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  1. Hello I was wondering if anyone can help answer a few questions I have about the airdrops. 1.What is the spawn-times for airdrops ? Let's say 1 airdrop lands and I pick it up, how long before another spawns on the same server ? 2.Is there a difference in spawn-times for Premium-Servers in comparison to Normal-Servers ? Or any different spawn-times for different maps like CALIWOOD, OREGON, COLORADOV1 ? 3.How long do the airdrops remain on map before they disappear ? Do they disappear faster after you have picked up all items from it ? Please any information regarding these would help as I cannot find anything online about them. Thanks.
  2. xtetsuox

    An Essay on the state of the game

    Before any of that even gets thought of being put in the game, could we fix fundamental parts of the game first ? Can we fix the bug where you're kicked out server for picking up car while it rolls ? Can we fix reloading bug where you reload a stanag-30 but instead it reloads another stanag type from inventory randomly ? Can we fix the bug where you get literally stuck in your car and it will not allow you to exit vehicle and it won't let you unstuck vehicle or do anything else other then quit the server altogether(can get stuck on small random rock in weird position) ? Can we fix the notorious EVIDENT bug when you group up with 1 person and in map it shows that there are 2 actually persons in tellow(sometimes 1 of them being the previous group session I assume) ? Can we fix the extremely annoying bug where upon entering your vehicle your normal car vision from the top bugs out and it's stuck at a weird low camera angle almost like looking at the floor(not sure what causes) ? Can we fix the invisible zombie bug where you will take dmg slowly in chunks as if zombie was hitting until you move away or get to high ground (very rare nowadays but definitely still there, this bug has been in game since War Z) ? Can we fix the bug where Superman appears as you exit your vehicle and knocks you into the sun and then you fall to your death ? Can we fix the bug where a zombie or super zombie hits your car at some weird angle causing you to be knocked into the sun again except this time its like a roller coaster ride and of course you fall to your death after ? Can we fix the bug where seemingly any vehicle will that is driving fast towards a player to splatter them, in the players view gets splattered way before the vehicle touches is even 5-10 meters, this one is very frustrating.( I used to think this was purely a matter of someone with better connection then then other but this does'nt seem to be the case) Can we fix the the bug where you can start throwing a grenade and if you time time correctly you can switch items in the middle of it causing your grande to stay cocked in your pocket or something, and when u switch back at another time it will finish throwing it out ? Can we fix the disaster that is the current GI system with many stacking issues when it comes to ammo not wanting to stack together in GI( yes I know you need to ''stack clips'' first for them to be able to go into the other piles of stacked ammo, it's still a bug/glitch) Can we fix the very annoying instant-revive bug/glitch/whatever it is causing your loadout to sometimes either load extremely fast all your items, mildy fast items or very sllow items ?(Is the revive robot judging people wtf ?) Can we fix the notorious bug where still some of your items in instant-revive loadouts will not be there ? Can we fix the many different crashings that occur only when you do a certain pattern of play like jumping on a box at weird angle while super zombie hits you(there's alot of specific ones). Can we fix----- Oh sorry dinner's ready guys I'll come back later for the rest of bugs we're just getting started !
  3. xtetsuox

    OK seriously please change this setting

    You are a complete troll right now but you don't realize it. This isn't a debate. You need to be able to block players and mute players like in every single game that ever existed. I have no problem with anyone saying anything that they want I would never get offended I am not for censoring people at all but myself I should be able to mute them and especially block them from spammin invites on my f*cking screen who knows I bet it even causes a slight FPS drop. The way you are defending the right to be able to abuse this and be able to spam invites forever is only making everyone suspicious that you are someone who enjoys doing this. There is absolutely no reason to not have such simple feature in a game like this thats is over a year old. Just stop.
  4. xtetsuox

