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  1. DevBlog - SVD Shark Attack

    Looks awesome! :-D
  2. Double GC Event!

    Thanks for the double GC/GD/Skinbox Event. :-D
  3. AR Stats - Feedback

    Be cautious on modifying this once again. The last time weapons went through drastic changes and nerfs, a lot of players left. Minor changes are always appreciated but if you begin modifying this extensively, you will alienate your current player base.. (IE Sig nerf, etc) If anything, the lower tied weapons should see small buffs (M4 Auto, M4 Semi, CQC, etc) to the spread to re-align them with the Top Tier weapons or close too... Just my opinion of course.
  4. Monthly Weekend Event

    Indeed my man, indeed. :-)
  5. Monthly Weekend Event

    Sweet. :-D Thanks for the awesome events guys!
  6. Roleplay server?Community?Map?

    +1 I would be down for this as well.