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  1. today i tested the survival mod and its the biggest crap ive ever seen in warz... you can buy p servers , FAIL you can farm on pve p servers , FAIL what kind of a sad mod called survival... this is the original version of the old warz and not more.... seriously guys that stuff is so wasted ok pvp is a little fun i killed 5 peeps in 40 min at airport( i think they are not so good players) but come on there are peeps with sniper and they are rare??? just bring back old newz lo0t table for a mod wtf yo pls ... rito riot riot rito snipers for all snipers for days sniping 4 life
  2. ok im out im feeling like im talking to myself...
  3. the devs did it before against the community... you lost 50% of the player base back in the days... i remember it was a scam to me , i paid more then 50 bucks for p servers to get snipers and then comes the gi vipe and i got nothing back... and now there is a possibility to make a new game mode , just copy paste open world change the loot table and boom you have the perfect warz for all type of players. i dont get it why this is a bad idea???
  4. sz is a joke i cant find any alien zombie ... where is the problem to make a game mode with the old loot table , nobody can cry about it . its so easy to make the game the best warz .... i cant understand why u dont wanna have more players in your game...
  5. hmmm this is not safe , server hopping is no opinion for me , i wanna farm my stuff on a p server . this takes too much time farming stuff for pvp... old newz was the best
  6. no way you got this much , i tried a few runs and i got 2 snipers it tooks me 2 hours... 1 out of 12 sz dropped me a sniper , another one in a chest and i cant find any snipers laying around -.-
  7. i farmed toady probly 6 hours and got 2 snipers back in the days i got 10-15 snipers , per 20 min run. i dont know dude the vipe kicked 50% from the player base only the hardcore fans keeped up and farm again and now you have 10 people camping up the sz spott to hope theres one sniper dropping , thats not the way how the good version of this game was. or iam doing something wrong to get my 1k+ snipers back i dont think there is a fast way ? back in the days i bought p servers and farmed 50 - 80 snipers a day , pvp was real fun and dying was ok cause u did 1 loot run and u are ready to snipe some peeps i got nothing back for my money and wasted time back in the days , i think its only fair to bring back the old loot table in a new mode for people like me... i know what im talking about and i know some old players will come back
  8. i miss the good old loot table where sniperrifles spawning every where , i was so sad about the changes and the gi vipe that makes me and some friends quit . from time to time i logged in and checked out the new changes its getting slowly better but i wish the devs bring back the old loot table maybe in a extra game mode , just in case nobody cries about it. i miss the feeling looking in my gi and have 200 from each sniper so i can endless pvp on the big open map (the good old clan wars and stuff like that) and i miss the full caliwood map. i hope in future comes something old back =) pls
  9. yeah thank you very much =) i wish u a nice day to thread can be closed
  10. ok im loading in with just blaze
  11. ok thx for the info , but no one sells one -.-
  12. i dont know what it exactly cost , on the wiki 80k-100k z money but tell me what u wanna have for =)
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