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Found 1 result


    Anti Anti-Lag is a problem

    Hello I've been playing Infestation for a long while now before the anti-lag got introduced and I've Tolerated The delay we have Just because we don't have super computers and our ping not as pleasing as the others. Yesterday I was in a PvP zone at the airport and was shooting at a player from behind and he didn't see me , but when i shot at him point blank it had an incredibly annoying delay to it and he killed me so i just wanted to say this anti lag is not dope at all and its killing us for real,u cant even shoot at a player that doesn't see you because for some reason they get the time to turn around and kill us and there's no way u can survive a MG36 point blank or a M4A1. These people that says we who lag are advantaged clearly have not ever played with a laggy system like many have on Infestation, why complain if you have a nice Super computer and smooth frames and your ping is awesome ?why make those who don't have what you have suffer? we always have to run from action because we know that we do not have a chance if we go in to battle(lol)even noobs if I may say so kill us"laggers" so easy. we are not advantaged because We Lag ...You know how hard is it to shoot at someone when you are lagging hoping he'd run straight so you can hit him? YOU KNOW HOW MANY ARE SUFFERING BECAUSE OF ANTI LAG? WE ARE NOT ADVANTAGED BUT DISADVANTAGED AND NOW IT IS JUST WORSE AND ITS HORRIBLE. Hope to get feedback Thank You.