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  1. Greetings, It's time to kick start the Friday fun as we jump in to farm the weekend event with the the amazing double GD and skinbox drops from the SZ! Look forward to the fun with all you amazing people! Thanks, Stinefelt
  2. Stinefelt

    Weekend Event!

    Good because the weekend event made my weekend, however my wife appears to be lurking in the shadows....
  3. Stinefelt

    where is alll alien zombie plz

    Well that takes the fun out of running into one by random, and let me tell you there is nothing more fun then saying oh crap when you do! Just go out explore and you will find what you are looking for that you will find.
  4. Community, Let us engage in more fun today together and I am truly thankful for all of your support. Thanks, Stinefelt
  5. Stinefelt

    Thursday upon the zombies or us?

    Thank you to everyone whom took the time to stop by and have some fun. It's always wonderful to see new folks pop into the stream and it's always amazing to meet new folks.
  6. Stinefelt

    Weekend Event!

    @kazmightONFIRE please delete the message from my wife that was rude of her. She just hates when you run the double GD weekend events and skinboxes from the SZ's. Something about it makes her husband vanish!!! I really enjoy this event so thank you and the team very much.
  7. Greetings, Let us all get together today to help bring the middle of the week for some into a great view, and others to help bring in the later part of the week together. I truly give thanks to all here whom come to join me and I'm very thankful for all the fun we have together. Thanks, Stinefelt
  8. Stinefelt

    Simplistic Middle Day Fun!

    I wanted to say thank you to everyone whom tuned in with me during the stream, I am very thankful for all of your support.
  9. Stinefelt

    Referral System now live!

    That right there is SUPER amazing I am very very thankful around it!
  10. Greetings, I hope you all are having a good recovery from all that Monday night partying that took place, them internet police are a bit harsh. I guess we all needed to sleep eventually hahaha! Today I am going to get started out with some Farm, and then see where it takes us. All welcome to come join in on the fun and kick back and enjoy. Thanks, Stinefelt
  11. Thank you to everyone who tuned into the stream, we had a great time and also to all who got to enjoy the 3 GC Air drops with me.
  12. Stinefelt

    Referral System now live!

    This is fantastic! @Sven thank you for this wonderful update, and please give thanks to the team behind this update. We as a community now have a tool to help engage further not only as partners, players, and fans.
  13. Stinefelt

    Day Only Servers?

    Well if you give it as an option then it would be left to the person or players whom opted to run the server. Could be a nifty option for players to have when considering there server setup.
  14. Stinefelt

    Weekend Event!

    OH SNAP, I'm glad that I pay attention hahahahahahahaha!!!!
  15. Greetings Community, Going to kick off some fun this Monday evening with some Survival, let's see how the road treats us! Come tag along to have some fun, sing along, and most important enjoy some good times period. Thanks, Stinefelt
  16. Thank you very much as I do the stream not only for myself but the individuals that are watching along with me, and it's a two way street. So I am blessed when we are both having a great time together. Yes another great stream, and each day that I get to do such an amazing thing is a good day for sure!
  17. Stinefelt

    Stinemenites Saturday is Here!

    Stinemenites, Saturday is here, let us have a blast together! So you all know we live, well, and online. Thanks, Stinefelt
  18. Stinefelt

    Stinemenites Saturday is Here!

    I thank you it was a great Stineaday aka Saturday lol! Everyone that join up thank you very much, I didn't want to forget to thank anyone in the community here for there support that has been given to me.
  19. Stinefelt

    Weekend Event!

    Is that a teaser!!!! LOL
  20. Greetings Community, It's Friday Night, let's have some fun together and relax. Going to do some farm and just have some all out fun come hang out chill get some good times. Thanks, Stinefelt
  21. Stinefelt


    Wanted to thank everyone whom took the time to come stop by the stream, we had a great time playing Survival. Yeah died a few times to other players, however the zombies didn't choose our fate hahah. @MagentaDlien @nohand1337 and so many others were a great team to have in the field, and truly helped to create a fun experience. SO thanks to everyone who helped make it the fun it truly was. Wondering on the fun you might have missed, you can watch this cool clip here of the stream. Thanks, Stinefelt
  22. Stinefelt

    Weekend Event!

    Aye I got me 3 characters already so I found that very awesome, and it's great for all new players to the community.
  23. ^^^^^^ Make sure you noticed Survival Fans! ^^^^^^
  24. Stinefelt

    Stineoucements IT's Wednesday!

    You are most welcome Soska, welcome to the forums here as well glad to see you arrive here and thank you for your wonderful words.
  25. Greetings, If you are reading this, today in one of the Stineaways I am going to be giving away 600 GD as a STINEAWAY to one lucky member of this wonderful community. If you didn't read this well I am sorry for you because you truly miss out on a ton of fun when this guy goes live. Now lets kick start the day and have some fun! Cheers, Stinefelt