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Found 26 results

  1. When I received a S level man's task, I was immediately popped up and reported wrong. After re login to the game, the character could not get into the game. Could he repair the BUG earlier?
  2. whatthelucker

    you can kill in party players

    i am playing premium server 1 someone invited me to party and came to my place and killed me with explosive arrow i dont any prof but he/she killed me
  3. JozefVajda

    Weird mouse movement

    Sup... I'm having a little problem since I've updated/fresh installed my Windows. My mouse movement feels like moving ice, like the acceleration was still on even when I've disabled it (in-game, in gameSettings.ini) and I've even disabled it in Windows (Enhanced pointer precision). Tried reinstalling the game, but it didn't work... And I've tried to switch the ,,run sensitivity" on and off aswell. e.: And when I spawn, I have this weird camera... It's not normal, but when I switch to first person and back, it goes normal, but the mouse movement still remains broken. Bonus question: Since the last update my sound is bugged aswell. Sounds from larger distance are louder than things that are hapenning next to me. For example, I can hear someone shooting SR from 500-600m like it was right next to me, but I can't hear people running. (Windows 10 PRO 64-Bit, latest build) Thanks for your help! With regards, Jozko
  4. MrSuspiciousX

    Deluxe Benefits Not Being Given?!

    I have paid for a Deluxe subscription nearly a month ago. As of yet, I haven't received the Deluxe exp bonus and have NOT received the promised skinboxes in THREE WEEKS! What is this crap? You people have been giving me the same benefits as premium without the ones I actually paid for, please fix this.
  5. mnto

    Very odd airdrop in BR

    Came across this odd one in a BR not long ago, this is where the airdrop spawned
  6. MrSuspiciousX

    Super Zombie- Wrong Skin

    So at night in the places the Alien Super Zombie spawns (usually NATO) the normal Supers that show up at night are also skinned like the Alien Super
  7. MrSuspiciousX

    Issues With Server Password

    As per my server rules, I lock the server to allow the Alien to spawn. However even with a password, people still log on. Does the password not always go in to effect? Also, after the password has been removed, I still have to type it in no matter what I do. Not major issues, but it does mess with the flow of things when anyone can log in while I have the server locked for varying reasons.
  8. AlexPVO

    ACOG scope

    Sorry, i`m player from Ukraine and my English isn`t as yours. Soo, have a few screens, with M4A1 rifle and 3 sights: Compact, holographic and ACOG. First - compact second - holographic and ACOG Here you can see the displacement of the bullets hit point to the left down from the aiming point (Green dot ). This of course can be subjective, but I asked a dozen people to check it and say their feelings. This is especially noticeable when firing at 100 meters or more. Yes, and you can always go and make a video in which everything becomes clear. AND the last one ^^ Look at the position of the line relative to the picatinny bar, the ratio of the red and green lines.
  9. Faffe

    Immortality bug [OPEN WORLD]

    So for a few weeks now, me and my friends have experienced a bug where if people try to peek from behind a tree and shoot someone, neither the person getting shot or shooting will have their shots registered. For a more clear explanation; You shoot, get bloodsplatter, no hitmarker, no damage. Now, we really only play in Boulder, so I don't know if other people have experienced this outside of boulder, if you have, please share your experience in this thread. (Video proof would be the best) I can 100% confirm that it has nothing to do with render distances. Even if you walk up to this person on the tree, and start blasting him with an AR in CQC, no shots will still register. I sent Svena a video showcasing this bug on his stream, but I thought I might aswell post it here so we might get more eyes on this bug and hopefully figure out how to fix this. Note that the quality is S*** but the one clip I Implore you to watch is the one that starts at 3:37 ALSO NOTE: Some shots in this video are not bugged shots, but shots on people who are playing with 300 ping and therefore the shots wont register (might not be a bug but it is clearly more frustrating to play against) Thank you for your time and I hope my god awful english won't ruin your day
  10. A Survivalist

    Ground Bug/Glitch

    Happened today on Survival Mode, Colorado Map, Whitestone Mountain, 03/03/2018 Buttons pressed during the exit of the vehicle: S (maybe with A) and E (to exit) and Spacebar once when i died. Extra info: I could only move when jumping and moving to some direction. BIG OLD THANKS TO THE DEVS OF THIS AMAZING GAME THAT IM CURRENTLY IN LOVE WITH
  11. papajump

    campos 5 story music bug

    hello ive recently come across something strange, idk if this is a bug or its there for a reason when i go in cmpos around the 5 story pvp house (~100 meters around the house) the main menu song starts playing(0:10) funny but sometimes annoying i know i can lower the music volume but its there
  12. Zombie

