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  1. Come say hello ~ opening cases playing battle royale dope music relaxed environment
  2. Come say hello ~ opening cases playing battle royale dope music relaxed environment
  3. lolo

    First Person and Third Person

    I wouldn't mind having two different gamemodes, but I can't even play on the North American servers because the games take 45 minutes to start. I play on EUW 24/7 because games start quicker. I would hope that we could have three game modes, because this is the first FPS game I have played that allows the switch between both. So it'd be nice to have FPP, TPP, and then a mode where you could use both like it is now, just called Regular or something
  4. lolo

    getting shot through walls????

    This happened to me earlier while I was streaming, and I have a few ideas as to what it is. I know this game isn't fully optimized in the sense that you can't bug / glitch through walls, and I see this happen a lot actually. This occurs especially in the warmup session of Battle Royale games, the riot shields can be shot through if you kinda crouch and put your face forward, as your head extends outside of the shield and you are a free headshot, if this happens with the shields I imagine it could probably occur with walls, doors..etc My next idea is lag. When you have a high ping, you can rubberband on the other players screen some, and so what appears to be (on your screen) you being inside of a building, you actually are just walking into the door. So it may seem as if you are getting "shot through walls" but actually your connection to the server is just delayed. Either of these options seems to make sense in your scenario, I wouldn't call hacks though. This game has minor fixes like extending through walls that need to be fixed, not too big of an ordeal though.
  5. lolo

    skinbox twitch

    Also I believe there is a "view contents" button on most cases, not sure if this applies for the Twitch Cases as well, if not, hopefully they will add that feature.
  6. lolo

    Streaming come get some

    Tuned in, and raided after I ended my stream! Do you usually stream that late? forgot to check your schedule. I woke up early to stream and saw some new faces streaming, you were one