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Found 55 results

  1. Z.E.R.T Clan recruiting

    Z.E.R.T clan now recruiting Welcome to Z.E.R.T, a group of full time players that use team tactics to take on other highly skilled top players in Survival mode. ZERT stands for Zombie Elite Rescue Team and we use military style game play and communications to engage our targets. We are currently looking for new players to join the team, you do not have to be highly skilled but you do have to be dedicated and fit in with the team. We will take players in and test them out and if they mess with the team then after a few weeks will receive ZERT Badge. What we ask of you. -Be at least 17 years old and speak English well enough to make call outs. -Have a Mic and able to use Discord -Active 2-3 times a week at the least. -No experience or reputation requirements (we will help you) -Respect, Mature behavior as we stream as a team. When you are ZERT you are always representing us, so no SHIT talking other players. -No Multi-clan if you join us then you play with us Questions to answer: Why you want to join us? How will you help us? Tell us about yourself. You can contact either Hacivic or Myself Ice-9. Thank you and happy Hunting.
  2. Hey, ich suche noch eine gruppe zum Ab- und An spielen. Der Kontakt zu meiner alten Gruppe hat aufgrund Inaktivität im Spiel aufgehört. Ich suche nicht direkt nach einem Clan/Community, da ich meine eigene Community leite und mich nirgens, außer dort fest binden werde. Ich habe einen TS3 Server, einen Privatserver ingame und Lifetime Premium. Desweiteren teile ich gern mein GI:) steam: lg
  3. Looking for English speaking group I'll be streaming soon at
  4. ~ Don't apply unless you fit all of the requirements ~ ~> Requirements <~ - 150 000 OR + 100 000 Teamwork Filled GI English knowledge Be active! No loot whoring No Multiclanning! Be atleast 16 years old! Don't join for Skins, If you leave after you should have the Skins I am going to ask a DEV to wipe them from you. 1. Screenshot of all your chars with the KDR of your Main Char! - 2. Rate your skill from 1-10. - 3. Please make some screenshots of your Global Inventory and post them here - - - 4. Have you been in any clans previously? - Yes... (name) - No. 5. How old are you? - 6. Where are you from? - 7. Can you speak good English? Tell us a little story about you! - 8. Why should we accept you? - 9. How did you hear about High & Hungry? - 10. Do you Agree to follow all of the clan rules? - Yes, I do. - No, fuck you all. Copy the Template and go open a new Thread on our HIGH & Hungry Website! HIGH & Hungry Website
  6. -HELLO SOLDIER! - WE ARE IN NEED FOR SURVIVORS FOR SURVIVAL MODE! HERE YOU DON’T ONLY GET A GOOD TEAM, YOU GET A FAMILY! YES. WE’RE LIKE A FAMILY! – We look out for each other! WE HAVE A FEW REQUIREMENTS. BUT THEY’RE SIMPLE. REQUIREMENTS: - You prefer SURVIVAL MODE.(This specific recruitment post is mainly for survival players) - We prefer that you have at least one character with full skill tree (except walker stalker and the last 3 skills in the red skill tree) It’s not a requirement, but we would like to see you working towards it, and you will have access to lots of experienced players to help/guide you through it! - You have Discord. - You have a good microphone. - You have a GI to support yourself (no beggars). - You are not completely unexperienced at PvP. - You are 18+ of age. When you join, you will start out as a trial member, and then advance through our permission ranks, which are listed in order: Trial-Member, Member, Advanced-Member, VIP-Member, Master-Member VIP-Member, CO-Moderator, Moderator, Boss Patron, Captain. Please read before applying: We’re currently trying to make our clan into an “international clan”, right now we only have a very few select people who speaks English (We’re mostly from Turkey), but please don’t let that scare you, you will be an important part of improving our clan! – And you will be met with open arms and friendly people! DISCORD IP :
  7. Hi, im looking a clan especially for pvp, good people, family and fun. (preference language ENG - ESP - BR) (i dont have problems for play on EU-US-SA servers) My info as a player: South American (chile) -Veteran Acc. -Actually Rank Beast. -Good GI and KDR as well. -Normal Premium
  8. DMNR/ Demon Slayer is now recruiting - We just created this clan today -We are playing in NA and HK region -We are Active in pvp and official REQUIREMENTS - at least -7k or +3k rep -Loyal -Respectful -No multi clan - Can speak english -Matured player - No trashtalking allowed - Your kill your loot -Active always especially in PVP -No spamming If you want to join just pm me thanks
  10. Jo und zwar bin ich wie man dem Titel entnehmen kann auf der Suche nach einem Klan. Mal ein paar Infos zu mir : Mein Name ist Jonathan (Jona) und bin 20 Jahre alt. Infestation spiele ich nun seit WarZ mit gelegentlichen Pausen (Hervorgerufen durch Hacker/Server Shutdowns / Andere Spiele) Sehe hier auch des öfteren das Skill Level Einschätzungen gewünscht sind von daher... Ähm so um die 7 würd ich sagen. War mal besser aber habe jetzt n Zeitlang nicht gespielt. Global ist auch gut gefüllt (wenn Screens gewünscht sind kann ich diese noch schicken). Mein Main heißt Gttingbetter und hat -38000 und eine K/D von 1.92 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey like u can guess from the Title im looking for a Clan Here are some Infos about me: My Name is Jonathan (Jona) and i am 20 Years old. I am playing Infestation since WarZ with some Breaks inbetween ( Caused by Hackers/Server Shutdowns / Playing other Games) Since i´ve been seeing some Threads in the Clan Recruitment section, which Require u to Guess ur own Skill level, here is mine.. So i would say it´s about a 7. Was better but haven´t been playing for a while. Global is filled with a decent amount (if asked i can send u some screens) My Main is Gttingbetter and has -38000 with a K/D of 1.92
  11. Hallo Zusammen, wie man sich denken kann bin ich momentan auf der Suchen nach einem Clan / Spielern mit denen ich das Spiel zusammen spielen kann. Zu meiner Person, ich heiße Jonas, bin 20 und habe etwa 13 Stunden NewZ gespielt. Survivalgames habe ich Miscreated und Unturned gespielt, sowie etwa 2000h in CSGO auf meinem Steam Account aufzuweisen. Da ich durch meinen Job und / oder wegen einieger Hobbies nicht an jedem Abend verfügbar sind suche ich vorallem eine Gruppe mit der man gut zusammenspielen kann und auch Spaß haben kann. Mir ist es relativ egal ob hartes PVP oder nicht so viel PVP gepsielt wird, aber da PVP dann doch den richtigen Nervenkitzel gibt kommt für mich reines PVE nicht in Frage. Ihr könnt gerne hier schreiben oder mich auf Steam adden: Falls noch Fragen aufkommen einfach stellen. Gruß Jonas ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey, as you may know, I am looking for a clan/players to play this game together. My name is Jonas, I'm 20 years old and have 13h of NewZ game time. Before NewZ I've played the Survival games Miscreated and Unturned, I also have ca. 2000h in CSGO. Because of my Job and Hobbies, i'm not always available. Therefore I'm looking for a group of people to have fun with and I'm not forced to play. I don't care whether the focus is mainly on PVP or less on PVP, but there should be some PVP to get this special thrill. Just write under this post or contact me on steam. If there are any questions left just ask. Much love Jonas
  12. PADOA recruiting

