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Found 1 result

  1. V A N D A M E

    Let's go to the facts ..

    Let's go to the facts .. Shoot behind the riot shield. Players taking advantage of all kinds of bug. The disadvantage of the honest player. Overall system improvements to ensure good FPS quality, my pc is good and anyway I need to leave the setup on the potato .. Wake up administrators, you're losing several players .. Five months ago I kept hearing say you were going to fix this bug, shoot without seeing behind the riot shield. Where is this correction? Have you forgotten ?? Or did simply ignore this for everyone if they took advantage of this bug more than ridiculous? The game is completely clueless the way it is. Players shooting behind riot shield, a thing without any sense, an added advantage for those who play dirty. And for those who play fair? That's why Infestation The NewZ is getting more and more annoying. I was one of the first to play this game, 1 month after it launched, even when it was unofficial, but pirate, and was one of the best emulators I've ever played and I put a lot of confidence in that game. Today I am completely disappointed not only with the game, but with the players themselves. And with you developers of this game. Fredaikis and his other other administrators in GENERAL! Even with several useless players taking advantage of various and various bugs in the game, I still try to play quietly, but the way it is is completely ridiculous! And are now going to launch this new mode of survival. Oh really? Players can even have fun with this new game mode, but if want to win more players then start correcting all these bugs in general, otherwise this game will not last for more than 1 year and look there. I leave here my dissatisfaction! Have a good day or a good night for everyone.