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Found 2 results

  1. При запуске столкнулся с такой ошибкой, кто может помочь ?
  2. OmegleGuard

    FAC Issue

    I am on a pretty unstable connection, and not because I want to be. I have no money to buy comcast or any cheap internet so we use a friends "xfinitywifi" login, this is xfinity/comcast's public wi-fi Hotspot access.. it's 20Mbps down and 5Mbps up, this is enough to play your game.. however it goes in and out quite a-lot, there are unlimited users connected to it (My hotspot I think has around 400 users connected to it at any given time) and this causes my ping to go from say 65-85 straight to 1,500-2,000 for about 1-2 seconds then back down to normal.. then right back up. This doesn't happen all day long, just when a-lot of people are using the hotspot...and I have lost quite a-lot of premium items, and have been given some of the items back as compensation. But right now, with the newest update, I simply cannot play, and I am just afraid to play. Whenever I open a support ticket about a lost Item it's like I'm getting yelled at, sometimes. I generally get to the loading screen.. then the bar reaches 100%, on fast-load, and then goes another 30-60% of loading.. and then back to the home screen and I am dead. And I never even made it into the world! Or i will get into the world.. and within just 5 seconds to a few minutes "Anti-Cheat disconnection, connection too un-stable". And VPNs just slow down your connection, there is no VPN that increases your connections stability nor speed, VPNs just help secure your IP address and some data in reality.