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    Yeah what they said. I was a Deputy yesterday and in three pvp map kills I went to Killer, then Bandit with -209 rep
  2. Here is my current for sale inventory for Open World Mode Note: All Guns Are Empty, ammo can be worked into sale or trade! Note 2: Might be willing to trade some skins and items for skins and unusable/collectable items and rare wearables ( example: Trucker Cap, Infestation Cap, Balaclava, Scythe, Battleaxe, etc, etc) RANGED WEAPONS- M16- 67 STI Eagle- 21 FN M249- 42 AN 94- 49 RPK- 68 MASADA- 50 1911- 19 Kruger .22- 27 KT Decider- 35 FN P90S- 27 FN P90- 22 Mossberg 590- 110 FN57- 26 Veresk SR-2- 32 AK-47 141 Jericho 9mm- 22 Bizon 54 P226 53 MP7- 38 Double Barrel- 72 MP5- 130 MP5-SD- 9 FN FAL- 155 Mini UZI- 27 Anaconda- 29 B92- 9 Desert Eagle- 78 FN Scar-H- 18 Nail Gun- 9 M200- 43 AMR2- 40 Mosin Nagant- 32 Kruger Rifle- 16 Crosbow- 50 MG36- 61 SAIGA- 20 G36- 52 EVO-3- 57 G11- 3 Thompson- 88 B93R- 4 Kruger Mini- 23 AW Magnum- 8 VSS Compact- 89 PKM- 5 M4- 41 FN Scar CQC- 68 FN Scar Night Stalker- 20 FN Scar Red Stalker- 16 M4A1- 150 SIG Sauer 556- 129 L85- 52 M4 Semi- 13 AK-74M- 12 Honey Badger- 16 Steyr AUG- 97 AKS-74U- 3 AS VAL-16 QBZ- 15 AA-12- 5 QLB- 1 IMI Tar-6 Famas- 3 SVD- 5 Blaser R93- 1 M107- 1 VSS Vintorez- 1 AK-12 (No Longer Obtainable except through trade)- 1 AMMO- STI Mag- 44 SVD Mag- 135 Bizon Mag- 139 Arrow- 153 P226 Mag- 85 Shotgun Shells (8)- 257 Kruger Rifle Mag- 37 .338 Magnum Mag- 178 AK 7.62 (45) Mag- 452 Stanag (60)- 248 Saiga Mag- 35 AK 7.62 Drum- 373 MP7 (40) Mag- 20 DMR Mag- 295 G36 (60) Mag- 221 Mosin Clip- 92 AA-12 Drum- 186 MP7 Mag- 45 SMG Mag- 153 G36 (40) Mag- 164 Kruger Mini Mag- 52 MP5 Mag- 234 AWP Mag- 108 Nail Strip- 13 Evo-3 Mag- 88 ASVAL (60) Mag- 43 Flare Cartridge- 12 9mm Mag- 71 G36 Mag- 139 .50 Cal-5 Mag- 284 FN57 Mag- 54 Desert Eagle Mag- 304 Shotgun Shells (2)- 96 1911 Mag- 26 Anaconda Rounds- 48 Stanag C-Mag- 304 Stanag Mag- 2207 P90 Mag- 119 QLB Drum- 147 Stanag (45) Mag- 242 SMG (40) Mag- 116 PKM Ammo Box- 224 Kruger .22 Pistol Mag- 47 AK 7.62 Drum Elite- 114 M249 Ammo Box- 324 Stanag C-Mag Elite- 155 Arrow (Explosive)-23 AS Val Mag- 334 FN57 (20) Mag- 31 G36 C-Mag- 254 Kruger Rifle Mag (20)- 19 Kruger Rifle Mag (30)- 20 .50 Cal-10 Mag- 44 SVD (20) Mag- 19 VSS Mag- 162 VSS (20) Mag- 162 G11 Mag- 3 AK 7.62 Mag- 270 .308 Winchester Mag- 2 MELEE AND THROWN- Jokoto Katana- 42 The Brotherhood- 44 Frag Grenade-145 Flashbang- 104 Smoke Grenade Red- 34 Smoke Grenade Blue- 32 Smoke Grenade Orange- 37 Smoke Grenade Green- 30 Flashlight- 15 Machete- 82 Hatchet- 24 Wakizashi- 39 Police Baton- 6 Shank- 9 Golf Club- 12 Flare- 15 Hammer- 6 Fire Axe- 1 M9 Bayonet- 14 Katana- 12 Shovel- 4 Bat- 1 Pickaxe- 10 Bada Boom!- 117 Chainsaw- 20 Frying Pan- 2 Metal Bat- 1 Chemlight Orange- 3 Chemlight Blue- 3 Chemlight Green- 1 Chemlight White- 1 Chemlight Red- 2 Chemlight Yellow- 2 Karambit- 15 Clean Sweep- 1 Pitchfork- 1 Banana- 1 ARMOR AND HEADGEAR- Heavy Armor- 74 M9 Helmet Black NVG- 49 Clown Mask- 10 M9 Helmet Forest (Goggles)- 5 Alice Backpack- 91 NVG Goggles- 22 Large Backpack- 43 MTV- 55 Gas Mask Advanced- 27 M9 Helmet Green- 3 M. Style Helmet- 8 Slash Mask- 11 Mp Helmet Sandstorm- 8 M9 Helmet Urban- 4 M9 Helmet Camo- 4 M9 Helmet Blue- 27 M9 Helmet Black- 7 Custom Vest- 7 M9 Helmet Forest- 2 Medium Backpack- 8 M9 Helmet Desert- 4 Boonie Desert- 2 IBA- 14 NVG Goggles Civilian- 3 Military Backpack- 157 Gas Mask- 12 Shadow Mask- 16 Black Mask- 7 Jason Mask- 13 Skull Mask- 12 Small Backpack- 53 Boonie Leather- 7 Basic Glasses- 5 Hunter Backpack- 7 Santa's Hat- 5 Captain Jack Frost- 3 Easter Bunny Head- 43 Pumpkin Hat- 7 Easter Bunny Mask- 52 M. Style Helmet (Snow)- 1 Improvised Gas Mask- 7 Beret Cover- 3 Boonie Green- 2 Thief Hood- 4 K. Style Helmet- 120 Ghillie Suit 20 M. Style Heavy- 17 Streamer Cap (Twitch)- 11 Adventure Backpack- 7 K. Style NVG- 78 Construction Hat- 1 Fireman Helmet- 1 M9 Helmet Desert (Goggles)- 1 MTV Sand- 3 MTV Nightstalker- 3 Medium Armor Forest- 3 Custom Guerilla- 3 Santa's Sack- 1 Autumn Mask- 1 FOOD AND DRINK- MRE- 171 Granola Bar- 19 Electro-Aid- 16 Can Of Tuna- 13 Water 1L- 20 Can Of Ham- 25 Watermelon- 3 Meat- 19 Minicabra's- 15 Can Of Pasta- 28 Water 375 ml- 17 Can Of Soup- 29 Pineapple- 6 Instant Oatmeal- 12 Can Of Soda- 5 Potato- 7 Banana- 7 Coconut Water- 29 Juice- 42 Carrot- 2 Lettuce- 6 Chocolate Bar- 2 Roasted Potato- 1 (Rare?, Fills Hunger quite a bit and restores health) Bag Of Chips- 1 Shrimp Noodles- 22 Energy Drink- 9 Apple- 1 MEDS/SPAWNERS/SPECIAL ITEMS- Bandages- 449 Poultice- 129 Painkillers- 722 Antibiotics- 84 Medkit- 45 Bandages DX- 504 Binoculars- 4 Tactical Binoculars- 49 Range Finder- 6 Repair Kit- 128 Gasoline- 