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  1. First of all, a good decision on removing Colorado v2 and making it available for pvt servers only(survival). A lot whole new experience on pvping on different map. I think colorado v1 needs more obstacles in it, coz it has a lot open area than you think. Spawn should also be fix. Overall we need more survival update and events.
  2. Hypeee! The overall update was good. There's a lot of bugs that had been fixed, and even the fps now is good. But I agree with Kjer, devs should also care about survival. Anyway, continue fixing bugs (also in survival please). Goodluck!
  3. Because I'm a survival mode player. I agree on disabling vehicles until it is ready for use again. Experiencing bugs on using a vehicle is really annoying specially when it gets you killed. I respect that the other people disagree on this issue mainly because of travel. Nobody wants to travel from ridgeway airport to Castlepine just walking. Anyway, It's that the game has less crashes and bugs so I agree in disabling them.
  4. Kanari


    +1 the loot is OP, and I think the drop rate of rare items is too high for survival mode
  5. The lockers are back, Thanks a lot to you and your team. Good Job!
  6. It feels like all my efforts in that lockers are wasted :< And Btw I was wrong, There was only the HK survival 3 has the locker problem where our lockers disappeared. Thank you for your understanding.
  7. My lockers are at HK survival 2 and 3 and I always access it everyday. Its not only my case my friends lockers also disappeared and they always access it too.
  8. Our lockers in HK region too disappeared, is there any announcement about this that I miss?
  9. Kanari

    Server Hotfix

    so all of the other server is online, except hk right?
  10. Kanari

    Server Restart

    The HK Survival server is down once again. We cant enter in to the servers. Best regards
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