    OK seriously please change this setting

    Are you joking ? Did you just say getting random invites spamming on my screen is part of the game and to DEAL WITH IT ? Not chill at all actually.
  5. Sorry if I sound rude im just upset but seriously please im sick of people being able to see my membership if I dont want them to see it, the reason for this is because it ruins the anonymous aspect of the game that alot of people like, this isn't call of duty you don't have only 1 gamertag to be identified with, you get to create 5 distinct characters which should each have they're own exclusiveness from the rest of the each other. If I paid for extreme membership please at least give me this simple option if I want it to be visible to everyone or not. This doesn't require a patch to do this isnt a gameplay setting. I cant stand the fact that players will ******* invite spam me to death for groups and for some god **** reason there is no block-player or mute-player option so they can spam it for literally forever and if thats not bad enough anybody can send you friend requests and your account name is revealed, there is no option to turn off unwanted friend-requests who send you another request everytime you decline !?!?!? Players abuse this ******* bull**** all day im so tired of it please just give me the option to control this ******* nonsense. PLEASE. #edited to seem less ragey, and yes as pointed out down below by person there was a point where there was a ringtone sound that was implemented into each and every group invite and yes I remember and it was so bad I stopped playing for a while until it was eventually removed.
  6. xtetsuox

    An Essay on the state of the game

    lol the references are hilarious im dying over here . I actually read everything and kinda mostly true but in my opinion fredaikis INHERITED a complete piece of garbage of a game, its nice what they did and made Infestation free to play and im impressed that they actually seemed to have fixed the rampant hacking/aimbotting problems the game had. Game is addictive and kinda unique but what im saying is in my opinion the game was from the very start a piece of trash made by sergey titov who is basically the devil lol im not even going to talk about how much of complete fool he is because I dont want to break any rules or anything but he's like the Mr.Krabs of PC micro-transaction whore gaming and they released game so full of bugs, glitches, crashes, hackers and never even fixed half of them by the end of it, so I cant blame fredaikis for what they inherited... im not a developper so I dont know how difficult it is to work on the game but if they could just fix all the quality-of-life aspects of the game i think would be a huge improvement.
  7. xtetsuox

    Global Inventory Management And Market

    Hmm it would be so nice if I could stack all my cars that have the same -%repair and -%durability, I have so many it makes the page so long scroll down for eternity haha . I have OCD so all my weapons are already stacked out with same ammo so I only have 1 file of each weapon but still it would be like sooo cool if I had complete control over my GI, meaning I can move-drag-drop-stack-place-organize-reload or unload clip, and apply or remove skins all from my GI in menu and not having to join a trading lounge or server everytime . Also you might be aware there is a glitch with certain kind of the same ammo clips that won't stack on top of eachother unless u ''stack-clips'' before and then immediately bank them. At least I think that's how it happens.
  8. It got resolved thanks to SilentTerror, its just funny these people have no clue what the game was like back then .They have no idea what it's like to get aimbotted all headshots by AKM spraying an entire clip from 500 meters away and just watching the blood coming out of your characters head as they all land but its not doing damage because the retard hacker is so far away that the AKM is not doing damage( back then there was a limit for certain weapons like AKM would`nt do damage after 300 meters or something like that). This was the daily struggle lol.
  9. So I've played this game since alpha, when it was called The War-Z and run by Hammerpoint etc...(segey titov =_=) on and off, at times more then other. The game was unique and even though it was RIDDLED with bugs( I.E* sliding 2'' inches down a hill into an instant-death, getting stuck randomly in walls and terrain, invisible zombies ETC...) and had SERIOUS hacking/aimbotting problems it was pretty addictive and fun to play once you got things rolling. The game had many phases of unbelievably shady practices by the people who ran the game at the time and despite this had a decent following and slowly the PVP aspect of the game became quite fun and unique. Back then you could purchase alot of stuff from in-game marketplace with GC and they're value was alot more then it was now(because of the scarcity of items) and people like me who were dumb enough to buy alot of GC and spend all of it for a good night of PVP will always feel scammed in the end, this is because hacking and especially aimbotting was so out of control that you would basically never profit much in gear at all and in the end your left with nothing to show for your money, the cheating was so prominent and since there was a major black market for items like snipers which hackers could then sell for real money, the system stayed corrupt and even banning thousands of players every day was doing nothing to stop it. I must've lost easily over 1000$ of gear and purchasable things to hackers over the course of 2-3 years with nothing to show for it. It was actually laughable how powerless you were if a decent aimbotter was near you or your team, near the end of my playing I was pvp'ing alot with a streamer named Buchy and it didn't matter if we were 10 people all it took was 1 good aimbotter to kill everyone 15-30 seconds and no one could do anything about it, anyone who ever watched gameplay back then knows what I'm tallking about. Anyways eventually game slowly died and I stopped playing because there was nothing changing, I think they closed the game or something ? Anyways fast-forward a few years later I hear about The New Z and I started playing it a little and lately a bit more and although I play mostly on premium servers and stuff I hardly EVER got hacked/cheated/aimbotted in all this time, in my opinion this is the biggest issue fixed by fredaikis. For transparency I have never once ever used any cheats or hacking in any way, I was wrongfully perma-bannned earlier this year because they thought the area I was at was only attainable by glitching up there(West-Boulder V1) but it was only needed to put a woodshield barricade and jump on it which was perfectly fine to do, it was scary at first because when I explained in the ticket that this is fucking crazy and perma-banning my account at the touch of a finger when I've done nothing wrong is so ridiculous I basically got response saying the ban was staying and the conversation was over... lol just imagine what that feels like for a second. Anyways I got in touch with a developper SilentTerror and asked him to look at my account because this was disgusting behaviour of the system and he found that I had infact not cheated at all and rightfully unbanned me. (cool dude he even gave me a skin) . This brings me to my point kinda. Playing on servers and killing people with my prefered snipers weapons, I get called a hacker and aimbotter everyday and the threats from these players after they die can get pretty intense when they saying stuff like '' fuckn noob your account is gone'' ''nice aimbot vet account easy ban'' ''tomorow you will be permabanned 100% u piece of shit i know the devs and they will ban your cheating account'' .Needless to say it doesn't happen because I am legit player but you can see my frustration in this generation of players who behave like this when you know what I've been through since the game came out. Long post anyways but wondering is this something that happens to you guys to ? Being called hackers all the time and stuff ? Is it okay if I tell them to go f*ck themselves when they threaten me like this lol. So you have an idea of what real hackers look like this is an old video of me in smallville years ago and the guy is blatantly no-clipping in and out of walls lol XD.
  10. xtetsuox

