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Found 1 result

  1. Hello ladies and gentlemen, we are currently looking for old and new players that has alot of experience, that are mature and knows the game. We mainly want to burn our G.I's to have some fun and get the old adrenaline feels that iss/newZ gives ! We play at any location or gamemode, Colorado,Calliwood or PvP servers. Application Requirements ! Mature players. No loot whoring. 18+ Active daily. Has patience. Is highly experienced and has a G.I to burn. Fluid english speech and writing is a must. The will to join a family of old friends with fun and positive energy to put into this game. Application ! Rate your skill level from 1-10: Rate your G.I from 1-10: Country: Age: Real life name: Teamspeak 3 and mic: How many hours do you play daily? How long have you played the game? Why do you want to join whc1? Anything else you want me or us to know? whc1 background story We have played I:SS since warz, back then I guess we were about 30 players with 7-9/10 in skill level, now we are about 6 people with 5-8/10. We need some old players and friends and time to get back the feeling again ! We who currently are in whc1 only come back to this game to kill and get our adrenaline kicks We do NOT care about loot or farming etc our G.I's do not need loot. Back in mid old I:SS times I took over whc1 from Cronik, that I was the leader of for several years, even after I:SS we came to NewZ when it first launched and kept I leading the clan until about 1 year ago when I quit to sort my life out and I saw no fun in leading a clan anymore. Why I write this is because there might be some old players out there that remembers us, if that is the case do please PM me or Velzen, so we can have some good old fun again ! Every old player that wants to come back to whc1 is welcome, and do not need to post an application, pm me and we will sort it out ! Some old pics from I:SS and newz incase there are any old friend out there !