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  1. Anxious to hunt the Chupa outlaw
  2. Good update, but I was waiting for Tropico's return. Thank you for taking my suggestion and removing the radiation warning.
  3. What does this have to do with the Battle Royale?
  4. BARBOZ4

    Season prize

    It was just a guess, the point I want to make is that it's unfair only one player win.
  5. I support the idea of removing the HK, NA, and SA servers. As much as I do not enjoy playing in the European server, he is the official Battle Royale server. Sometimes I go into other regions to see if there are any people, and there are always some people playing in the lobby, but if there was only the European server, there would be more Battle players, and not everyone knows that only the European starts matches. Regions only separate players, so make the European server the only Battle Royale. Returning to the subject, the map rotation could be added in the weekend update, Friday.
  6. BARBOZ4

    Season prize

    This is wrong, imagine a hypothetical situation where a duo of strangers wins exactly the same wins, and in the end only one wins and does not share the prize with his friend, that is unfair.
  7. Hello friends, I am Barboz4 and through this post I came to suggest the rotation of maps in Battle Royale. The first week will be Arena / Tropic. In the second Tropic / Arizona. In the third Arizona / Arena and so on. This measure will please everyone and will take the game out of sameness as there will be changes. Thank you very much. Edit: The most acceptable idea that could be realized is to leave only one map, as I explained in the post, change it in the weekend update, the battle would start with more people on a map and the fun would be bigger, and the award too.
  8. Nice patch, but need to correct reputation in Battle Royale.
  9. @sven Please correct the reputation in Battle Royale, lobby giving reputation...
  10. Hi, I would like to report the error that is happening in the battle royale. The deaths in the lobby are giving reputation. There are people doing free kill in the lobby just to say they have bigger reputations, please moderation, correct that mistake. My suggestion is to base Battle's reputation on the victories. Thank you!
  11. I deserve to win the EXTREME because I play Battle Royale every day and it would increase my GD gains, I also play with 30 fps and 300 ping and I get victories from many people who have a good computer and a good ping.
  12. Is it possible to return the group of 3?Is it possible to return the group of 3?
  13. I still have hope in group 3 in battle ...
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