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  1. Gamescom 2018 Event Week!

    It's a giant event where gamer's alike gather to explore game's / developers go to showcase their creations.
  2. Gamescom 2018 Event Week!

    Any weekend that I can get double GD is a great weekend, and it's good to see the GAMESCON push is huge! This helps to really bring more players to the community, thank you for thinking to help keep things growing for all of us so we have something to continue enjoying.
  3. Weekend Event! (+ DOUBLE GC)

    Double GD Weekend, this is what you call a strike while the iron is hot weekend! Now if only my PayPal would stop running from me, get back here!!! ARGH.... almooooost got it!

    Well don't know about everyone else, I sure enjoyed farming up some double GD this weekend!
  5. Fun Time Survival Idea

    Aye Survival isn't dead, all are welcome to test their pitch fork abilities! EAG Facebook Event Details: