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    Feedback - Battle Royale

    I do not see almost anyone from the forum that wants to loot better playing battle every day, the opinion of you is not worth anything. BATTLE WILL NOT BE A ROCKY FORD! WANT GOOD WEAPONS GO PLAY pVp!
  2. Why did not you remove the strong weapons from the game yet? FN scar red, FAMAS, Aug, masada, not to mention the DX bandage. These weapons are taking the balance out of the game and there is no more reason to go get the Airdrop. Remove these strong weapons and Dx and leave them only in the Airdrop. Battle is Battle, not Open World.
  3. BARBOZ4

    Feedback - Battle Royale

    The battle should continue like this, the only thing that could be changed would be to add a group of 3 people.
  4. BARBOZ4

    Battle is Battle, not Open World.

    @Sven @ElChupacabra Thank you for understanding.
  5. Hello, I am Barboz4 and in this topic I will try to list measures to revive the Battle Royale. As everyone knows, from time to time the mode has been losing players and with these measures we can improve. Remove the Arena and put Arizona back. Also remove the solo mode and leave Arizona and Tropico group. Whoever enters alone will be placed in a random group as has already been done. Before the first update you placed the Arena map, BR mode was full of people, after that update the mode began to lose players. Leave it as it was before, Arizona and Tropico group. The decline of the Arena is to enter and be empty, already Tropico you enter and is always full, but you always see the names of the groups that play in the Arena. The removal of ground mode is good for the players, that we will not have to play against groups in it, and for moderators who have received less complaints from players who abuse groups. Of course this has to be implemented with tougher penalties in the ban, everyone knows that the ban is not progressive, there are people who have taken more than 5 banishment and it continues being 12 hours. This way I leave my suggestions to improve Battle Royalle mode. 1 - Remove solo mode 2 - Who enters alone will be placed in a random group 3 - The banishment will be progressive and with a deeper analysis, 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, 1 month, permanent. 4 - Moderator monitoring the match in real time. 5 - Tropico and Arizona groups. 6 - More expressive gains as it was before. Thank you to those who reserved a space of time to read my topic and thank you!
  6. BARBOZ4

    Measures To Resurrect Battle Mode

    @ElChupacabra I would not be banned permanently according to my idea, after all I just took a ban and it was enough to learn. Unlike other people who took a 10 and it's still 12 hours and they do not change.
  7. BARBOZ4

    Measures To Resurrect Battle Mode

    @Sven Regarding what you said about punishments, cleaning up the items or the money would just be great. It would not take more than 5 people to ban everyone from breaking the rules. They would talk to others and people would stop doing that, since they only respect what they fear.
  8. BARBOZ4

    Weekend Event!

    Double box 👌
  9. BARBOZ4

    Feedback - Vehicle System

    If you deactivate the vehicles, how will we farm?
  10. BARBOZ4

    Final Airdrop on SZ side

    Hello, I find it very unfair that the last airdrop falls on the side of the flag, for those who are already making it easier, not giving chances for those born in distant places.
  11. BARBOZ4

    Patch 2.25

    Thanks for the changes in Battle Royale!
  12. BARBOZ4

    Dev in battle royalle

    I see no reason to exist solo mode, who enters alone should be placed in a random group, is a very simple, that would solve the group problem.
  13. BARBOZ4

    Death Spawns in Tropic

    Hello, I am BARBOZA and in this topic I will list the reasons why these spawns are the worst in the game. Soon after the explanation I will put the location on the map. ISLAND - I think this respawn is a consensus among all battle players, because the island is a place that has no loot for one person. There are two solutions to this problem, remove some respawn or add more loot, because it is a miracle to find remedies in that place. MOTEL/VILLAGE/CHURCH - Those born in these respawns know how difficult it is to look around and see other players. The respawn between the big city and the motel is not as bad as the others because of the run to the big building, but if the player who was born the is smart you already die, but the rest of you depend on luck. SILVERVILLE/MILITARY BASE - This respawn I consider of medium difficulty, since most of the time people prefer to go to Silverville than to the military base, because the base has 4 respaws and the loot is not so good. The problem is that Silverville also has several but more divided respaws, making it easier to enter, but again leaving the player depending on luck. GAS STATION OF AIRPORT/VILLAGE - To look at the gas station and see 3 players, to the village too and not knowing where to go, death is almost certain for who is born in that place. It is my request and suggestion to the moderators to improve these respaws, because only the one who is born knows the difficulty of starting the game. From now on I appreciate the comprehension and the time of you reading my post.
  14. BARBOZ4

    Dev in battle royalle

    I think it's a good idea to have an exclusive moderator for Battle Royalle, so it would be possible to punish offending players, be it bug, hack or excessive players together.
  15. BARBOZ4

    Patch 2.24 (Halloween)

    Looking forward to the changes
  16. BARBOZ4

    Weekend Event & Giveaway!

    Double BR 8D
  17. BARBOZ4


    Do not talk bullshit, just like the arena because it is camper and does not know to change shot. Already wants to hide in the houses your noob.
  18. Hello, I would like to express my immense dissatisfaction with solo mode. I know you want to attend to community requests, but what you see in solo mode is double and triple. What happens, so and so little friends enter group mode and do not have enough players to start a match, what does he do? Enter solo mode with your friends and form a group! This solo mode is only giving players headaches, because we play against groups, and for you moderators, who receive millions of complaints in the support, including I already sent 2 videos showing sharply group players and so far they have not been banned.
  19. BARBOZ4

    batlle royale improvements

    I remember that I played newz for about 2 months, only after that I went into battle mode because they told me that it gave enough money. The prize money from before was much better than now, and this has nothing to do with the amount of players who start a match, it's less so. The battle faces a very large player decline, and I think with a slightly better prize pool it could make people come back to play.
  20. Please put the tab (name, reputation, premium) again. I do not want to have to die for a fraudulent player to report him. Another important measure is to put a minimum time of open world to enter the battle. So hackers with new accounts could not test their programs there.
  21. BARBOZ4

    Tab (Name, reputation and premium)

    Of course it will help, who uses this type of program uses before starting the match, in the warm-up. So all players can report the hacker before starting the game, and if by any chance they go in, they warn others on the global to report.
  22. BARBOZ4

    Maps - Battle Royale

    @Sven Every battle royale player knows that the European server is the only one who starts a match, a good move would be to remove the SA, NA and HK regions. There is no need for them to exist since it is impossible to start a game in these regions. As for the division of solo mode and group I think a good idea, putting Arizona in a group and tropic solo.
  23. @ElChupacabra Putting the name to the look would be a bad idea precisely because of the people who hide and this would be unfair, but putting the tab (reputation, premium and name) would be good. So we could report a fraudulent player without having to die for him.
  24. BARBOZ4

    Maps - Battle Royale

    @Sven I find the idea of map rotation quite interesting, but in my opinion it takes the right of choice of people to play a certain map. We know that from time to time the battle has lost some players and so I am giving an opinion. The rotation could be 2 maps, giving right of choice if a person does not like some map, but for that they would have to remove the solo mode, since it is being used badly by the players who are joining with other players.
  25. BARBOZ4

    Why is solo mode flawed?

    You understand me well Chupa, you should know that I only play battle and only enter the open world to sell things, nothing more. The point I want to get is that solo mode is messing up the game, player x enters group mode with his friends but there are no people to start a match, what does he do? Enter the solo mode that has more people and joins with another. This upsets you because of the accusations, and it disturbs us that we play against more than one. Who plays battle every day as I know that the mode has lost public of a time to here, and that these two modes only made to separate the people and to become more difficult to play a match. That's why I say with certainty that solo mode is messing up.