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  1. I know that its auto ban from FAC but its not working well if i get ban for cheating when i wasnt cheater !
  2. Hi, my nickname: Gydron get ban now for no reason, thanks.. Was banned during the stream : . Show me the proof, I'm not so stupid that I could just ban it and write that ban for cheats.I have a channel on YouTube. Record video.I have a clan with whom we participate in tournaments and 3 hours before the game I get a ban. Please double-check everything.I have been sitting for two days already... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpM463n21lfETMiaeDE1Avw?view_as=subscriber . Not only did I get a ban now for no reason .Instead of sending me, it's better to understand, because the problem with your anti-cheat, which ban for no reason.
  3. gydron

    Need help

    A very long time ago I created an account from an old computer with a mail [email protected] Login: kabzonishe5 . And because of this I had problems. Recently, I asked the administration to bind the mail from my main account (login : kabzonishe) to the mail that was already attached to my old empty account. And now when I want to request a letter from the main account, it does not come to me. Please delete my old account login : kabzonishe5
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