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Found 67 results

  1. REKRUTACJA Polski Klan Angry Pandas Poszukuje osób do wspólnej gry Wymagania: -EQ na PVP -Umiejętność strzelania -W miarę częsta aktywność -Otwartość -Chęć do gry -Poczucie humoru Jeśli spełniasz wymagania i szukasz nowego klanu który będzie się rozwijał zapraszamy do nas na teamspeak3 pod adres: angry-pandas.teamspeak3.pl
  2. Hello im jalu and im 20 years old. i play this game 11 month ago. im from indonesia. if someone need a member. comment this post. i need active clan. because im active player and play newz everyday. thank you
  3. I want to join clan E-UNIT i need use skin E-UNIT pleaseeee. How do I put on a skin e-unit?
  4. Name : Otomanxxx Got Lifetime Premium. (VET) Reputation : -1277 ( Assassin ) Survived : 3D,8H,29M Need active clan for everyday playing. + I'm always active for playing.
  5. [GØML] Get On My Level is now recruiting members! We are a brand-new clan created by a group of high ranked players who just like to have enjoy the game. Furthermore, our clan consists of members from the EU and NA whom all speak fluent English. With that being said, we mainly play on PvP servers like RockyFord, Spring Valley and West Oaks. No matter if you are from the EU or NA you will always have someone to play with. Requirements: ╔ Minimum of -100.000 or +50.000 Reputation ╠ Working Microphone & Decent Communication Skills ╠ Be active in the clan or you will be kicked ╠ Be atleast 16 years old ╠ English Speaking ╚ Located in the EU or NA Perks: ╔ Private discord server for the clan ╠ Private in-game server for the clan ╠ Active players whom are online regularly ╚ A laid back environment to play in Do you meet the requirements and are you interested in joining our clan? You can get in contact with me here on the forum or on discrord with @Lil Coco or @Ollie31 for an application from, we hope to hear from you soon! -[GØML] Get On My Level Edited 2 minutes ago by Ollie
  6. Hej Vi er i øjeblikket 4 med medlemmer i vores New Z clan h3h3. Vi er allesammen over 18, og søger medlemmer omkring denne aldersgruppe eller ældre. Skill level er ligemeget, vi ligger alle sammen omkring 5000-10000 rep lige nu. Kom og join vores discord server New Z - Danmark: https://discord.gg/FWrgfYK
  7. Poison Demolishers ( 16+ ) Fresh but old clan with old people returning to the game like me and my friend. We are now looking for active players to come join us. We do not care about your rep aslong as you have the other requirements. Requiremens: Have good enough GI to load in with full gear. No loot whoring. No shit talking. Respect each other and be a good teamplayer. No racism or religion hate Must have working mic To be able to speak english fairly good Contact me: TS: eu1.freets3.ovh:1326 ( Most likely on teamspeak from 1pm - 1 am CET ) Forum
  8. So I've been playing this game solo for around 2 weeks now and kinda got the hang of it. Now i'm looking for a clan to join to. https://www.youtube.com/user/BixaFilipinoboy/videos?sort=p&view=0&flow=grid MY VIDEOS
  9. Hey, im 15 years old and im looking for a lil group to join hahaaha. Im super humbe, and am a VET on here and do play daily on pvp servers. My highest kill streak is 23 but my highest rep on here is 2.8k because I have not played in acouple of months, I'd say around 8 months, lucky, these few 4-5 days I've been playing it shows how good of a muscle memory I have as I can jump back on this out of the blue and still dominate haha. I am in Australia though which does get the best of me because I receive 280 ping and people do get a lot more time to react before me. I've been playing since the start of infestation surivor stories and have 2k hours on infestation stories, acouple hundred on infestation world, and around 800 id say on InfectZ and now acouple hundred on here (I think I have acouple hundred on here) I'm looking for a little group whos just as good at pvping Best regards,Zupah / Jebus
  10. Klan Kuralları Türkçeyi akıcı bir şekilde kullanın. 16 yaş veya üzeri arkadaşlar terchimizdir Diğer klan arkadaşlarınızla iyi geçinmek zorundasınız Discord'u ana iletişim kaynağımız olduğu için kullanmalısınız Din & Irk bunun gibi konuşmalar yasaktır İyi bir kulaklık & Mikrofon iletişim için sağlıklı olacaktır Oyun Kuralları Bir drop düşürdüğünüzde sevincinizi abartmadan paylaşın Rakibi vuran lootu alır, asist halinde loot paylaşımı yapılabilir PVP için ''hardened'' skilinizi açmanız zorunludur Aiminiz çok kötü olmadığı sürece sıkıntı yok Reputation'un bizim için bir önemi yoktur Talimatları izleyebilmeniz sağlıklı olacaktır Takım oyununa yatkın olun, gerekmediği sürece fevri davranmayın Neler sunuyoruz Discord sunucusu Private game server (şimdilik yok) Yeni gelenlere PVP / PVE hakkında yardımcı oluyoruz Yeni başlayanlara bir takım item desteğinde bulunuyoruz Discord Discord Buradan tıklayabilirsiniz
  11. Hello guys, so I stopped playing ISS (warz) back then and I was ranked 3rd. I'm willing to support and try and play this game. If you don't know me or can't remember me check out my videos: I literally have so much videos on my youtube account so just check it out. Devs, clan leaders etc I'm looking for a clan to join and start with. Message me. My facebook is: https://www.facebook.com/nickolaes or IG: NickOlaes I LOVE THIS GAME AND I CANT WAIT TO PLAY IT!
  12. Hey im a guy with 110k- rep looking for a clan to play with regulary. I have a really good GI I speak fluent english I have both TS and Discord. Anything else? just ask
  13. Hallo ich suche einen Clan zum zocken in NewZ allerdings eher für Survival als für PVP Mein Steam Account: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Fallout300/
  14. vertim

    Clan tab.

    Hi! I think it's good idea to make clan tab useful at some point. Now sorting doesn't work, spaces for exp amounts aren't big enough and it's lacking of some useful options. People should write below their ideas. Thanks for paying attention.
  15. ? NaTo Clan ? ~ What We Offer In Our Clan ~ - Friendly Community - Anything And Everything We Officer Is Totally Free - Help Members Get Better At PvP / Survival And etc. - Discord Server - Private Game Server, Coming Soon (July) ~Our Requirements~ - Must Speak English Fluently - Act Mature and show respect - Must be 16 or older - Must use Discord as this is our main source of communication - Preferred if you have a decent Mic - Must Be active more that 3 days a week - Must be able to follow directions - Must have somewhat good PvP/Survival Skills ~ Rules ~ - Must Be Nice To Other Group Members - No verbal abuse meant to harm another person - No Mic spam/hot-mic - Must Follow Discord Rule Posted On Our Discord - Have Fun ~ Links & Stuff ~ - Clan Application: Click Here! - Discord: *Finish Application To Obtain Join Link* - Steam Group: Click Here! Wish You Best Of Luck For Acceptance! ? Sincerely, Jake - Clan Founder
  16. Hello i'm looking for new members to my clan. I'm looking for polish members. Other countries not excluded. If You interested please send my invitation on steam and massage or reply on this post Steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/alonzino/
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