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  1. tensity

    Alien zombie

    So I was killing the super alien zombie and when I killed him I received standard Super zombie loot instead of alien zombie loot, might have been because of the time at day i killed him because it was turning from dark to lighter
  2. Hey question here where can I find super alien zombies??
  3. Cool update! Too bad when I logged in it said 300 seconds until shutdown so i have to wait a bit
  4. Which I can't do because there are veteran players who create accounts to fuck with me and get easy kills/loot, these players aren't 'beginners' they know all mechanics of the game and have perfect aim I can't enjoy this game because every time I wanna play and chill a bit I get hunted down by good players who kill me on sight.
  5. whats the point of beginner servers when all i have is people who have played a lot of hours who make new accounts to pvp newbies, its annoying and stupid im trying to play and i only get killed by groups of 3 fully equipped guys
  6. hi im playing since yesterday and i was wondering if there is any pve servers because i want to loot and kill zombies but i keep getting killed by group of players and it freaks me out and what items are worth to pick up? i feel like i pick up a lot of junk weapons or armour, thank you
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