    PADOA is recruiting Good English required Have a decent microphone Be at least 15 years old We use teamspeak Don't break any NewZ rules Be polite to others members Be calm during pvp and when we ask you to keep silent please do so Don't loot whore Don't be toxic Multi clanning is not allowed Benefit's of Joining: A community of like minded people Multinational team Trading Active Members Game on offical and pvp servers Battle Royal Partners just be mature & respectful! Also a screen shot of your GI would be nice and also your rep
  13. Hallo, wir suchen Mitstreiter für unseren Clan der sich noch im Aufbau befindet. Alle Altersklassen sind erwünscht und es wird nur geistige Reife gefordert, wir nehmen sofern jeden auf egal ob du ein Profi Spieler oder ein Anfänger bist. Unser Ziel ist den Clan als Community und Wendepunkt der Deutschen NewZ Scene Aufzubauen damit man immer Ansprechpartner Leute zum Farmen und Mitspieler für den PvP Bereich hat. Wir legen mehr Fokus auf den neuen Survival Modus aber sind natürlich auch in den anderen Bereichen vertreten. Falls du Interesse hast und dabei sein möchtest schreibe in das Topic oder einfach eine PN an mich und ich lasse euch die TS-IP zukommen. MFG Loopa
  14. Jeden z kiedyś większych klanów w Polsce wznawia działalność!Pragnę ogłosić, że chciałbym ponownie reaktywować klan DDoS6 Gaming w NewZ!Będę się go starał odbudować, a jak yo jest, początki bywają trudne, i te do łatwych nie będą.Szukam graczy, którzy będą chcieli pod naszą banderą grać w tą cudowną grę!Do odbudowy szukam oficeró i wiceliderów klanu!Na to miejsce szukam dosyć doświadczonych z ta grą jak i wczęsniej WarZ czy ISS. Jednak ludzie, zaangażowaniu również mają szanse się dostać. Szukam ludzi, którzy od nowa pomogą odbudować potęge klanu.I oczywiście klanowiczów!Jak klan wyglądał, możecie ujrzeć choćby na tym filmiku: Film YouTube™: W klanie siła, czyli Infestation: NewZ Wyświetleń: 175 Daj like i zostaw subka! Zapraszam: Fp: Fb Grupa: Grupa Steam: Stream: czy tym: Film YouTube™: Revenge of the Talon, czyli zemsta na Tajlandii w Infestation: NewZ Wyświetleń: 94 Daj like i zostaw subka! Zapraszam: Fp: Fb Grupa: Grupa Steam: Stream: Szukam każdego kto chce się powiązać na dłużej z tą grą. Szukam doświadczonych jak i nowych. Na razie nie ma ograniczeńCo oferujemy?- Własny serwer ts3,- troskliwą moderacje ^^,- możliwość rozwijania się w pvp,- możliwe, że i z czasem serwer PVE.Chcesz dołączyć? Dodaj mnie na steam przekaże dalsze informacje!Dodatkowe infoCo do moderatorów. Szukam osób co pomoże w organizacji TS3, oraz jednego wicelidera co pomoże w sprawowaniu nad całym klanem. Aktaulnie mam mniej czasu niż kiedys i rozwijam się również w innych dzedzinach, potrzebuje pomocy z ważniejszymi sprawami klanowymi! Liczę na was! Talon. W ramach rekrutacji pisać steam:
  15. Search clan / group

