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  1. ChrisPKLL

    Patch 2.27

    boost comment for the Giveaway yikes 🤣
  2. ChrisPKLL

    Survival: Vote on the clan system

    i dont like the idea but when you should add it, then with a clanlimit on all Server.
  3. ChrisPKLL

    2nd Gandalf Cup - "New Year World Cup"

  4. ChrisPKLL


  5. ChrisPKLL

    Feedback - Battle Royale

    I dont know why many People wanna have good loot. Its not even hard to win a Gunfight with a P90, Bizon whatever. Its alot more fun to get a Imi/Scar very rare or even from a Airdrop.
  6. ChrisPKLL

    Become a part of HIGH & Hungry now!

    You just need to go on our Website and make there a Application for joining the Clan. VISIT: Our website and hit the button on the left "Application" Scroll up and ^ press on ''Our website''
  7. ChrisPKLL

    Remove shotguns from PVP Servers.

    +1 !!!!
  8. ChrisPKLL

    1v1 Tournament

    IGN : Scarlxrd Discord : ChrɨsPKLL#5729 REP: Eviscreator
  9. ChrisPKLL

    Weekend Event!

    Halloween Hype!
  10. ChrisPKLL

    Weekend Event & Giveaway!

    Good idea tbh. A little Giveaway make this Event more active.
  11. ChrisPKLL

    Patch 2.22

    Free Premium for the Bambies and a nice Patch. Great work!
  12. ChrisPKLL

    Rework Infinity Skins

    That is a f*cking great idea. the New Infinity Skins looks very nice and i think the Community would like that as well.
  13. ChrisPKLL


    @Steve Eckeund mich