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  1. rEfCZE

    Please edit

    No game resolution. Camo mil. bp is ok but this is good bp for modern black skin but color is not appropriate.
  2. rEfCZE

    Please edit

    Please edit backpack black color is faded. It is not suitable for modern black.
  3. The current map is more Countryside and that's good for Survival. I personally prefer simple a more extensive maps containing forests, fields, lakes, villages ... ? Wants to focus on details.
  4. rEfCZE


    Developers use for Tuk tuk dragster code or how to call it
  5. rEfCZE


  6. What is Gamescom? But clothes is fine.
  7. Is it possible to add messages to the chat? playername has joined the server playername has left the server ??
  8. Last weekend event PvP players who never see on PvE wait and steal my boxes when I killed Super Zombie. Not honest players. But im steal their cars Life is not fair a game not at all Question: Why no exist official PvE server? (EU)
  9. https://imgur.com/a/44QWqua What is it?! https://imgur.com/a/HrjdkfU Colorado is now Arabic map? Or?
  10. Im kill super zombie and give me box in 12:00+ :-D
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