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  1. Tuk-tuk

  2. Gamescom 2018 Event Week!

    What is Gamescom? But clothes is fine.
  3. Connect & Disconnect

    Is it possible to add messages to the chat? playername has joined the server playername has left the server ??
  4. Weekend Event!

    Last weekend event PvP players who never see on PvE wait and steal my boxes when I killed Super Zombie. Not honest players. But im steal their cars Life is not fair a game not at all Question: Why no exist official PvE server? (EU)
  5. What is it?! Colorado is now Arabic map? Or?
  6. Weekend Event!

    Im kill super zombie and give me box in 12:00+ :-D
  7. Weekend Event!

    Still functional.
  8. Vehicles

    Yes And fast ride + E = spawn away from the vehicle or in the air :-D Today it happened to me 10x
  9. Vehicles

    My suggestion is a create new simple vehicles. For example: Lada Niva, Trabant, Škoda 120, Fiat 126 (Maluch), Mini, some Chevrolet or Ford. And add new items (objects). For example: additional lights, armor and anything ... another And create a choice attach item (object) to vehicle. Though it is more attractive to me: skins for vehicles And add move the camera up down and left right in car. And add throwing players out of the vehicle by the driver.
  10. Weekend Event!

    Beauty. :-D
  11. Map

    My suggestion is create a map or edit current map and add snow, desert, forest ... Create a combination in one map (maybe add weather). Why exists winter skins for example. Revive it. Good thing for new vehicles. :-D Winter scooter for example.
  12. Loot is shit

    Loot is fine. (my opinion)