    Hello my name is cardinal, i am searching a clan / group for pvp server and farming together. I start playing Infestation since the Beta so many many years ago. In the new z i am still new. I installed when it comes out but i did a break until yet. So just 30h playtime in the new z. My language is english / german and can also use voice clients like teamspeak, discord etc. If there are any questions important to ask to get in to the clan just ask lg. cardinal
  16. Hi, I am 18 y/o boy from Poland, who are looking for good PL/ENG Clan. I was playing in WarZ, but i have a good break with this game. I comeback mouth ago, now i am ready to get some new skills. My maing character have +700kills, i made it in 10days. My clan is disbanded, soo i am fine to make a new bond with new one.
  17. Clans / groups on survival

    Hi, I am comming with a suggestion. Our clan, and probably rest of the community are asking about the group system on survival mode. Can u guys do something with that?, our clan counts like 20 people and we are must making more then 4 groups (4x 3 pple...). Just make clans on survival please guys...
  18. looking for a group of people who are from the USA . Looking for active members and just fun and friendly people to be around, i have discord. hope to hear soon!! happy hunting
  19. Looking for group

    Witam Poszukuje ludzi do wspólnej gry PVP/PVE. Looking for people to PVP/PVE. Requirements: +18, Microphone
  20. Hello guys, My Clan with now 30 Members in game and active playing pvp and farming, are now searching members. We make live streams on twitch and videos on youtube, we are not big because we just get started. We have enough slots for everyone who want to join. You have to be good at PvP, but there is no rule that says you must have any special reputation rank. You have to be an ACTIVE player when you want to join the clan and you must speak german or english. When you are in the clan you can win better skins in our giveaways then normal random players. AND we make every month a giveaway for every member that is in our clan My twitch account so dont miss a giveaway. If you want to join our clan please let me know and make a comment on this topic.
  21. As the topic says me and my mate is looking for a clan to pvp with. We are both from sweden and pretty chill guys and decent at the game. We are 21 and 23 yrs old and prefer to play with people that are 18+ /jompa
  22. Hey y'all, I'm a longtime player returning after the old sniper wipe (pre-Steam release) looking for a clan. Here's something I filled out: -Are you over 18? Yes -Do you have a Decent GI? Yes -Do you agree with who gets the kill gets the loot? Yes -If a member of your group dies, will you steal his gear? No -How much rep do you have? Used to have tens of thousands before the wipe, now maybe 2k total (haven't played much) -Do you have a microphone? Yes -Can you speak decent English? Yes -On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your skill level (1 Being the lowest 10 being the highest) I used to play with one of the best clans, Anarchy Gaming, back before NewZ went official. Was probably an 8/10 back then. Now I haven't played in a while and I'm looking to get my mojo back with a crew. I'd say I'm a 6/10 now.
  23. Looking for a laid back guild who's wanting to chat it up and play the game. Was a veteran of I:SS and many different Emulators. Haven't played for a while but am skilled in this sort of game. I am mature but am a bit of a crude humored man. I have a mic and love to use it. My character's name is: Shepard223 My Discord is: Funicoman#8117

    Olá , Venho por meio deste post em nome da comunidade solicitar para que vocês adicionem sistema de clans , mas com algumas propostas diferentes do Open World. Muitos clans vem sofrendo em jogar no Survival , por não ter o sistema de clans , se matando e gerando discórdia entre si e até alguns querendo parar de jogar Survival , eu mesmo jogo em no minimo 5 pessoas e não vou deixar de jogar , então porque não adicionar sistema de clans e resolver logo as discórdias 1º Criação de clans com 3 dias no minimo de personagem 2º Slots de clan com preço alto em GC 3º Sem hit em membros do clan Espero que vocês atendam nossa solicitação , precisamos muito. #systemofclans Translate: Portuguese
  25. Hello, I am an old player recently came back to the game, but started out fresh, I am 26, looking for a serious clan, Daily player Active, Extreme premium account, with legendary status, i have not done PvP yet as i have been looting and gathering supplies to venture into that realm. Mature and actively seeking a mature clan, possibly with discord, and there own server, ty.