97 Personal Locker- 2 GI-Access Locker- 10 Premium Repair Kit- 14 MLG Horn- 34 Sheriff Dragster Spawner- 13 Stryker Spawner (APC/Tank)- 6 Buggy Spawner- 3 ZK Bus Spawner- 8 ATV Spawner- 2 Zombie Repellent- 17 Bandage TV (Twitch)- 21 Time Capsule- 9 ATTACHMENTS- Reflex Sight- 54 Reflex Sight G11- 40 Kobra Sight- 24 Kobra Sight SMRS- 44 Holographic Sight- 69 Optic Sniper Scope- 90 Flash Hider- 43 Silencer- 145 ACOG Sight- 80 Compact Scope- 125 Forward Grip- 100 Red Dot Sight- 84 AWP Scope- 43 SMG Grip- 13 Tactical Sniper Scope- 53 Pistol Silencer- 15 Rifle Laser- 21 Rifle Flashlight- 11 Blackwater Longe Range- 74 PSO-1- 81 The Cleaner- 24 Pistol Laser- 6 Pistol Flashlight- 6 Heavy Barrel- 21 Modular Combat Grip- 26 Bullet Compensator- 58 Swiss Arms Scope- 49 PGO Scope (VERY Rare, no longer obtainable except through trading)- 1 BARRICADES- Barb Wire Barricade- 52 Sandbag Barricade- 52 Wood Shield Barricade- 69 Ballistic Shield- 15 Ballistic Shield Purple (Twitch)- 13 SKINS- Vss Tokyo Ghul Dark- 1 K. Style NVG Camo- 1 Machete Camo- 1 FN Scar CQC Camo- 1 FN Scar CQC Party- 1 FN Scar CQC Melon- 6 FN Scar CQC Banana- 5 FN Scar CQC Technology- 10 Medium Backpack Skully Pink- 1 AK-47 Dreadnought- 1 PKM Dreadnought- 1 Mauser Dreadnought- 1 Steyr AUG Dreadnought- 1 Steyr AUG Skully Pink- 1 Steyr AUG Indy- 1 Steyr AUG Tropico- 3 Steyr AUG Rainforest-3 Steyr AUG Melon- 1 K. Style Helmet Flames- 2 Imi Tar Fusion- 2 Imi Tar Bamboo- 1 Saiga Leaves- 3 Custom Guerilla Easter- 3 Custom Guerilla Zombie- 6 Custom Guerilla Christmas- 1 M4A1 Christmas- 1 Chainsaw Christmas- 1 Mossberg Christmas- 1 FN Scar CQC Christmas- 1 K. Style Winter- 1 Custom Guerilla Winter- 1 Moto Helmet Winter-1 AA-12 Winter- 1 Saiga Valentine- 1 Moto Valentine- 1 AN96 Valentine- 1 M9 Bayonet Valentine- 1 Desert Eagle Valentine- 1 Small Backpack Purple (Twitch)- 3 IBA Matrix- 6 K. Style MLG- 1 MP5/10 Soulburn- 1 MP5/10 Battle Royale- 1 B92 Battle Royale- 1 Imi Tar Battle Royale- 2 FN Scar CQC Battle Royale- 1 M9 Bayonet Black Matte- 1 M107 Gold- 1 M107 Sub Zero- 1 MTV Forest- 2 Mauser SP 66 Cyberbeast- 1 NewZ Jokoto- 1 P90- Indy- 1 Machete Hynx- 1 AWM Pink- 1 Chupacabra Hat- 1 L85- United Kingdom- 1 Custom Guerilla Autumn- 2 K. Style NVG Autumn- 1 Imi Tar Autumn- 1 Blaser Halloween- 1 Custom Guerilla Halloween- 1 FN Scar CQC Halloween- 1
  3. Looking For Red Strike Skins!

