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  1. Community & Friends, All are welcome to come join me on the NA Server EAG Gaming Community to farm and have fun! Random Stineaways for all the folks that have subscriptions to the stream and support me each month please make sure you do !giveaway in the twitch stream get yer tickets for the 5,000 GC Giveaway. Come on yall join me at and let us all have a good time together. Thanks, Stinefelt
  2. Community & Friends, We going live after being down a few days due to health issues we are up and running. Come join me for some Friday fun and gather up some community boxes, and don't forget to navigate to and collect your calendar goodies!!! You don't want to miss that!!! Head on over to the stream to enjoy some music, good times, and if your a subscriber you can enter the giveaway for a chance to get 5000 GC !giveaway in the stream. Thanks, Stinefelt
  3. Hello Friends & Community, We are going to be farming our friendly zombies in nato and making sure that they understand it's our location of choice! I welcome you all to come join me for fun, music, and to gather up some community boxes. Let's rock out folks earn you some StineBucks and get on the server to farm with me. Thanks, Stinefelt
  4. Friends & Community, What a early morning crazy happening right, however we are live on the twitch! This is crazy for sure not a joke so come on and join me for some early Friday morning fun as we kick some zombie tail and collect some skinboxs. Let's go drops enabled Thanks, Stinefelt
  5. Greetings Friends & Community, It's that time of the day were we get together to have some fun hunting zombies together and collecting some cool community boxes. Be sure to drop by say hello, rock out, and have a good time. Thanks, Stinefelt
  6. Friends & Community, We going to be live to take out the zombies in the infestation to have a great day of fun and to enjoy some good times. Be sure to stop by to have some fun as we kick start the day. Thank you all for your wonderful support and look forward to having a fun day! Jump on in Thanks, Stinefelt
  7. Stinefelt

    New Z Survival 2.0

    Community, Something to highlight is that I have been around for five months new to everything here with Infestation and never even touched war z. I have provided the staff team with direct feedback from many different levels to also include developer aspects. We all can look at a window, say it's a window, open/close that window, and yet only a few of us can truly see out of the window towards the amazing possibilities. With that it still takes time to produce the results when you are working with a small team, small budget, and let alone trying to build support from your community with a previous title track record. I can't speak for Fredaikis or the Staff of Frediakis but what I can is share my experience with you in they will always take the feedback even if it involves a fat lip or black eye. That is why I have invested my time with the team here at Fredaikis and continue to provide a stream of 40 hours if not more for Infestation the Newz Community. I have played each mode of the game the only difference is that I play the game and I don't let the game play me. So please share the feedback but the remarks on the person leaving the feedback or the thought of the staff's view of the feedback is not relevant. Thank You,
  8. Friends & Community, We are life and ready to tackle the weekend event so let's go! Good music, vibes, and stineaways! The only thing stopping you is you, so click the link that follows and lets have us a good time over at uncle stines. Thanks, Stinefelt
  9. Stinefelt

    Weekend Stream Event =] Good Vibes Welcome!

    Thank you to everyone who took the time to stop in and say hello!
  10. Friends & Community, We are ready to tackle this wonderful Friday? Well I sure am and looking forward to helping you get some of them cool community boxes every 30 MINS oh yeah! Let's go search out some of them cool skinboxes and see what we can get for some cool stineaways. Look forward to having fun this Friday with you all. Join me at Thanks, Stinefelt
  11. Stinefelt

    Birthday Bash!

    Thank you to everyone who took a time out to come say hi, and I am very thankful. It was a wonderful day as always when I get the opportunity to stream, play infestation newz, and listen to good music.
  12. Stinefelt

    Weekend Event!

    This is AMAZING thank you for the 30 min Community Skin Box, and looking forward to searching out the new Autumn 2018 Skinbox findable in-game!
  13. Stinefelt

    Wednesday new z Fun with Stinefelt!

    Thank you @M1N1T for posting this for me and for everyone whom tuned into the stream I was very thankful. Much Thanks, Stinefelt
  14. Stinefelt

    Bleeding + Zombies

    This is a great idea and if implemented correctly could add a very nice touch to the survival element to the game. I like that it adds another element to the threat of zombies other then worrying about infections. Now you really are going to think more on how to attack a location, and if you have the correct supplies. If you could attribute this with bandages and player movement speed! While bleeding it would require X bandages to stop / reduce bleeding amount 5%/10%/15%. Bleeding (if in group) 25% Bleeding 5% req: 2 bandages, 10% req: 4 bandages, 15% req: 8 bandages Bleeding 25% req: team member bandages: 10, or player dies While bleeding player movement is reduced 10%/15%/25% depending on bleeding %. Player Movement is reduced (if in group) 30% This would also be a great time to introduce another item to the game of survival crafting to utilize alongside bandages! Instant Clot - "Chin up, it's going to burn but that bleeding will stop!" Requires: 10x cloth, 5x plastic, 15x bandages, 2x dx bandages, 1x MRE, 1x Energy Drink yields 1x Instant Clot Purpose: Instant Clot stops bleeding applies zombie repellent for emergency situations. @Steve Eckethank you for sharing this with us from your meeting as it gives us good insight to things that are being talked about to help move things forward. It is also exciting to know that a forward direction is always being looked at for Infestation NewZ, and I continue to appreciate all of the hard work the team puts into the game for us to enjoy. Thanks, Stinefelt
  15. Stinefelt


    We had a great time this late evening and thank you again @MagentaDlien for the wonderful heads up to everyone while I was getting things setup.