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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys TWITCHDJGANDALF_ here ! As I have experienced yet, a lot of players prefer to gain the opportunity to compete each other; so that means they are interested in having more "Competitive Content". I personally agree with that, so I figured LET'S DO OUR OWN CUP aswell! Because I do not want to talk long around the bush let's get in started directly! So first of all let me give you guys a small list of rules which every player has to follow absolutely: (Hint: Because of the fact that the tournament also contains a group stage, there will be certain and special rules for that extra.) General Information: -Every team from all over the world is allowed to join (Clans are usually preferred but are not necassary to join at all) -There is a maximum amount of teams (Maximum amount: 16 Teams, the registration process closes after we have 16 Teams enlisted in total) - Every match lasts 5 minutes, additional time is always possible -One Team consists of 5 players -You will be only allowed to play in 1 team - Map: Default Tournament Map - The Tournament is divided into 2 different stages: The first stage will be the Group Stage and the second one will be the Bracket Stage - Rewards, your team can potentially get, are: 5x Chrome Boxes for the 1st Team 5x Blacknight Boxes for the 2nd Team 5x Modern Black Boxes for the 3rd Team Of course there will be some GD added too! (Hint: You will receive the rewards by Kazmight after the tournament, so he provided me all the rewards for doing this here, much love for him #no Homo) - Every single match will be controlled by selcted referees, so they will always have the opportunity to exclude you from the tournament if you or your team is acting against the rules! - Every single match will be streamed on TWITCH ( - Matchplan: (always up to date) Information and Rules concerning the GROUP STAGE: - Basically we will have 4 Groups with 4 Teams in each one - The teams of the certain groups will be picked completely random, so even the registration process won't have any influences on the teampool at all! - In the GROUP STAGE the teams have to play the mode Best of 4, so that means you can also get a draw next to a win or a lose situation! - In addition, the teams are bound by special points rules (basically the same as in football) - Short explaination: A win gives you 3 Points, A draw gives you 1 and a lose gives you 0. - So how should that work? Just like in football every team has to play against each other in one group, so that means you will have 6 matches for EACH GROUP in total! - How does a team qualify for the BRACKET STAGE? After the 6 matches the first two of each group will be overtaken in the BRACKET STAGE! - Extra ordinary cases: Because of the fact that a draw is possible, there can be a lot of many difficult situations at the end of the GROUP matches. One very rare example (but that could happen): Team A Points at the end of all matches: 6 Team B Points at the end of all matches: 4 Team C Points at the end of all matches: 4 Team D Points at the end of all matches: 3 So the question is now, which team has qualified for the BRACKET STAGE next to TEAM A? It is a little bit complicated because Team B and Team C are having the euqal number of points. In such a case the referees will be deciding which team will come further based on the fairplay principle. If you cant still draw any conclusions of the fairplay system it will be randomized which team will hit the next round respectively the BRACKET STAGE. Information and Rules concerning the BRACKET STAGE: - After the GROUP STAGE has completed the final 8 left Teams have to compete each other in the BRACKET STAGE. - The BRACKET STAGE is based on a simple KO System, so that means if you have lost you will be automatically kicked out of the TOURNAMENT. - The BRACKET STAGE playing mode will be Best of 3, so no draw will be possible there anymore! - The certain matches of the teams are already prescribed in the matchplan that you can see here: - After the BRACKET STAGE is over there will be also a match of the 3rd place. Match and Equipment Rules: - Your team has to appear punctally and completely if you are having a match appointment! - If your team is not appearing completely after 15 minutes of the original appointment you will get disqualified! - You always have to follow the instructions of the referee, if you dont you can get disqualified! -The match always starts with an Air Horn (Single alarm) - The match gets interuppted by an Air Horn (Double alarm) - The match ends with an Air Horn (Single Alarm after 5 minutes or after the double alarm in case of disqualification) -The winner is the team with the most players alive after 5 minutes or the team that kills the entire enemy team -Boosting yourself up with shields is not allowed - Entering roofs is not allowed! Hint: Car roofs are allowed except of the caravan! - One Team consists of 5 players! - Replacing a member during the match is not allowed! (You can add 2 substitutional players in your registration ticket) - Prescribed team structure: 4x AR and 1x Sniper - Allowed AR's: Sig, Imi, Aug - Allowed Ammo: Stanag 30 (unlimited amount) - Allowed Snipers: SVD, Blaser - Allowed Secondary (only for Sniper: B93R with Ammo) - Allowed Sniper ammo: only clips of 10 for SVD, Winchester (unlimited amount) - Allowed Meds: DX and lower meds (unlimited) - Allowed Shields: Every kind of shield/barricade is allowed, but just a maximum amount of 5 Shields! - Allowed Attachments: Every single attachment is allowed! - Allowed Gear: Custom, K Style - Any other items that are not listed here are automatically not allowed!!! How to join? Team Name : Nationality: Players: Substitutional Players (max 2, optional): Leader Contact (forums name, discord name if possible): Just copy that and fill in and repost it under this topic post. After 16 teams have registred I will begin to organize every single appointment which is necassary for the certain matches.In this regard and in order to do that I will contact both leaders and talk to them if they appointment is possible or not. If something comes in between and you suddenly cant appear to the arranged appointment contact me at the latest 2 hours before the match would start! So guys I think that was a lot of input so far, thank you guys for your attention to read that stuff and I hope we will have a great time together while doing that tournament!!! Best regards, DJGandalf
  2. KiLL3r

    KiLL3r's Mini Cup

    Hey everyone I’m going to start my own little cup! Here are the updates: Here is all the information you need: There will be 8 teams fighting in K.O. matches. Match times will be made with me and the teamleaders who are going to fight To apply, the leader need to pm me with the following information: 1. Team name 2. Team tag 3. Team leaders name ( for planning ) 4. List of char names that will play (1 player as substitution allowed; no other chars will be allowed) 5. Country Rewards for the teams will be: 1. Team: 4x Chrome box + 24M GD 2. Team: 4x Fun edition box + 16M GD 3. Team: 4x Blacknight box + 8M GD Rules - One match lasts max. 5min o If 5min are over and no team has won, the team with more players alive wins the round o If the same amount of players are still alive, the team with the last kill loses - Each team consists of 4 players: o 1 Shotgun o 3 AR - The match is played on event server map: TDM #1 - There will be best of 3 - Finals and match for 3rd place will be best of 5 - Only players active in the match will be allowed in the same teamspeak channel - There is only 1 Team allowed / each clan - The players who died need to wait to rejoin until the current round is over Weapon and gear allowed: - Shotgun: Saiga, Mossberg, KT Decider, Double Barrel - AR: M4 (no M4A1), M4 Semi, M16, Scar CQC - Attachements: Rifle laser, any scope, any grip, silencer, bullet compensator - Armor: o For AR: Custom, KStyle helmet o For Shotgun: Heavy, KSytle helmet / M Style helmet heavy - Ammo: Stanag 30/45/60, Shotgun ammo - Unlimited ammo, shields, meds EVERYTHING THAT IS NOT LISTED IS NOT ALLOWED Teams that don’t follow the rules will be disqualified