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Found 3 results

  1. Zayack


    When you go out a vehiule, there is a chance to be teleport in space and you die ...
  2. akureyki

    vehicules abberation

    je me permet d'écrire en francais car des moyen de traduction existe , j'etais dans un quad avec mon pote et tout un coup sa ma teleporter en l'air a 200 metres facile et sa ma fait tomber et je sui mort et des bouts de mon stuff on etais irecuperable ducoup je demande a ce que l'ont me rembourse , mon perso et toujours dead et le perso qui a ramasser quelques bout de mon stuff recuperable et toujours deco et a clearview lieu de ma mort bug , merci de bien vouloir comprendre et faire quelque chose pour ca car le stuff en survival c pas gratuit putin de merde ...!
  3. Sek0

    Empty Server

    Hey guys, Sorry but is the game going to be dead? i mean after the steam release you saw so many new people on the server, now?Only same people or empty servers on PVP maps or just 15 people on PVP and 5 man clan all over 500k rep? i mean 1on1 could be playable but its like not funny anymore...( PVP server 5 people party highranks push you...) We need more players! Which advertising we doing for this game? Any new players playing this game or we lose just more and more players? The thing is, there are no beginners servers anymore, people (civilian) starting this game, going on the server and get rekt easily 100 times, because they cant play this game after 1 hours, you know what i mean? After this they quit this game because they think shit game, all cheater or pro gamer we dont have chance and and and... I think you guys have to do something, the community is to small... but of corse its your choise, i dont want to attack you guys. Its just an suggestion. for example: - Advertising - beginner server back I dont know what more, but we be great if you do something.. i like this game but if everyday its bthe same, its going to be boring, reply please and thank you for listening/reading...