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Found 4 results


    Infestation NewZ Montage #3

    Enjoy, leave a like and subscribe sirs
  2. 我想加入一个团队。我的分数是5w。我每天都在上面。我想要一个有家庭服装的家庭。我只想要一个高质量的社区。谢谢I have discord and team spesk 3
  3. Hello everyone, DDO5 is currently recruiting once more! Wanna join our clan, feel free to apply! But first, read the page and see what we look for! -DDo5 is not just a clan, its a family- What are we looking for? Above anything else, we are looking for the loyal member, who is active everyday, being chill in the ts and know how to communicate! Good English is a must 1.5 kdr+ Rep: At least Merciful on the good side or Beserk on the bad side (we are open minded for returning players who has not gained rep again. Are you a Veteran player and wanna join! Please do apply. Keep in mind, we cant accept everyone! And you may still be turned down) Have a decent/working microphone Be at least 18 years old and mature We are not recruiting Asians players! (this is including THAILAND, Korea, Philippines, Japan, Asia, Vietnam, Indonesia, China) Reason to this is simply about ping and communication. Sorry guys, but there is other great communities out there for you guys to join! We are currently not recruiting South American or Turkish players either for the time being. Players need Discord and Teamspeak! (Discord will be used for clan information and much more/ Teamspeak for when we play, so both are a "must have") Apply by clicking here (picture below) Already applied once? Open the link in another internet browser!! Clan Rules: Don't break any NewZ rules : Be polite to others members and dont be toxic overall Be calm during pvp and dont yell over the mic Don't loot whore or steal loot! Ask if you need anything. And last Please join the right channels when you pvp, so you dont take a members spot! Join afk's channels if u are afk, to make room for others who wanna play. /!\ Don't join the clan for our clan skins Multi clanning isn't allowed , if you leave the clan without telling you will not be able to return. Where are we pvping ? PVP Maps Campos Boulder/Whitestone Caliwood
  4. Philipp Izz Da


    Hello Boys i have - 147k rep - 2,0 KDR - full GI - 19 years old - German Guy i search a new clan (ZT3X,High,DDO5,187k) Pm me! then we can talk about joining clan or something : )