (Beta release will most likely be a release where all premium players can play the new game mode as 'testing' for a week. Then we do a wipe and go back to development and take all the feedback from players that played and finish up the game mode.) Message to players for today: We are very excited and will continue further development tomorrow. Fredaikis might make a video soon where he is in the survival test environment. We are getting closer and closer to release survival. If we do right, and everything goes right we might be able to pull of the survival beta for the upcoming patch. Stay tuned. We'll update you guys later tomorrow. June 15 - Today we got a lot more done! Check out the list below what exactly we got done: Server - disable early revival. NOTE: Sorry for the change here again: there won't be instant revival. Premium will have 50% less revive timer, normal accounts will have to wait 3 minutes to revive their character. June 16 - What got done today: The map + loot. Right now we are about 75% done with the map and it's loot tables. After this we are going to do a lot of testing to make sure the loot is 100% like we want it to be. We hope to finish both the map and loot tables by tomorrow. Server - disable early revival. How it's set right now is that normal accounts will have 5 minute revive timer and premium half of that. We are not sure if the 5 minutes stay like that. We might change the time on a later moment. For now we'll go with 5 minutes. We are doing another developer patch tomorrow and will continue patch from there. We'll try to post some screenshots of the map tomorrow so you guys get a feeling of how the map is going to look. (It looks amazing in our opinions!) Since crafting most likely wont be released in the first beta the only thing basically left to do now is finish the re-balancing of item statistics. We hope to also get this done by tomorrow. After this we will go fully into testing and that means we're getting really close to a possible beta release now! June 17 - What got done today: Loot tables are done! Just finished them. Now it's only the map left which will hopefully be finished by the end of today. This means we can go into live testing. We will update you guys regarding that later. Hopefully we'll be able to 'beta' release soon! Fred is currently working on finishing the toxic (CO-4) system, and the revive timers. All that's left for me to do is to re-balance some weapons. I'll actually jump into that right now. Cool to mention I have a list now of items that will NOT spawn in the first release of survival: ASVAL-60 ASVAL-30 VSS Compact FN SCAR H Vagas Trash Bag FN FAL AS VAL Balaclava Worruns Broom Ice Axe AK12 Trickeys Trucker Cap Gear_Backpack_GameSpot Valentine Heart Wood shield barricade Premium Harvesting Tool Harvesting Tool Trip Bada Boom Bada Boom Premium Repair Kit MELEE_UNARMED Wood Wall block crate, 2M Tall 2M Metal Wall Block crate Tall Brick wall crate Short Brick Wall crate Solar Water Power block crate Industrial Power Generator block Power Generator Block Crate Light block crate Farm Block Crate Wood Door Crate 2M Watermelon Farm Block Tomato Farm Block Potato Farm Block Pineapple farm block Lettuce farm block Carrot farm block Banana farm block Apple farm block Bag of Chips farm block GI-Acces locker Personal locker Wakizashi Jokoto Katana Kandy Kane C04-Vaccine C01-Vaccine Trip Wire Booby Trap Flash Bang Grenade Wolf hat Fredaikiss Hat Improvised Gas Mask Uncle Sams Hat Red Uncle Sams Hat Santas Sack Captain Jack Frost Elf Hat Santas Hat Gamespot Backpack Pumpkin Hat Map is almost done now too! Check out these awesome pictures where you can see the lighting: June 21 - What got done today: Even though we are still working on things for today we would like to update you all already. Even though we haven't posted much updates in this developer blog the past days - we have still done a lot of progress in the development. We had to add toxicity back and bleeding and therefor we had to re-design some parts of the in-game HUD. We decided to rework the HUD entirely just because we might as well. Also, some kind of new HUD was / is needed for the new game mode: Survival. This new HUD will be live in all game modes so not just for Survival. Here's a preview: We are finishing the map today - now aiming for a beta release this weekend. Keep an eye out for more video's and streams, we will try to do streams (staff) to show you guys some pre-content! June 21 - Another update for today: Just to give you guys another heads up of what's going on. This information is UNCONFIRMED because it all depends on testing if we will succeed in the time mentioned. We can't know YET if the testing will all be done in time or not. When ever we are done testing, we will have confirmed dates and times. At this point we are practically done and ready for the beta release. We know for sure now that access to the beta survival will only be for veteran, legendary, lifetime, streamer, extreme & deluxe accounts. Access will only be for this group of people due to the fact that those people have been supporting the game 'more than average' and deserve something back. Also, we can't release the beta for everyone since we only need a smaller amount of people to test (also has to do with server capacity) etc. This all to release later officially with a better quality. Announcement about this and all other details will follow tomorrow / Friday. Current time schedule is as following: Today (Wednesday): Finish of everything. (Patch related stuff) Tomorrow (Thursday): Patch testing day. (Next to the development we did for survival there's a lot of things we have done for the 'main' game. We are going to test all of that this day and make sure everything is ready). Tomorrow Evening (Thursday): Announcement about survival testing with all information needed. Friday: Patch + Survival beta enabled. Until next Wednesday: End of Survival beta. Survival beta closed. Next Friday: Patch + Survival release officially. Please keep in mind this information is scheduled and unconfirmed due the fact that we can't know how long testing will take. Also keep in mind that for the beta release of survival, after this, we will wipe all player's global inventories and characters so everyone will start on the official release equally. More information about this all will follow in a later announcement like mentioned. June 22 - Done! We are ready to release for beta. This blog will be closed now. Please read the announcement we made here: Best Regards, // Infestation: The New Z - Staff Team