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  1. 1. What is your In-Game-Name (IGN)? COOLMUFF 2. How old are you? 25 3. Where are you from (Country)? Singapore 4. Screenshot of ALL your characters https://gyazo.com/a02d591d0ec7f3fb3d16ebb68fbde332 https://gyazo.com/9be90ce759f8e7d87962396bdc5ecd05 https://gyazo.com/f714f49585ca763d1ec111365030dd4b https://gyazo.com/9b14e77ae545c23cc9cae2063a196ece 5. Please tell us, why would you like to join Team UFO? The community of Singaporeans playing Newz franchise is non-existent , I'm really tired of running & gunning alone 6. How long have you been playing NewZ and how active can you be? Since a couple months before it went on Steam and I can be 3-4 days active per week, or everyday if need be. 7. Have you been in previous clans? If so, please list the clans you have been in. KARMA 8. How did you hear about us? Kinda run into you guys on PVP severs all the time? so PVP servers? 9. Do you know anyone in the clan currently? If so, who? no, not really. 10. Do you agree to follow NewZ and clan rules? (Please note failure to follow the rules will result in a kick from the clan. Once you are kicked, you will not be given another opportunity to join) YES 11. Can you speak English? Yes, fluently
  2. The server wipes and ZERO loot spawning occaasions are back AGAIN! (Mostly Colorado V1 Server) We haven't had this in a long time , possible to look into this Sven? And just yesterday I was crashing every five minutes in Premium Colorado NATO. Cheers, MuffBomb
  3. Great work silent! loving the changed tho some were already there b4 keep up the great work! xx
  4. Hey Sven, am really looking forward to this new map, keep up the good work! me and my boys are long time running iss fans and have been around since warz and now we decided to stick with newz here's a heart for ya
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