    Looking to trade for or buy Red Strike skins and/or skin boxes!
  4. So I'm looking for a price check on: Skins: VSS Tokyo Ghul Dark MP5 Soul Burn Christmas Skins (All) Valentine's Skins (All) BR Scar BR Imi Tar BR MP5 Blaser Halloween Items: Autumn Mask Santa Sack AK-12 PgO Scope Real price check please, no low prices just because you want any of this please lol
  5. Compilied List Of Suggestions And Improvements

    Hmmm maybe my in game music and sounds are messed up on my end then Thanks for replying on some of this stuff, I appreciate you guys taking the time to actually read everything
  6. Alright, here is a list of the many suggestions and fixes both major and minor that I have gathered, along with some of my own. Maps And Servers: 1. Rotate the pvp maps more often with the older classic ones to give people more variety. It gets boring on the same two or three every week. 2. Move the shopping center bus stop to the front of the big store. In it's current location it provides a quick protected spawn to kill anyone who is trying to take on the super zombie. Trust me I know, I've used this twice in two days to kill other players who were trying to log from their high perch, and it doesn't seem fair 3. Fix the random spawn points. Nearly every time your spawn changes due to map change, server change, or inventory access it ALWAYS puts you right next to zombies. And this gets players killed. I was recently spawned directly next to a super zombie. 4. Increase the player dropped loot despawn timer to 3 minutes instead of the current 2 minutes on pve servers. It is not really that fair a timer for pve server deaths when the "spawn nearby" option spawns you hella far away alot of the time. 5. In trading lounge, make it impossible to drop items on the ground or at least decrease the despawn timer in Lounge to a minute or less. There are many trolls who lag and even crash the lounge on purpose by dropping HUNDREDS of items all over the place. I observed one player drop over 200 small backs packs in one pile and crashed EVERYONE from the server. 6. Add Tropico and Arizona's pre BR match lobbies as weekly pvp map rotations for variety 7. Re add the traffic jam up north in Colorado map past Crystal Lake 8. Referring to the above suggestion, there are still item spawns up there in the grass. I have driven across and found water, guns, and food in bare spots where tents obviously used to be 9. With the new map, add a small island in the middle of the big body of water and have a crashed ship on it. Make it so you have to swim out there, add one super spawn somewhere on it 10. Make the new map have v1 lighting and fog, this would make it more tense and fun 11. Give us the music from survival mode in Open world. It makes things more fun to have the music and when open world is slow and boring it will make it better 12. WARM-UP SERVER - MAP OVERHAUL WITH NEW NAME: MUSEUM (WIP/subject to change) Players spawn in a room with two pathways - to the left, a "warmup loadout zone" with various 'spawn machines'. This would open up a UI similar to the one seen on the in-game store (or maybe vault), where players can pick from all the items in the game - guns, meds, armor, attachments, etc. When players are finished with setting up their loadouts and what they want to use, they walk to a bus stop at the end of the hallway and can pick a zone to go to (Which could have various areas - 1v1 zones, 2v2 zones, etc). To prevent players from being flooded with loot, this could go in tangent with something like the BR System that gives players unlimited ammo (or something that could wipe the character's inventory on death or something), and use systems similar to the Public Test Environment servers that were featured in Old WarZ (y'know, the ones that didn't save character stats and deleted your gear when you left.) To the Right is a "NewZ Encyclopedia" room, which would contain information on how new players could try the game, and also contain pedestals showing enemies in the game that are individual before eventually going at the end to show a few practice ranges with their own spawners that players could use to learn weapons/practice on zombies/etc. (Suggestion: HIPAX) 13. Reputation Seperation- Make it so the reputation for PVP Maps is totally separate from Open World. It kinda sucks if we worked really hard for a title and then in two pvp map kills it is reversed. I was a Deputy and in three kills on pvp maps yesterday, I became a Bandit at -209 Bad Rep (Suggestion: Sinistersmilez) Items: 1. Make the Killer Skinbox a GD box instead of GC. The items in it are basically trash, I've seen NOBODY wearing the masks, so making it a GD item makes sense. Or add new skins to the killer box to make the fact it is GC worthwhile 2. Remove the custom vest altogether. Nobody wears this garbage item at all. If they see it in server, they will go without armor until something else pops up 3. Add removed items into a box and give it some special name. Maybe call it the "Classic Box" or the "Legend Box" and include old items that no longer spawn as loot. Make it an event only or extremely rare drop from the Alien. Include items like The PGO scope, Balaclava, Trucker Cap, Iron Sight attachment, etc. 4. Remove the TV Bandage and Purple Ballistic Shield from the Community box. It is a big middle finger to people who actually watch Streamers to sit for an hour and get a useless trash item like a bandage that heals less than a regular bandage. 5. Give us the ability to do the "Empty Ammo" and "Stack" action for ammo in our GI. Only doing it in world is really annoying and takes forever 6. Allow us to drag and drop and actually organize our GI. We work so hard to make it look neat and the game always rearranges it after we log back in 7. Rotate the loot for random aridrops again. Re add skin boxes back into the possible loot table for normal airdrops Enemies: 1. Remove one Super Zombie from NORAD, four is too many 2. Increase the range at which screamers attract other zombies, the radius is too small, and supers tend to ignore a screamer currently 3. Re add the Tyrant Boss. It was alot of fun to try taking this guy on 4. Re add the Tyrant's unique zombies that spawned with him 5. Wandering hordes. Create zombie spawns in the middle of nowhere that wander around in places where there is nothing to add a more tense feeling and give people a reason to actually think whether they want to brave the road or the scary woods 6. Add NPC bandits with randomized loadouts similar to how they work in the pre BR match lobbies New Item Suggestions: 1. Law Enforcer Skin Box- Add skins (POLICE, SWAT, FBI) for Heavy armor, Medium Armor, both K-Styles, Mp5, M16, M9 Bayonet, B92. Mossberg Add new items FBI and POLICE cap (similar to Trucker and Streamer cap style) 2. Slasher Skin Box- Add skins (Blood splattered, "stitched", burnt, rusty) for Machete, Fireaxe, M9 Bayonet, Chainsaw, custom guerilla, small, medium, large pack. Add new items "The Nightmare" Glove (clawed Freddy glove, use attack animation and range for machete, standing and non attack animation of Brass Knuckles), "The Drowned Boy" Mask (Jason's mask actually LOOKING like Jason's hockey mask instead of the bright red monstrosity we have now) "The Cannibal Face" (Leather Face's Mask), and an armor that gives an overalls looking outfit with the same protection as custom vest or light gear. (Hey movie slashers are hard to kill and they wear normal clothes! lol) 3. Add in some of the items the Thai version of the game has. They have a TON of content we don't yet. More outfits, armors, they even have a dang rocket launcher ffs lol 4. Weird idea, but to increase revenue why not offer custom skin work on a limited and strict basis for a price once in awhile? Charge X amount of money to create a unique skin that noone else has and add it directly to the commissioner's account so they cant just use it for in game trade. That's all for now, more to come.
  7. DevBlog - The New Open World / Survival Map

