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  1. Stinefelt

    Stineday of Infestation

    Thank you all that joined me for the stream, fell a bit behind in giving thanks no exceptions and we will still give our thanks here directly. Thank You, Stinefelt
  2. Friends & Community, Today we will travel the world together having fun and hope to explore further ways to improve on our food storage supplies. Be sure to stop by to enjoy a good time with music, fun, stineaways, and you never know what else is in the mix. Thanks, Stinefelt
  3. Stinefelt

    Stineday of Motivation

    Let me just say thank you @M1N1Tfor being you and always so amazing.
  4. Friends & Community, Let us enjoy another great day together the party has already started so come and join in on the fun. Get ya some community boxes and random stineaways thank you and be blessed! Thanks, Stinefelt
  5. Stinefelt

    Getting laggy when luring zombies

    @BOOMTALITY didn't want your post to sit empty it looks like normal conditions for that type of ping response 250 - 270ms. Have you tried to contact the support team with a ticket? I know some of my community members have done so and it has helped them. I can only recommend that you give it a try and like them it can help you in the same.
  6. Stinefelt

    The Sunday & The Stinefelt

    Thank you all for joining the stream and showing such wonderful support it is very much appreciated. Thanks, Stinefelt
  7. Friends & Community, Wanted to let everyone know that I will be going live here to have some fun in the killing of Zombies and working on that GD bank roll! I like to welcome everyone to come join me on twitch to enjoy getting some community boxes, laughs, and good times. Thanks, Stinefelt
  8. Friends & Community, I wanted to help out with some tips and tricks that many might already know however I wanted to put a little Stinemagic to it! So please enjoy knowing that when you drive a vehicle you can press the spacebar to freely move your camera around in a freeview mode to look around. That's right! However you can watch the following video to get an overview or just to make sure you understand and be sure to have a change of clothes ready! Thanks, Stinefelt
  9. Friends, Thank you all for stopping in the stream to say hello and to hang out with me! We had a great time together enjoying some cool music, killing zombies, making some GD, and evening a little picture guess work together. Truly blessed at the fun time we all got to have together so the thanks again is to all of you! Thanks, Stinefelt
  10. Friends, Friday Night or Saturday Morning I got you covered my sunshine can rain down a good time no matter your situation! Come hang out with me for a good time and get you some of them super awesome community skin boxes. Let's go family, friends, and new community members! Thanks, Stinefelt
  11. Stinefelt

    Weekend Event & Giveaway!

    Thank you for yet another great weekend and my arch Angle Attempt lololol, hope you have a great weekend as well!
  12. Stinefelt

    The Farmer & The Zombie Market

    Thank you to all who stopped in to say hello and spend time in the stream with me. It was a wonderful time to hang out with you look forward to the next stream. Thanks, Stinefelt
  13. Friends, It's that fun time to start off where I will be going to farm some GD to hit up the Market Goodies if you didn't notice the Red Digital NVG Skin and other goodies!!! You can come hang out and have some fun with me and get you some of them cool community box's with me. Thanks, Stinefelt
  14. Yes I actually have plans for a survival server for EAG and members of the community here to enjoy. It will have some rules that will need to be followed, however there will be some tremendous amounts of fun to be had. --------------------------------- Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who took the time to join in on the stream to say hello and to hang out with me. I am very thankful for each person in this community taking the time to spend it with me and in the game. Thanks, Stinefelt
  15. Friends, I will be going online shortly to stream the Newz and playing survival for a while! A great time for everyone to collect some community boxes and to have some fun. Thank you all here in the community for your support and for helping to keep this wonderful game growing and online. Thanks, Stinefelt