    Please for EX-MILITARY character .PLEASE.

    Wow thankyou for actually responding to me . Just wanted to be heard and see if it was something that could be done easily, I appreciate your time for reading my post Mr.Chupacabra Sir .
  11. xtetsuox

    Please for EX-MILITARY character .PLEASE.

    Meehhhhh not really mad it's just that I'm already aware of this when posted this question =_=. Have played for years and with these ex-military who have been in game since launch I thought it's weird why they're not available to buy on him too, they could make it 10000-GC and I would buy it lol. That's all im saying. I'm also superstitious about switching avatr's lol 0_0.
  12. xtetsuox

    Please for EX-MILITARY character .PLEASE.

    All my chars are ex-military and like I said I would'nt mind paying the 500 GC on top of and etc... but I should be able to keep my model and have the sets I dont see any reason why not, I was just inquiring to the dev's. If you don't have anything really constructive to say about it don't bother lol =___=.
  13. xtetsuox

    Please for EX-MILITARY character .PLEASE.

    I'm kind of only looking for a dev's answer, maybe this is not the right place to be posting such an inquiry/request .If anyone knows a more suitable thread area please let me know thanks.
  14. xtetsuox

    Please for EX-MILITARY character .PLEASE.

    I think your confused about skins for items and stuff that you can trade, I'm talking about the customizable body-set and leg-set for characters that cost GC(150gc-200gc) in the character-purchase section of the Marketplace, I dont think it's something that you can trade, and I have payed alot more then 5$ for stuff in this game if that's what you mean. The 2 sets I'm talking about(Modern-Black) are not exclusive items in the store, they're in shop all the time but they only have them for AVERAGE-JOE character, all I'm asking is that they release the sets for EX-MILITARY character too so I can get them for my 5 main characters that are all EX-MILITARY. I don't care how much they cost I'll buy them, I'm so sick of having all the modern black skins but my pants can't be black like everything else and it ruins the outfit =(. Thanks though.