    Under surface bug

    I've seen a bug on a couple occasions... it may be fixed now - not sure... but on both map Tropico and Arizona in Tropico... I was in the water and I couldn't get out. I could jump... but I couldn't jump out or walk out of the water. I swam all over the place to get out. Eventually the radiation belt got me. In Arizona.... I was in the ground. Legs in in the ground and my torso was above ground. I could run around - jump - shoot - everything like a normal... I was just... half underground. Even when I ran up a hill or a mountain... same thing. Only my torso was above ground. Eventually just quit / restarted the game... issue didn't happen again - for a while - but I have seen to it a few times.
  13. Constantly getting shot by players AFTER I've placed a riot shield and crouched behind it. For example, I'll be pushing someone who is behind cover, I run a bit, place a shield, and crouch behind it, then they shoot and kill me like the shield isn't even there. This never used to happen when I played before. What changed that's causing it, and what is being done to fix it?
  14. Hello dear support. I AGAIN find bug. SRY FOR MY BAD ENG #googletranslateonelove . I found a bug with which to walk through the wall. AND U DONT NEED TO DC (DISCONNECT). From there you can kill and give info, save loot (cause u dont need dc you just go through the wall, it does not take more than 2 seconds) jump out of the wall and kill in back. i dont abuse it . Dont ban me! Last time you sent me f*cking, I hope this time we will agree. You can say me your reward offer for this SECOND bug. And if i can i want reward: Alien Heavy, Moto and Nvg.
  15. DarrenYu

    MAG into global inventory bug

    Hello (please forgive this section is to use a translator to convert text)I am also the player of OPEN WORLDRecently when I wanted to put a bullet/MAG into global inventoryWhether I'm single or full or using stash, They have also become two different locations, such as STANAG MAG 615 AND 25
  16. isnt

    Clientsided Valentine?

    Hello NewZ Staff, today i realised a bug that happens when i try to change my backpack. Everytime i equip the hunter backpack, it does instantly change his skin to the valentine one, but i dont even have the skin in my vault or learned it. When i click on the Hunter and try to set a skin, it says: And here my third person view: I already restarted the game a few times, but it wouldn't change anything, i also asked the other guys on the server if they have the same issues, but no one answered. haha
  17. Redlight9

    Immortal chicken

    Не знаю, как они это делают, но не в первый раз вижу бессмертных в батл рояли. 100% баг, ни о каких сотнях лекарств речь не идет, он тупо не получает урон. Можете обратить внимание на чат. P.S. есть идея, как проверить баг, но нужна помощь модератора Redlight#9778
  18. Redlight9

    Bug battle royale

    Баг в следующем: при заходе в последние несколько секунд на сервер, отсчет (3,2,1) задерживается и переносится на начало батла. И после него следует черный экран, который уже не исчезает
  19. Hello guys, how can I report that I died twice by going down the map and I lost all my stuff. The first time I get off the car and get stucked in the floor and when I was next to my stuff trying to rescue items with another character I died again by getting stucked. I died and then my game just kick me out @Silenterror @kazmightONFIRE This is not the first time that this happen to me, but TWICE in a rox in the same spot¡? Route 70, south of Survivalist outpost Is there any way to get my stuff back? I was farming for 3 hours
  20. BobbyIsBea


    I have a adventure bag on me thats empty and i click one can of gasoline it works i do it again and it does not work it says full backpack! But I can Shift Click and type 2 and it works!
  21. H U M I L D E

    Can't Log in the Servers

    When I tried to join any Servers ( Official, Private and PvP ) today, the Screen loaded twice and then I came back to the Characters Menu with the message "Timeout joining server", I tried everything but I can't solve the Problem, HELP ME PLEASE!!! PS: I don't know if there is something to do with it, but this started to happen when the guides for beginners started to appear everytime I login NewZ.
  22. G I N G A

    Anti-Macro affects gameplay

    This is a big issue for many players, I usually react pretty fast when I get shot by AR's from close distance and use DX + Barricade + change to weapon and most of the times it gets stuck at the barricade, I've died many times because of this. We all know there are tons of players out there still using DX Macros and so on, this means the anti-macro is useless and daily affects many players who don't use Macros and just play fast. Imagine this: You are walking next to a building and someone who was hiding starts shooting at you; what I always do is move for trying to dodge some bullets + Heal + Barricade on his direction. This combo most of the times gets stuck at the barricade and I end up dieing.
  23. giZZey

