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Found 6 results

  1. Masakra

    They were crying after this..

    Ye i know i f*cked a little cuz third person, and didnt changed to first but.. How the f*ck ive done this?
  2. so frustrating to play... spawning in city with other 50 people
  3. ItzM3

    Selling a lot of Skins

    All other prices only for offer :=)
  4. Masakra

    Battle Royale Montage #1

    first montage from br's (some good Mosin kills) enjoy
  5. Grisailla

    Allow 2/3 players team in BR ?

    We already see players in coop. But when you play with a friend, you can't invite him to a team and he spawns at the very opposite side of the map, it's quite annoying. So i think it would be great: - To allow us making 2/3 players teams in BR - Maybe spawn in the same zone than your mates (it could be something like "not more than 300m") -And of course, to see your mate's name/health (and position on the map) like in survival teams. Sorry for my English and let me know what you think about it.
  6. Masakra

    6 frags in 21sec!

    6 frags in 21sec on Tropico Battle Royale! Would you be faster?