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  1. I also played at that time but i was more playing csgo and just got really bored of cs since i have played it for over 10k hours so now im going all crazy in newz, Btw love ur montages
  2. I dont know if im the only one that misses the smallville pvp map i feel like we need more pvp maps its so boring to play Rocky or Hospital every single day!
  3. Looks like bad internet. and the enemy maybe had compact scope and forword grip on
  4. I think they need to fix that hitbox ?
  5. 1. What is your In-Game-Name (t w i s t e d)? 2. How old are you? 19 from 1998 3. Where are you from (Denmark)? 4. Screenshot of ALL your characters https://gyazo.com/ec052eda6871e7096353e6d61a48a457 5. Please tell us, why would you like to join Team UFO? Im in need of a decent clan that is active almost every day and want to get some rep 6. How long have you been playing NewZ and how active can you be? I play almost every day so i can be active allways depends if im going to party / i have played warz since 2013 and then moved to newz and played arround 600 hours 7. Have you been in previous clans? If so, please list the clans you have been in. Bion 8. How did you hear about us? ufo mike told me to join discord and i did and then we played 1v1 sniper 9. Do you know anyone in the clan currently? If so, who? no 10. Do you agree to follow NewZ and clan rules? (Please note failure to follow the rules will result in a kick from the clan. Once you are kicked, you will not be given another opportunity to join) i agree 11. Can you speak English? ofc
  6. Kiroo i have played this game for over 1000 hours and have a really big inv why the fuck would i cheat when i know it will get me instant banned
  7. I think it was server lag i wide peeked on my screen and headshottet u
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