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  1. was waiting for this one for a long time <3
  2. It's extremely unfortunate that you have so many cars spawning very quickly in survival. Me and my clan were able to join 4 cars in Clearville. This is not good, because in addition to many cars, are still all bugged, do not take damage when speed, kill through walls (even if you are at a considerable distance, as in the video of the surzeus). Please decrease the drope of cars and fix the bugs to which they do not take damage in speed (even if they take little) or kill by the wall.
  3. We all know, V1 has always been and always will be better than V2. Besides the map being lighter, giving us a good FPS, it has the greenest and most beautiful graphics, much more zombies, better areas for pvp and farm, not to mention the wonderful nostalgia that will be!
  4. As if not enough the loot is already easy now in survival, they still launch an experimental map where you find many snipers and items. Regretful of what survival has become. In thinking that in the beginning, there were many veresk, p90. Today, there are only sigs, imis, reds, snipers! Please do not let the essence of survival die.
  5. Como participante de um clã que ao todo somos 15-20 players., clamo para que analisem sobre o sistema de clãs, pois realmente faz muita falta! Upp!!!
  6. Really is outrageous the state of survival mode. Seriously, I do not see a difference between Open mode and survival mode, except for the snipers, which until now, is the only thing that STILL did not actually let an Open become, but it will not be long before they have countless. Please, that you can give more assistance to survival mode, and analyze how easily you get 90% of the items!
  7. Muito bem pensado. Seria ótimo ver essas lanças no Game!!
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