    Visible Border

    Dear Infestation Team, me and my friend jok3r10 were driving around the map today and found a visible border that should not be seen by player in my opinion. Here a few pics:
  24. John0327

    Buggy car bugged

    So Me and my friend is playing on a private server in called "Pajo Thailand",Then we decided to trade our money into each other so that we can buy a buggy.Then when i bought the buggy car my money costs 600,000 and all of a sudden.I got disconnected on the server.So i checked my inventory and the buggy car isn't there.So when i checked my balance it only costs 471,000.So i rejoin again on the server and trade my credits onto my friend so that he can redo the steps and he got the same problem too.I hope it get fixed sooner or later thanks.
  25. Insert

    Bug list

    So I already posted on Discord but since people are saying it'll get better visibility here I'll post everything I posted there here: - Steam overlay overlays the launcher but not the game. - A bunch of Steam achievements regarding grouping in BR are broken. - When you are in a car your stamina doesn't regen. - If you reload and switch from 1st person to 3rd person or opposite, the animation restarts (reload still finishes). - If you jump then lay down, the character makes an awkward pose before laying down. - In BR there's a glitch with that, if you throw a grenade and before you actually throw it out the game starts you can't sprint for the entire BR and since there's not a grenade in your inventory you are holding an imaginary grenade. - In all game modes, if you join and instantly melee or shoot something you are instantly kicked, sucks because in BR you spawn next to zombies a lot and you cant fight back because you'll get kicked. - Sometimes inventory items don't stack even tho they have the same amount of ammo (or no ammo at all). - Also I wanted to report that when there's a lot of zombies, some don't get rendered and you don't see them at all, causing them to be invisible and I and a few other people can never hit them when they are invisible. They can hit you still and it causes for a lot of random deaths. - Sometimes when you exit vehicles they get launched in the air, i have footage if you need it, same goes for the grenade glitch i reported. - Attaching clips doesn't work sometimes, when you un-attach a clip from the gun and you try attaching the same clip it doesn't work, you have to reload it with R, it doesn't work if you use the "attach clip" in the inventory, fortunately you can just reload, still, that could be fixed. - The car has buggy hitboxes regarding refilling the car with fuel and repairing it, even if the menu for getting in the car or picking up pops up, sometimes you still can't repair or refuel your vehicle. - A lot of the times when you get out of your car it's still moving (very slow) and when you stand in front of it, it starts making the hitting sound every 3-4 seconds (when you try to stop it with your body). The thing wrong with this is that it keeps making the sound even if you stopped it, if you move out of the way the car won't move anymore, so why would it spam the sound if the car is not moving? - There's severe lag with BR once you enter the arena (when the BR starts), the textures start loading as you enter the arena so you have no time to preload anything, I run a GTX 970, 16gb of DDR3 RAM and a i7-6700 and I get lags when I enter the arena, maybe add a countdown timer at the start so the textures load in before you start playing, and that's especially bad when you spawn literally NEXT to a zombie that hits you as soon as you spawn, if you hit him you get kicked from the server because of some reason, probably AC or something, and you can't run away because of the FPS drops. - Once you hit a zombie and there's a zombie right behind it, if you wanna kill the 2nd zombie as well you can't as the dead zombie ragdoll still acts as a body, causing you to melee a dead body and get hit regardless, sometimes I melee the dead zombie body multiple times as it falls down, taking multiple zombie hits for free. - Zombie sound detection is not counting for the Z coordinate (height), making zombies chase you from the street even tho even tho you are on the top of the building. - When you get in a vehicle if you instantly press W you'll go backwards, happen for a good 10 ish seconds before you stop pressing it, press S and then W again. - I'm not sure if zombies only spawn once someone gets near the spawn zone or do they just render when you get near them, but they are not rendering in time causing for a lag spike RIGHT as you get by them, which is like, the worst thing ever. EDIT: I don't know if this is necessarily a bug but can we get rid of lag spikes with airdrops and initial SZ spawn in BR, not really something of any importance, but it is annoying. Also the sound of the airdrop hitting the ground is super loud even tho the other sounds at the same level aren't as loud.