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  1. Hello dear moderator of the game, my name is Vyacheslav to me 43 of the year
    , I appeal to you on behalf of the Russian community, I'm a Russian streamer under the nickname EASY DAD among Russian streamers I'm in top1, the fact is that I want to help you if you help me in promoting the game, from the moment as I began to stream the game began to reborn the players and it's true only I personally returned to the game more than 30 people who played other games to keep them all together I created a clan and every day I accept new subscribers to the clan I explain to them what and how in the game where loot to collect and where pvp, teach and show how to play this game, I myself play this game from its first days and to this day I play it, my stream goes every day I repeat every day and the duration of my Stream for 10 hours you can go to my channel and see that it's true, what I need from you to help the development of the game, we need a server for 50 slots or more, I need hts or airdrops so I can open boxes and show skins, I need skins for rallies among spectators so that in the future they themselves could buy boxes to interest the players and keep them in the game we need our skin for clothes and headgear, seeing how you help the Europeans and not nearly help the Russian community, people leave the game, if people see that you help us, I'm sure more will come new players, I'll do everything for this, but you must help me, I hope that you will respond and do not leave us without attention, I could discuss all the details with you in a discord, I leave you all my contacts waiting for an answer from you., ,