    Also, have you guys thought about something like a ship or crashed plane out in the middle of the really big body of water on this new map? Perhaps have in on a small strip of an island or some such thing, throw a super zombie spawn point in it with v1 lighting and fog... BAM! Instant scary because now you are isolated out in the middle of a huge body of water, with a very scary number of zombies. Actually, maybe I should just post my list in Suggestions lol
  8. DevBlog - The New Open World / Survival Map

    Looks cool as always! If you guys need active testers to just do certain things in the map I have game design and tester experience with two major game companies, so I'd love to offer input and advice sometime. On this and other things rolling around in the ol' noggin lol.
  9. DevBlog - The New Open World / Survival Map

    ah I see. So you guys release the smaller version, to let us get a taste for what it is like which will give ya feedback on what is good, what sucks, what might need fixed etc. Like Live player testing. Sounds like a good plan to me
  10. DevBlog - The New Open World / Survival Map

    I can't wait for this either! But the inaccessible areas are areas still being worked on? Is that why we won't get to access it right away? And this map is supposed to be the largest yet right?
  11. Super Zombie- Wrong Skin

    So at night in the places the Alien Super Zombie spawns (usually NATO) the normal Supers that show up at night are also skinned like the Alien Super
  12. Server List Issues!

    It came back, thanks much!
  13. Monthly Weekend Event

    Oh I'm not overly concerned with my items or anything but it was while shooting the Super and Alien Super for me. It would die, stuff would drop, then freeze and crash myself. It seems to only occur at either NATO or Ridgeway for my case(s) of crashes. Again, notconcerned so much about item losses, moreso the issue of crashes. I lost the items listed in my previous post response to him above, and missed out on most notably four total boxes that dropped as the game froze and crashed. (Two Black, One Skully Pink, and One Destruction) But if none of my things are replaced, I am not concerned, it is just a game after all lol
  14. Server List Issues!

    So right now I can get all server lists EXCEPT my own! It gives me all the servers and I can connect easily to them no problem but it keeps failing to get my server list and I just renewed my server! WTF?!
  15. Monthly Weekend Event

    This has happened to alot of us. I myself have lost 3 Hunter bags, and two Adventures, along with the one Tactical box I've managed to find. Unfortunately, with the sheer amount of people claiming this issue, they have no way of knowing who honestly lost what they say they lost and who is just trying to get free stuff. So unfortunately, they will probably just apologize and try to fix the freezing but your items are lost like the rest of us. It is sad but life goes on