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  2. - If you could organize a weekend event, what four (4) feature points would you do? 1.Event Login GC skin box like old time 2.double rep in caliwood,because map caliwood always 0 player 3.discound dx,shield,and ammo,free premium 1 mounth,or more 4.event,play"play 30 minute get item,or skins,"more much play more get chance to get good item - What do you think we can improve on for future weekend event(s)? I think event dev,All dev play on open world,and who can kill dev get reward? - What previous weekend event points did you like the most? Why? I think not good,because the event very useless - What previous weekend event points did you NOT like at all? Why? Same previous event useless,think event like old time 2k16,2k17 very good evemt, Miss Event 2k16-2k17 I talk like this because i am so pround player new z very low for 2k19,can you see the player very low for years 2k19? New z not same anymore like 2k16-2k17, if you guys still like this how about next years? 2k20 0player ? OMG. Dont be dead game.... thank you dev,hope my suggest be good!
  3. i never win,give away,so i hope now i can get give away, i very very like that skin HV armore
  4. Nice UPDATE,Biggest update,hope this game will going to no 1
  5. can i join HIGH? i am so jealos,thai can join :(
  6. Hallo my name is Ariya Prabangga,i am 22 years, You can search Facebook as Ariya Prabangga i am play new z from 2017 until now 2 years + i hope i can join EU clan need active my ign:5xspace de l o p a my KDR:2.93 my rep:-500k BIG GI:sniper 500k+DONT have AR,because i hate play AR, always play On official server and i am always play solo,dont have any friend,
  7. I tink i cant win this give away. I never win. Sad life
  8. yes because i dont see again cars ....
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